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Found 5 results

  1. So, I got my fancy forum game set up that is built like an old Fire Emblem game. It's mostly similar to games in Elibe and Magvel. I'm looking to improve the design of it and make sure that it has well-balanced features. We're playing on Casual Mode, by the way. Now, in short, the mechanics of it are like the standard, but with several differences. The damage, hit, and crit formulas are the same. Movement stats and costs are multiplied by 4. Your standard class would have 20 Move, and plains would take 4 Move to traverse. Nothing to it. Classes are different. Every class can only wield a single weapon type, and most promoted classes are capable of equipping a second weapon type. They also have the skill system from the DS titles. The Staff class is capable of both healing and combat. Promotion is done with an item at Level 10, and gives the usual stat boosts and maybe a new weapon, as well as an extra skill. Also, the main classes(Merc, Archer, Warrior, Cavalier, Mage, Dark Mage, and Thief) have three different choices when it comes to promotion. They all have different weapons, skills, and movement. Weapons are mostly the same, but there's a few different ones. Swords, "Spears", Axes, and Bows haven't changed, but Staves and Magic are different. Oh, and there's Daggers. Staves are like in Heroes; they can heal or be used for a weak but accurate attack at a Range of 2. Magic weapons are called Gemstones, and they only have a Range of 2. Daggers have low might, but all of them have a critical bonus and a special effect. They can also be thrown, but this cuts their Might in half. Tomes exist, but are functionally the same as gemstones. Weapon Rank Bonuses are also a thing. Starting from Rank C, ranks will increase the statistics of an equipped weapon. Swords get Mt, Axes get Hit, and everything else gets a little bit of both. There's also the +5 Crit at S-Rank. Stats are the same, don't worry about that. Supports are the same; they're affinity based. They also give +2.5% Crit and Crit Evade per rank. By the way, here's a picture of one of my maps. Those were the mechanics for gameplay, now I'll go into what I do in Character Creation and Options. First, everyone gets a Personal Skill. These give characters a bit more uniqueness. A list of Personal Skills is nearby if anyone can't make one up. They are also able to change their bases and growths slightly, to give them a role. There's a limit on how much can be changed, so we don't get crazy stats. At the end of Character Creation, all players are given +5 HP and +3 Luck to help them survive. When it comes to deployment for a battle, usually only 6 people are able to join at one time, due to me not wanting to manage so many players at once. By the way, there's a capacity of 9 Players and 2 NPCs. Gameplay Options are preference-based things that affect the gameplay. I ask them to players while they're getting ready. The options include: 1. When rolling d100s, should Lower or Higher rolls be better? 2. Should there be a penalty for being defeated in battle? 3. Would you like a Lord(me) to join you? 4. Should potions heal more, or last longer? 5. Would you like the HP cap to be increased from 60 to 80? 6. Should all Promotion items be replaced with Master Seals? Gaiden Chapters, or Paralogues exist. There is no hidden condition needed to unlock them; they're just automatically presented to the players. Should the option for a Lord to join the party be picked, they will never be present during a Gaiden Chapter, as they aren't related to the main story at all. There's no Rescue option. There just isn't. Now aside from you all giving possible feedback to my system, there's a couple of questions I would like answered: 1) Magic has 2 Range, but my brother says it should be 1-2. I believe that it should be locked to 2 because of how hard it hits but now i'm unsure... what should I do? 2) How do I come up with the passive abilities for S-Rank weapons? They've got like, +5 in a stat, but i'm not sure what to give each weapon. 3) The main lord has 9 Con and wields a "Heavy Rapier", which functions like a standard Rapier. The Might of it is currently 8. Is that alright?
