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Found 2 results

  1. I did seen the same user named Death Chaos (the same one who found Berkut's and Frenand's unused lines) who posted the playable Berkut and Frenand showcase. I know that Frenand can only be playable in the Rise of the Deliverance DLC maps only without hacking. But, I did saw Linkmstr's video that showed the Battle of Zofia Harbor and Seige of Zofia Castle that characters can't level up in the maps. But, does anyone know if there is an unused line from Frenand besides the Level Up Quote and Silque healed Frenand actually not used in Frenand's battle during in the Battle of Zofia Harbor and Seige of Zofia Castle maps? I didn't download the DLC maps yet.
  2. I managed to beat Act 1: Zofia's Call and I did saw the reason to why Frenand became a sidekick villain for Berkut in Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. I did saw Frenand did seemed to be acting like a jerk to Alm and his friends back in Southern Zofia 1 Map, but Lukas did inform about Alm did helped retake the Southern Outpost if it weren't for Alm and he did explains to Frenand why Mycen can't joined the Deliverance that Frenand find it preposterous about Mycen and recruiting the villagers instead. I did saw the scene in the Deliverance Hideout showed how Frenand quits when Clive gave the leadership to Alm since Clive thought it would be best since Alm is following Mycen's footsteps and doesn't cooperate with Alm being a new leader. The Allied Mercenary from the Deliverance when you talk to him in the Room explains how Frenand became cold through any peasants due to the people from the village who lived near around Frenand's manor that Frenand was trying really hard on it to give any stuff to survive due to Mila disappeared and gave Frenand a harsh thing to do and after that, the people in the village forced down to his home that killed his entire family in cold blood and took all of his family's belongings that is feels like a complete tragedy for Frenand. And Clive, Clair, and Lukas feels his pain on what Frenand has been troubling about in the past. Then when Desaix's men captured Frenand, I did saw the conversation Frenand did mentioned to Desaix about Alm became the leader and he quit the Deliverance since he did not find villagers should lead the army that Desaix find it amusing + Desaix doesn't feel like he won't kill off Frenand since he gotten his heart changed from the Deliverance that Desaix made interesting to see Frenand's hatred that made Desaix suggests Frenand to join up with Berkut due if Frenand would be joining with someone who he find it worthy to follow against non-nobles and his hatred of what Clive has suggested back at the Deliverance Hideout. I just completed the entire maps in Act 1. I wondered if the DLC maps for Rise of the Deliverance will really explain more on Frenand's backstory. As for any Fire Emblem villains that I ever saw in any games, Frenand does definitely has the rarest saddest back story than the other villains have.
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