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Found 4 results

  1. Hello! Thank you for stopping by. It really means a great deal to me, as I have been unsuccessful in sharing these thoughts anywhere else. I hope I can connect with at least one person through this post. I've been reading different topics on Fates here and fell in love with the community. My name's Courtney. I purchased Conquest back in January and was gifted Birthright yesterday, so as of yesterday, I am a very proud owner of two out of three Fates games. In reading reviews on Fire Emblem Fates, I've encountered an overwhelming amount of reviews saying that the stories are not only mediocre-they're the worst stories of the Fire Emblem series. I've played one of Ike's Gamecube games once upon a time, and watched an Awakening playthrough, so it's not like I've got an extensive bank of knowledge on the games, but Conquest has proven to be an emotional roller coaster ride for me. It's been a gripping, action packed adventure for me (save for Corrin's idiocy, especially when it comes to King Garon), and with a copy of Birthright on the way, I felt a burning need to defend the journey I'm on. Besides, for a huge portion of the Final Fantasy fandom, anything after Final Fantasy 7 is trash-and I adore Final Fantasy XV. So other than the glaring problems with Corrin, and Male Corrin only being able to romance one guy (except in my imagination), I disagree with the hordes of players that flat out say the Fates saga is unbearable. There are a handful of story problems, Corrin being most of them, but it's the greatest journey I've been on in years. As for my problems with Corrin, I will say that he's/she's inexplicably, horrendously moronic when it comes to King Garon. I won't get any deeper into Conquest's storyline than that. One of the very few sensible reviewers explained Corrin's behavior as the result of him/her being sheltered, and I'm only on Chapter 18 in Conquest, so there's still time for me to fall in love with him/her. Not only that, but I love how sensitive Male Corrin is and don't mind him being doted over, as there are plenty of female characters in many fandoms that are lovingly cared for by the entire cast. Not only am I writing to defend the Fates adventures, but I'm also writing in the hopes of meeting one person that headcanons their Male Corrin being gay-especially for someone that's not Niles. Not that there's anything wrong with Niles-it's just that I headcanon my M!Corrin being in love with Arthur and Xander. Arthur's as adorable as a puppy (voice actor included), and reading Xander's backstory (plus the truth about Corrin's heritage) had me fall in love with Xander. A failed Conquest playthrough (pretty much everyone but Arthur died) had my first Corrin with a bitter crush on Takumi. Not being able to find a lot of BL fanfiction on Fates contributed to me reaching out here. My Birthright Corrin (named Everona) will be shipped with Takumi or Yukimura. My Conquest Corrin's name is Arielle. Whether you're playing as F!Corrin or M!Corrin in Conquest, perhaps you could tell me why Arthur or Xander would make the perfect match for Male Corrin. Why they wouldn't. You're more than welcome to tell me why NEITHER of them work and why another guy would be much better. Even if its Niles. If you're playing Birthright, give me the skinny on which BR guy. :) Either that, or you could tell me why you love Conquest or any other Fates entry. I just need someone to share all of these Fates feelings with.
  2. What class should I make Rhajat for Revelation Endgame her mom is Nyx I was thinking Witch or Dark Falcon or Sorcerer
  3. Hey peeps, I only recently got the game and have just passed chapter 10 in hard classic. A lot of features are becoming more open to me and I have began to prepare for multiplayer with my friends. I would like to know what the best My Castle styles are and what the best way to defend them is. I have been using the Izumite layout as I find it the most aesthetically pleasing and wish to keep this so any feedback in regard to defending that particular style is very much appreciated. I would also like to know what units tend to out-perform others from your experiences and what classes are best for what jobs (for example in Awakening, sorcerer was the go to magic class. I also want to know what skills work best for multiplayer and not the story or DLC chapters. I ignored armsthrift in Awakening for the very reason that I focused on streetpass teams. To anyone who responds, thank you for your time and feedback.
  4. I want to know that when the avatar speaks in a dialogue form, depending on the clothes he/she is wearing, do they change? Unlike Robin in Fire Emblem: Awakening who whenever he/she talked, whether you were a swordmaster etc, you are always wearing a tactican outfit. is it different in Fates? help me. let me know.
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