  2. Hello and welcome; to the first Serenes Forest Survivor! *Excitement intensifies* We're here in the dark, mysterious woods of Begnion, where in the next few days, 14 Fire Emblem enthusiasts will begin the adventure of a lifetime! Together, they will have to adapt to the rough conditions, terrible time-zones and to each other, to thrive in the wilderness. They will have to collaborate with their enemies and back-stab their friends, and be sure to not be the one voted off! Who will be eliminated, who will be the last one standing? 2 Tribes, 14 people, ONE.... SURVIVOR! THE GAME: The 14 players will be randomly divided into 2 teams before the game starts. When there are only 8 players left, the tribes will merge and all challenges and immunities become individual, in a free-for-all style. Once there are only 10 players left, all eliminated participants will become part of the jury, who will vote one of the last 3 remaining players to become the holder of the title of Sole Survivor. The game will run in a 2 phase basis, each lasting 24 hours (so you should be able to chip in at least once a day regardless of your timezone! :3 ). During the Challenge Phase, both Teams will compete against each other in simple tasks (ranging from puzzle solving, internet scavenger hunts to dem paint skillz!). The victorious team will receive immunity, and the game will turn to Voting Phase, when the losing tribe will eliminate one of their member by voting him/her off. Once the results are out, the Challenge Phase starts again. THE TWISTS: Exile Island: After a challenge, the winning Tribe/Player will select someone from the loser Tribe/Players to go the Exile Island, where they will be incomunicated from the rest until the next Voting Phase ends.They will still vote, but they will go on blind. However, Exile Island is the only place where a player will have the chance to find the Hidden Immunity Idol Hidden Immunity Idol: After arriving Exile Island, the exiled player will receive a clue to the location of the Idol. The player must then guess its location. If successful they will receive the Idol in private. Said Idol can be played up until there's only 4 players in the game, it can be gifted to another player, and can only be played BEFORE the Voting Phase results are announced Once used, the Idol will return to Exile Island, where it will be placed in a new location. THE RULES: Starting private conversations is not only allowed, but recommended. Throughout the game you should be strategizing with multiple people. There are two rules however. In all game conversations you should add me as a participant. This way I can monitor everything that’s going on in the game. I won’t post in the conversations or let it affect the game, but I will keep up with all the game talk. You must keep all In-Game activities in the official Serenes Forest Survivor server, or this thread. No tribe/secret alliance server, please. Be cool :3 THE PLACES THE PLAYERS: Sign in by typing "/in". The game will take place in THIS Discord Server. This thread will remain for signups, game discussion and updates More details will be given in the Game server. Feel free to ask any questions! Game will start December 18, finishing right before New Year (What a better way to celebrate than being crowned Sole Survivor!)
  3. Hello, great warriors and their retainers, Welcome to the battlefield! 12 chosen Fire emblem characters got an Invitation for 'the battlefield'. Matches will be held every day! Only the best warrior will be able to survive! We hope everyone plays Fair and square, And have a great time! What is this game? Welcome to The battlefield is an RPG game, This game is located in the wonderful Kingdom of Santraua. This game will include locations for different converstaions, but there is one But, 2 people decided together that they wanted to win this game no matter what! they call themselves the mysterious Mandione's. Will the contestants be able to uncover the Mysterious Mandione's in there mid, or will the Foul players win it all? Rules! - Try to actually make sense with your story. This makes it more fun for everyone! - You may NEVER tell your 'Secondary Role' to anyone. If you do it, you will be disqualified! - Only talk to each other on the forum! Only the two members of the mysterious Mandione's may explain via Pm. but they also need to post their doings in this forum - When you want to use your special power, PM me! - If you do not vote in time you will vote for yourself! So please vote in time! - Always say your Role's name in your post one's the game starts. - Being an active Member is a requirement Explanation - I tell you when its day or night. At night, the Mysterious Mandione's Kill someone. At day, the contestants and the Mandione's are able to vote someone out of the game - When signing in, you will send me the role, and a number: 1, 2, 3 ,4 ,5 ,6, 8, 9, 10, 11 or 12. The number is linked to your secondary role. So keep it a secret! - Sign in by posting the wanted role and the number! - The goal for the Mandione's is to kill all Warrior's except themselves. The goal for the Warrior's is to survive and vote all Mandione's out of the game. The general goal is to survive the longest. - Vote by sending me the name of the warrior you want to vote on. - Don't act like the secondary Role, but the Regular Role Contestants with their roles: - Devil's Hellfire - Corrin - - - - - - - - - - - Possible Roles: - Marth, The hero King - Ike, The Radiant hero - Roy, The young lion - Robin, The master tactician - Lucina, The Warrior from the Broken future - Corrin, The Hero who chose Fate - Lyn, The mistress of swords - Azura, The lady with the beautiful voice - Seth, The awesome warrior - Tharja, The