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Found 2 results

  1. I have heard about the original Catherine game several years ago when it first came out. But it was only recently when Catherine started arousing my interests (so many puns intended), thanks to SuperButterBuns. However, the notorious difficulty being rumored by the commentators scared me away from the game. That is, until we started getting updates about Catherine: Full Body. Over in the Japanese website and others, information about the games have been coming in, with a new and friendlier difficulty setting, a new character called Rin, and even a planned DLC of sets of voices from 10 different VAs that I could assign to Catherine (the succubus), other than Miyuki Sawashiro (of Awakening-Female!Robin/Morgan fame). Yukiko (Persona 4) being my waifu, I was estatic to see her VA being cast as one of the options. (Other VAs include Chie (P4), Fuuka (P3), and Futaba (P5) so far. Great, now my Shadow Yu can romance Shadow Yukiko. American, European, and Oceanian release dates are undecided as of yet, while the Japanese release is on Valentines Day next year, for PS4 and PS Vita. So who is looking forward to this one?
  2. I probably sound really stupid for asking this but I don't know how to do it. How do I unlock the complete sound room in FE7 from the start of the game (100%)?
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