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Found 2 results

  1. Given certain (not so) recent events, I figured I would be the one to introduce this iteration of our wonderful yearly pastime. It should be said that we should still be civil with each other when discussing football. Even if certain people in the football fandom are gone from the community, we have to be mindful of how we conduct ourselves. To kick off actual conversation, I believe if the Titans perform all year as they did in the latter half of last season, I think they will comfortably take the AFC South.
  2. Welcome and meet the community created football Dream Team We are going to make a team built out of past and current players on the field to Nominate your dream team player you should point his name that team he is playing at and at what league he performs at Week 1:GoalKeeper My nomination is: Name:Manuel Neuer Team:Bayern Munich and Germany's national team League:Bundesliga I really didnt know where to put it if there is a better place for it can a mod move this thread to there
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