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Found 7 results

  1. The hit gacha game for the Fate series is finally out in English, thought I'd make a topic for discussion and such for it. Fate/Grand Order U.S Site Facebook Page Twitter Let's all have a fun time and share friend codes and discuss the game. May your rolls be free of black keys and may we all get good rolls. Discussion for all versions can take place here.
  2. Which weapon do you feel Lysithea is going to wield? Given that Green is going to be taken by Edlegard with Amyr Blue is going to be taken by Dimitri with Areadbhar Claude has a bow which is primarily colorless Dark Magic is red primarily with few exceptions (Dark Aura and Dark Excaliur) Futhermore Lysithea has two crests Charon and Gloucester it makes sense that she would have Red as her color but this asks a question. Which Relic is she going to have? Thyrsus points Dark Magic is Red, and Lysithea is known for Dark Magic She is typically much more powerful with this staff then with Thunderbrand If Claude is Red, Thyrsus could maker her Colorless Unit Thunderbrand Points Hidden Proficiency in swords, which gives her a Magic sword technique Has a support with Catherine with them bonding over their crests
  3. The can't believe it's not Fate/Grand Order mobile game featuring Madoka Magica is getting an English version! Excitement, and discussion of any versions can take place here. I play the Japanese version already, and like it enough, so I'm glad to hear we're getting an official translation (especially since most Madoka games lack those sadly)
  4. Talk about the new Gacha game, based on the Animated series, “Is it wrong to try and pick up girls in a dungeon?” The Twitter Page The Reddit page Exchange friend codes, talk about unit, talk about the story, or even upcoming characters, or maybe even the current crossover event
  5. Heroes was very first mobile game. Since I really enjoy(ed) it, I'm interested in more mobile RPG gachas. I also have Tales of the Rays, but unfortunately not really played yet. Does anyone here know about one or two more mobile games which are somewhat from the RPG genre where characters from the same series but different parts are merged(except Pokemon GO)? Thanks in advance!
  6. The main page has an article by @VincentASM https://serenesforest.net/2017/10/19/heroes-opinion-ayra-sets-dangerous-precedent/#disqus_thread that discusses the questionable practices of releasing Ayra in a repeatie banner. I wanted to focus a bit on a coinciding aspect of the problem. This new questionable marketing strategy also coincides with the blatant power creep going on in the past couple months. We had 7 months or so where IS was pretty good about keeping things in check. No game breaking skills and each movement type had a set BST to work with. After CYL, that went all out the window. Legendary weapons went above their second rung skill on top of 16 Might to now having the equivalent of two third rung skills for no apparent reason. On top of that Ike and Lyn got a 5 BST bonus for no apparent reason. If it was a one time thing awarded to the CYL winners, I could have lived with it, but now both Sigurd and Ayra got the BST bonus and overpowered Legendary weapons for and I'm worried this is going to be a new trend which will make all the old units overshadowed in every way. They could have made good units staying within the established parameters of the game. This level of power creep when the game isn't even a year old is concerning, they could have at least waited for the game to settle or stagnate and need a kick in the knees to rejuvenate it, but it was still going strong and all these changes are too soon and unnecessary.
  7. Now as we are still speculating how this Mobile game will work, I myself am wondering if it'll be like one of those anime card based games, like the Dragon Ball Z one called Dokkan Battle, which is basically, you get summon stones to summon characters throughout the Dragon Ball verse (through various events and banners having different characters with certain ones being really rare with low drop chances), and they all have different attack values and you have various ways to power them up etc. The gameplay is simple as well, just little boards and the battles you get into use some kind of rpg system, thats simple yet weird to explain. But anyways my point is, I think something like this could work for FE, instead of like how Dokkan Battle plays, you'd play it like GBA (the most simple of the FE engines). FE and you could get characters throughout the franchise and level/promote them and they'd probably have passive skills and all that good stuff to differ from each other, with games of this nature characters or cards would be common, Rare this goes onward to the likes of (SR) and (UR), now in these types of games, your in game currency to spend on getting new characters/cards is gained slowly through the main games quests or by transactions with real money, or by logging in consistently among other things. While I highly doubt this is what they'll be going for, I think this would work out really well, maybe have Global events too and the like, make sure that those who don't want to spend actual money can have their own category to do events in too though. Sorry if this is hard to read... I woke up not too long ago.
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