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Found 4 results

  1. I have the following skills but I'm not sure who to give them to. Skills in case you can't see the image: -Wrath -Guard [Occult Scroll] -Smite The only units I have with their master skills are Ike/Aether, and Steffan/Astra.
  2. I'm at the point where you decide who to marry and I'm not sure who I should choose. I'm currently looking at a three way tie between Ingrid, Annete and Flyne. I've never played a Fire Emblem game before and I've mostly enjoyed my first playthrough with the Blue Lions, although Dimitry and Filix nearly ruined it as I really couldn't stand them and their personalities. To the point I've barely been playing and taken months just on the one route. Anyway enough rambling and back to the topic, I also have Mercedes as an option but I don't like her. I find her to sickly sweet. I've enjoyed my time with Ingrid, Annette and Flyne and will probably have to re watch all their supports I've unlocked before I make a final decision. But I was hoping for a little input/advice. Also if someone could tell me how to create a poll if its possible I would be grateful.
  3. Hello everyone! (no I didn't have a lot of ideas for the title, that's not true...) I'm here to have some advice on my first full custom sprite I made. (I followed a bit of Bwd Yeti's tutorial in the beginning, mostly for drawing the figure and the palette, then I just did everything by myself the second time) So three days ago, i started to sprite (after years of wanting to do full custom) and today, i finally came to something (mostly because I had time today). I had Ephraim's sprite has a model (so if there is a bit of ressemblance then it is because of that, as i drawn my character by following a bit of Ephraim's model) Here is a .jpg of my character (to reduce the upload size) The 1st refer to my first attempt, where I had a really weird weapon at first, so I just decided to change it...And then I only kept the scythe before drawing everything from scratch. (i didn't like what I had, and I saw I was going the wrong way so...yeah) Finally, the second attempt is my final one, where I managed to draw a better figure (it was really easier) and just evolved it step by step, keeping one copy of every key steps in case i failed something (to prevent doing it from scratch, even if i did that the first time..well it was really too ugly xD) I admit I had some difficulty for the body at the beginning, so that's why the entire character needed to be done from scratch. How does he looks like right now? Any advice for me, as I'm a beginner? I'm someone who loves to learn by myself, but any advice is a blessing :D by the way, i'm belgian, so if someone is french you can answer back in this language ^^ (i did learn german, nederlands and spanish too but as i forgot a lot since then, it'll really be weird xD)
  4. Yes you did indeed read the title of this topic correctly, I have never played a Fire Emblem game. I've wanted to play one for a while now and so I asked one of my friends whcih game I should start with. He originally replied with FE7, but then changed his decision to FE8 which is what I'll be playing through. I must start off with saying that I do know most of the basic things about Fire Emblem like the weapon triangle, which stats do what, and that I should "Share the experience" as my friend calls it. Any questions I ask about the story are completely my own thoughts and I do not want answers to them. Any tips or suggestions on how to play the game or which characters I should use would be greatly appreciated. I will be playing Fire Emblem Sacred Stones on Normal difficulty. I'm not sure if this usual Fire Emblem stats, but holy crud look at those stats! (I probably sound like the biggest noob ever) Despite Seth having good stats I used Eirika the entire Prologue Map and I managed to KO everyone with her. She got a critical on the very first boss and destroyed him immediately. This seems like a good level up to me. Hopefully I'm not wrong. And this was my entire Fire Emblem Sacred Stones Prologue Chapter in a nutshell. I don't have much to say on the story since it currently seems pretty generic, but my friend has told me it gets better, so I shall listen. Thank you for reading and hopefully I don't get everyone horribly dead and maimed.
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