proffesional Stalker - Shiida, the Beautiful pegasus knight - Tiki, The Manakete Princess Post a comment with your Wanted role Possible Secondary Roles - Warrior (5x) - These people have no special powers, they can vote someone out of the game at day - Member of the Mysterious Mandione's (2x) - These two can Murder someone at night. - Aunt Annabella - Annabella is such a Chatterbox, Everyone gets Tired off her Twaddle. Her vote does not count in the ballot, (She does off course vote) Even the Murderers get tired off her. So she will survive the first attack on her. - Cupido - In the first round, He or she will select two contestants who fall in love with eachother. These people will know that off eachother, but no one else does. When one of the 2 dies, the other one does too. This matchmaking will happen whatever the gender or the secondary roles may be. - Guardian - Each night, This person selects someone who cannot be killed. He/she cannot select the same person 2 times in a row, And he/she also can't protect themselves. When an attack on the Guardian happens, He has one of the amount of players in the game left, to survive it. - Witch - This person has 2 potions. A healing Potion and a Toxic potion. She can use Both of them Once. The healing potion only at night, And the Toxic potion whenever the witch wants it! Each night the Witch hears which person was killed. She can then saves him/her. She can also protects herself if she still haves her healing potion. - Village Idiot - The village idiot can each night select 3 persons and see their secondary roles. Off course, I won't tell them which roles belong to who! Locations in Santraua - To buildn RPG srategies around - Anna's Market (Market) - Santraua Stadium (Battle Arena) - Syaraya (Village) - Playa La Santraua (Beach) - Darkness Woods (Forest) - Puerto De Rosa (Port) - National Castle (Castle) Thank you all for reading this huge piece of text. Choose wisely :) If you have any Questions, feel free to ask! Michelaar
  4. Hey guys, I searched through the forums and I think you haven't played this yet. I call it Would You Rather and most of you should be familiar with it: you are presented with a 2 case scenario where you must pick 1 outcome while rejecting the other. Most people tend to lean on obscenity or simplicity, but this game can be pretty fun when you have neither of those! Just answer which of the 2 scenarios you choose, and give us your reasons why you chose or rejected this or that. Here are the questions in order of increasing difficulty. EDIT: Forgot to add, they are all about FE:Awakening; I assumed it's the one everyone's played :3 ***SPOILERS AHEAD*** Quite a useless warning if you ask me... On your answer, be sure to propose new questions to get the game going! I'll edit them into this post. Aim for tough trade-offs and creative situations! :D
  5. By request from many of you, it is back! If you're interested in what I'm talking about, go here. I'll be offering an explanation though if you don't want to look back. Gym Leader Tower was an event I did back in 2012. It was really successful, even though we had a few inactive gym leaders, and I've had a few people asking me if I could do it again. So, here it is again, only under a new name. It follows the exact same format: Beat all of your competitors. It really can't get any more basic. When you beat everyone, you will be entered into the Hall of Fame. The biggest change from 2012's edition is that I'm not handpicking who gets a spot in the league/tower. Anyone is welcome to signup to be a Gym Leader, Champion or Elite Four member. I will need 13 people, but I will take substitutes as well. I haven't decided how long I'll be running this for, as it depends on the interest. I'm only going to end it when activity dies down, as there isn't much point in keeping it open if no one is interested any more. However, before we begin, I am going to post some ground rules. These is basically the battle clauses, but will also extend to the battles themselves. These are pretty much non-negotiable, but I am willing to change some things by popular request. Battle Clauses In terms of conducting battles: Due to the ease and simplicity of using it, battles will only be considered official if they take place on Pokemon Showdown. However, if both players agree to use Wifi to conduct their battles, then that battle will be considered official. That's all the regulations out of the way. If you want to become a member of the league just post saying that you are interested. As said above, I need 13 volunteers. However, you are welcome to apply for the position even if I get more than 13 volunteers. I will be holding tryouts sometime in February where you can show me your skills. I will take the best 13 that apply. Anyone else can still be on the subs list. You may challenge the gyms in any order you wish. You will need to beat all of the Gyms before you can challenge the elite four, whom you can challenge in any order as well. Fair warning: Gym leaders and Elite Four are not bound to type restrictions like in the games. Kalos League Members Champion: Alfred Kamon Elite Four: Comet (Water-type) / JSND (Fighting-type) / DualSilverGunner (Steel-type) / Not-An-Apple (Ghost-type) Gym Leaders: Breezy Kansaki (Flying-type) / LuxSpecs (Dragon-type) / Silver Lightning (Electric-type) / SmogonsLawnMower (Dark-type) / Esme (Poison-type) / Xinnidy (Ice-type) / Shin (Grass-type) / Assurhaddon (Fire-type) You must defeat all eight gym leaders to challenge the elite four. You can beat the gyms in any order. You must consecutively beat all four elite four members (you can challenge them in any order) before challenging the champion.
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