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Found 2 results

  1. HELLO SERENES FOREST! TacticsEmblem here to give you guys an introduction to a project I have been working on all summer. Dungeons & Emblems is a multiplayer Fire Emblem I crafted in Excel and Google Sheets. It has been no easy task, but I finally wrote enough information to actually play the game! New features are often being added, so expect expansion packs. Here are some of the features in this game so far: 56 jobs, each with three ranks, distributed between 7 classes: Soldier, Mercenary, Occultist, Mystic, Outlaw, Performer, and Noble. 7 types of physical arms: Sword, Lance, Axe, Bow, Knife, and new Caestus and Staff (for healers to bonk their enemies with). 8 types of magic spells: Staff, Fire, Wind, Water, Thunder, Light, Darkness, and Geomancy. 2 types of performance: Song and Dance Many Heavy Armors, Light Armors, Shields, Boots, and Accessories 20 personality types, each offering a unique set of bonuses for support units 175 Skills 17 status ailments, more ways to inflict them, and RNG rolls to do so Neat experience table 50 levels of character growth Features coming soon (once I recover the info from my HDD): Monsters, some actually original, most borrowed from myth, legend, literature, and other games. An original world map Some mostly original characters 2 types of crafting, Alchemy and Enchantment 4 types of summon spells: Necromancy, Demonology, Hagiology, and Animation Changes and Omissions (based on features found in GBA and GC versions of Fire Emblem): No character constitution or weight, and therefore no rescuing or shoving No biorhythm No Laguz Magic stat renamed to Intelligence, Skill stat renamed to Dexterity, Resistance shortened to Resist Items like Vulnerary can be used on units, rather than used BY them (think Final Fantasy Tactics) Spell tomes don't degrade if they miss. Difference in experience award between mere survival/missing and avoiding, and between killing and one-hit killing Physical damage weapons with elemental attributes That's all I can think of right now. I'm interested in questions, comments, and concerns anyone might have about this project. I have been working pretty hard on it, and it's still being tested and developed, so any volunteers would be appreciated. I'll post some files later, maybe in an hour so hang tight.
  2. Heya! I was wondering if you guys would be interested in a free-form fantasy RP, set in a D&D-esque world. Standard rules for free-form RP would apply, but if you don't know about free-form, I'll tell you about it here. -Rules for this RP- 1. Battles do NOT involve any stats of any kind, but you can't be overpowered. E.G: You can't just kill everything in a single hit, or anything like that, and you can't do weird stuff like fly or cheat death when in circumstances that would ordinarily kill any normal character, such as getting stabbed through the neck or being set alight with no magical protection that has been mentioned earlier. 2. Characters can be anything you want them to be, basically, but as this is a fantasy setting you can't have light-sabers or ray-guns. Sorry. You also can't have god-like powers, unexplained abilities to fly, or immortality. 3. Unless it has been discussed before hand, and agreed upon, player characters can't kill other characters. A player character can die in other ways, however, such as in a battle against a villain. 4. We can make stuff up as we go along, but a set of locations should be decided upon beforehand. We would all start off in an area called 'Grimsdeep', a port-town filled with thieves and crime next to the Onyx Ocean. Player characters could arrive by ship, arrive from other towns or start off as a civillians. They could know each other already, or not know each other at all. 5. Be BALANCED. As in, you can't be the master of every single weapon, or know every single spell. Also, if you wield a combination of things- say, you use magic AND weapons- you can't be the best in the group at either, if that makes any sense. Okay, now I'll give you some basic info about the world. As this is a D&D-esque in its setting, there are wizards, rogues, warriors, druids and the like. This should help in ideas for characters: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Character_class_%28Dungeons_&_Dragons%29 The world can be discussed within PM conversations, as in, we can plan it as we go along, but still have room for changes. Here is a basic sign-up sheet. Name of character: Personality: Appearance: Biography: (Doesn't have to be detailed, could leave room for secrets revealed later on) Skills: As in, using arcane magic or picking locks, or using knives as weapons. Thanks for reading! If you're interested, please post to show this, and fill in a sign-up sheet.
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