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Found 1 result

  1. Quick little prod to the RP section to see if anyone's interested in what I'd want to call "SAO but no Kiritos" to see if people are interested in that sort of, VR scenario where you get stuck in the game until it's cleared, and if your HP hits zero you die IRL. I like the concept in concept but a lot of media really screws the pooch on execution. So if people are interested in the base premise, I'll lay one some of what it would contain. stats an stuff: Strength (attack, weapon class (for wielding), character's physical aptitude) Agility (dodge chance, initiative) Constitution (health, defense) Wisdom (magic, knowledge) Dexterity (chance to hit, range with bows(?)) things would start out with 8 as a base, + 23 points to put into stuff (any points above 13 would cost 2 instead of 1, per) and typical DnD point rules for bonuses and demerits, for having above or below a value. Racial bonuses as well since very likely mid to high fantasy setting And it'd just be a hardcore (aka: you die once, you're gone) RP trying to clear the world/find out why this happened/character exploring stuff. p.s. no kiritos anyone interdasted?
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