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Found 2 results

  1. Back in April of 2020 while watching Youtube, I got this advertisement: This intrigued me enough to write down the name of the game, but otherwise I continued on with my day. It wasn’t until later in the summer that I saw the Early Access version of Griftlands on Steam and decided to purchase it. Not only did it become my favorite game I played in 2020, which was the same year I played The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, and Resident Evil 4, Griftlands became one of my favorite games of all time. I put in over a hundred hours in the first month alone; the only other game to do so was XCOM 2, which I played this year. I’ve had half a mind to do a screenshot let’s play of this game for over a year now, and decided that since I’ve rejoined Serenes Forest after a two year hiatus, there’s no time like the present. A few heads up beforehand: This is my first time doing any sort of let’s play, so it might be a bit of a crash course as I figure out which format works best. The animation of this game is amazing, for instance, but capturing that through screenshots may take some practice on my end. I joined the game while it was still in early access. While I have forgotten a few things thanks to Griftlands officially releasing last year, I will still point out various changes or behind-the-scenes tidbits that I find interesting throughout this let’s play. I also got Griftlands on the Nintendo Switch (yes, I love this game enough to double-dip), and I alternate between playing on a computer and playing there. This won’t affect much, but I do mix up which device I took certain screenshots from, so I might not always be able to show a funny story because it happened on the Switch. This game has different factions you can ally with, as well as multiple endings, and I think it would be fun to have some audience participation to see which route to take. Let's hope Serenes Forest is cooperative with polls. As well as a few Content Warnings: While it never goes beyond its T rating, the game does feature blood, and some of the artwork and descriptions can get fairly visceral. Topic matter includes drunkenness, indebted servitude, corrupt authorities, police brutality, exploitation of workers, worker rights, familial dysfunction, and lots and lots of lying, backstabbing, manipulation, and murder. One of the factions in this game is a cult, and there is a lot to say about them. If I wish to discuss something in more detail, I’ll put it into a spoiler with a warning. Just note that it will be something I and others will be commenting on. Without Further Ado: SAL’S CAMPAIGN DAY 1 MISSION 1: When Have Escort Missions Ever Been Uneventful? It's really been over two years:
  2. Hello, everyone! I am here to provide you all with an LP of FE7 CHAOS MODE, brought to me, and maybe to you, by KLOKINATOR! Yes, I know that FE7 chaos mode is quite possibly the most LPed hack in all of serenes forest, but I decided to LP it anyways, partially because none of the LPs has actually been finished(although with its official release, there are a few still in progress), and partially because FE7 chaos mode is a pretty awesome hack and deserves more attention. HERE IS ITS THREAD: FE7 Chaos Mode Thread Klokinator said that when he made this, he wanted to make a hack different from all the other inflation hacks, with just ludicrously inflated enemy and player stats, fake difficulty, and lots of BS everywhere that tries to trick you into thinking it's hard(the other hacks had those things, not this one.). And, although I wouldn't know because this is the only hack of that type I've ever played, I think he succeeded! FE7 Chaos Mode is the best hack of its type that I've ever played! Maybe you want to know a bit more about the hack before I start. Well, I'll tell you about all the many changes Klok made to everything as we go along. Let me just say that EVERYTHING is different. EVERYTHING. Except the maps. And the game's genre and premise. And the plot, which is only a little different. And probably a few other things that I missed. BUT EVERYTHING ELSE IS DIFFERENT, I PROMISE. Of course, as I introduce them to you, I'll assume you have absolutely no foreknowledge of this hack. I'm new to this whole LPing thing, of course, so tell me how I do. And without further ado, it's time for EVEN MORE ADO: THE INTRODUCTION: Before I go, I realize I need something to make this LP DIFFERENT. So, I will be running a lot on audience participation! You guys get to choose who to drop, who to keep, who to uberboost, and maybe even who to kill! All I ask is that you please be decisive, it is very tempting to try to include every character, as all of them make you want to use them, but we have very limited deployment spots, and if we don't focus our limited XP(no arenas!), I'll be in big trouble. I'm done...for now.
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