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Found 2 results

  1. Hey folks, I'm turning this thread into a video archive on my 3H videos. Chris Hackney Interview Cyril: The Character Everyone Hates, Apparently. Hanneman: A Main Character in Secret Ike, Lyn and Robin. What If They Were in Fire Emblem: Three Houses? Shamir: Deadliest Waifu Deva Marie (Voice of Flayn) Interview
  2. Asking without judgement, I'm genuinely curious to what the majority of people did regarding the fight against Flayn. Since statistically most people chose Black Eagles as their first house, it's very likely they were unaware of the mechanics regarding her survival (though if Crimson Flower wasn't your first path I would still like to hear from you). I want to see what action most players ended up taking, and whether or not their knowledge of her survival and/or their opinion toward her personally played a role in their decision. For me, Crimson Flower was my first playthrough and I didn't want to kill Flayn from the start. I didn't know about killing vs sparing, and by pure luck ended up sparing her to give Byleth the boss EXP.
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