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Found 5 results

  1. I am a massive Flayn fan and I love seeing romantic art or fanfics of her and Byleth together, but this is sadly a pairing that either goes ignored or is openly vilified by much of the FE fanbase*. Mind you, this same fanbase has no issues with romantic Flayn pairings in general (Flayn x Dimitri seems to be wildly popular for some reason) but only is it when Byleth is involved that people seem to get up in arms. Yes, there are people who hate characters like Edelgard and Rhea, but nonetheless there are tons of art and stories of Byleth with them. Flayn by herself doesn't attract nearly as much vitriol (that I'm aware of), yet she's one of the characters least represented in Byleth ships (and yes, I know there are others, no need to bring it up). Flayn fans are also routinely mocked and insulted, and whenever Flayn x Byleth content IS created, it's always met with the same derision and backlash, often couched as "memeing". This is grossly unfair to Flayn and her fans, and both deserve better treatment. I know what many peoples' first objection is going to be to these points: "Flayn is a young child! Loving her or wanting her to be with Byleth is wrong and you are sick for it!" While this amounts to nothing but an empty and unwarranted personal attack, there are three reasons why it's completely invalid: Flayn is not a child or "loli" as people often label her. She has a teenage physique and is literally coded as being of 17 years of age (I'm not going to bother going deeper on this point because detractors will accuse me of "fixating on her body") Even disregarding the first point, no one is ever given hate for pairing Flayn with other characters as I've mentioned multiple times now. If Flayn is "too young" to be romantically involved at all, why is it still acceptable to pair her with Dimitri, Ferdinand, Linhardt, etc? Why is it ONLY with Byleth that it's a problem? People say they don't like pairing her because she "looks too young", but that doesn't stop the plethora of Bernadetta or Lysithea x Byleth content being produced, as well as the majority positive reception it gets in contrast (and yes, I do mean pre-timeskip). In summation, I am one among many passionate Flayn fans and we will continue to be her fans no matter how many insults and memes people bombard us with. Flayn is a kind, sweet and wonderful girl, and she deserves way more love and respect than this fanbase gives her, and so do we. *To be clear, I'm not referring to NSFW content of any kind, so don't even try to throw that argument out. If you have to make this about sex, that's on you.
  2. Is she half-human? We know she's a Nabatean, with Seteth aka Cichol as her father. But is she fully-Nabatean, or is she part-human? We know her mother died in battle over a thousand years ago. Two things stood out to me that were mentioned about her: according to Flayn, Seteth first met his wife at a church in Enbarr, and the way Flayn and Seteth talk about her in their paralogue suggests that she knew she would likely be the first of them to die: Flayn: We cannot turn back the clock, father. We must live our lives fully, in the present moment. Seteth: You're right. That is what she always said, isn't it? Maybe I've watched Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood too many times, but that kind of stuff reminds me of the conversations between Hohenheim and Trisha Elric. Anyway, the third thing I want to point out is that Seteth and Flayn's reasons for hiding their identity have to do with Flayn's unique blood. If it solely had to do with Nabatean blood, then surely TWSITD would be after Seteth too, correct? But Seteth outright says, "There are many who would seek to harm Flayn due to the unique blood she bears", and Solon, when he reveals himself, says he was only after Flayn's blood. EDIT: Okay, so, as everyone's pointed out, they probably just went after Flayn because she's easier to capture. What do you think?
  3. Asking without judgement, I'm genuinely curious to what the majority of people did regarding the fight against Flayn. Since statistically most people chose Black Eagles as their first house, it's very likely they were unaware of the mechanics regarding her survival (though if Crimson Flower wasn't your first path I would still like to hear from you). I want to see what action most players ended up taking, and whether or not their knowledge of her survival and/or their opinion toward her personally played a role in their decision. For me, Crimson Flower was my first playthrough and I didn't want to kill Flayn from the start. I didn't know about killing vs sparing, and by pure luck ended up sparing her to give Byleth the boss EXP.
  4. Not going to lie, I really love pairing Edelgard and Dimitri, probably my favourite ship with Edelgard after both versions of Byleth. I don't know if this is a controversial opinion or not, but given their role in the game, I would have expected Dimitri and Edelgard romantic art to be more prevalent. I think what makes this pairing appealing to me is because I know it could never be in any of the established timelines. But it is something the both of them might have wanted by one point or another. They are likely Romeo and Juliet type of tragedy if Romeo became convinced that Juliet killed his father and his love turn into absolute hatred, and if Juliet started a war because she got sick of the family feud. Dimitri and Edelgard, the pair that could never be. I have also seen it mentioned in another topic that Byleth and Flayn is controversial for whatever reason, don't really understand why, it isn't really that much different from Byleth and Lysithea except Flayn is likely much older than any non-green haired character in the game. I also wonder if there is anyone who is shipping Edelgard and Rhea, because that is the most insane pairing I could think of and would be neat just because it is so ironic. So does anyone else support any pairings of characters that are unconventional or unpopular?
  5. Hey folks, I'm turning this thread into a video archive on my 3H videos. Chris Hackney Interview Cyril: The Character Everyone Hates, Apparently. Hanneman: A Main Character in Secret Ike, Lyn and Robin. What If They Were in Fire Emblem: Three Houses? Shamir: Deadliest Waifu Deva Marie (Voice of Flayn) Interview
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