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Found 1 result

  1. have you ever had a time when you've been playing a new game non-stop to the point where it kind of starts seeping into your real life thought processes? Like for example one time I was on a third play through of persona 5 and one time when I was driving home with some friends at night I had a mini heart attack thinking I physically needed to go to a bathhouse to raise my charm. Then I remembered I am not in fact inside the game of persona 5 so yeah. Another example that comes to mind is when I was watching paulsoarusjr's escapist series and he noted that he saw a trowel laying out on his lawn and he was sweating and thinking of ways to hide it(cause in the escapist a trowel is considered contraband and getting caught with one is grounds for severe on-game punishment). So I was wondering if any of you all had stories like that
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