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Found 1 result

  1. As the title says: take a Pokémon from the previous games, and make a Galarian Version. Describe any changes to its appearance, its new typing, give it some Pokédex data, any new abilities, and/or any changes to its base stats. Keep in mind that the change should reflect something about UK culture/environment, given that the Galar Region is based on the UK. For an example, here's one I came up with: Pokémon: Ariados Appearance: Ariados's colour scheme changes to red & green tartan with yellow and white lines, and the spike on its head becomes an axe head. Type: Bug & Fighting Pokedex Data: After generations of living in the Galar Region, these Ariados have grown to live in groups referred to as "clans". The first Ariados to be trained in Galar was nicknamed, "Ariados the Bruce" after the human family that trained it. These Ariados have developed a keen fighting spirit, and their tenacity is legendary. The axe-like spike on their heads aids in fighting off stronger Pokémon. Abilities: Tough Claws, Vital Spirit, Sturdy (Hidden Ability) Changes to its Base Stats: -50 Sp. Attack, +50 Speed, -10 Sp. Defense, +10 HP This Galarian form is based on a legend that Robert the Bruce hid in a cave after a defeat, where he then observed a spider spinning a web across the cave's roof. The spider failed on the first two attempts, but succeeded on the third, and this inspired Robert the Bruce to keep fighting. The axe head comes from Robert the Bruce famously preferring an axe over a lance when fighting on horseback.
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