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Found 67 results

  1. Prologue: Matrimonial Mondays Welcome, one and all, to "Matrimonial Mondays". Basically, I thought it'd be cool to do a weekly series discussing and rating all the potential pairings in Genealogy of the Holy War, generation 1. This is nothing new - everyone has favorite pairings, and plenty of ink has been spilled over which matchups are best. That said, one thing I haven't really seen is comprehensive discussion - that is to say, looking at every possible pairing, even the ones we'd normally write off right away. For good reason, perhaps, but I'd like to take a look at all the options. As such, I'm breaking this down week-by-week, looking at one marriageable maiden each week. There are seven eligible bachelorettes, and thirteen unconfirmed bachelors, making for 91 total marriages. A large number, but definitely doable. I want to inspire discussion, but I'll also be rating each pairing. These ratings consider the ease of matching up and the effect on the parents, alongside how the kids benefit from each different daddy. Ratings assume going for a "ranked run", so elements like leveling your Dancer and keeping everyone alive matter more than they might in a more casual run. Here's the scale I'll be using: (*): The single-best matchup for the woman in question. This pairing will usually be easy to set up, will provide benefits to both children, and may even help out the parents as well. (A): A very good matchup, usually offering something that the "best" pairing is missing, but has some flaw holding it back. (B): A matchup that provides something of value to at least one child, but may harm the other child or simply be difficult to set up. (C): A matchup that offers little-to-nothing of value to either child or parent, and is generally not worth pursuing. So, let's get right down to it! Chapter 1: Edain Edain is the second woman to join Sigurd's company, after Ethlyn, sister of Sigurd and wife of Quan. As such, she is the first playable female unit whose partner you can choose, and therefore the first one we'll be talking about. She joins at the start of chapter 1, as a level 3 Priest, on the run from Verdane's fiercest forces. She joins with a Mend staff and 5000 gold to her name. She has a B rank in Staves, and possesses minor Ullr Holy blood. Her stats are as follows: In the second generation, her children are Lana and Lester. Lana joins from the very start of Chapter 6. She joins as a level 1 Priest, able to use B-rank staves, with a Heal staff. She inherits items and minor Ullr holy blood from her mother, but may also inherit skills and minor Holy blood from her father. Lester joins not long after, on turn 3 of Chapter 6. He starts out as a level 1 Arch Knight with A-rank Bows and an Iron Bow. He inherits minor Ullr holy blood from his mother, and inherits items, skills, and potential holy blood from his father. For each of these units, their growth rates will depend on the pairing at hand, while their base stats will depend on their parents' stats at the end of the first generation. Now, who makes the best father for these two very different child units? i. Naoise Naoise and Edain start with 0 love points together, gaining 2 per turn. They have no notable conversations together. As a mounted unit, it may be difficult to keep Naoise adjacent to the foot-locked Edain, which is necessary if you wish to pair them together. From this pairing, Lana receives the Accost and Critical skills. Neither is of particular use to a healer, and Accost may actually do her more harm than good, giving enemies more chances to hit her. That said, they can be decent combat skills after promotion. She'll have a very healthy 110% HP growth and 40% Defense growth, but her 32% Magic growth is a bit lacking. As for Lester, he also gets Accost and Critical. Accost can be a double-edged sword, but Critical is generally to his benefit, barring scenarios where he needs a soft touch to set up the kill. Outside of Accost, he'll have no way of hitting more than once. 125% HP, 50% Strength, and 50% Defense are all solid, but 35% Speed isn't great. Since his father cannot wield bows, he will not inherit any weapons. Rating: C. Edain/Naoise is tricky to set up, for little benefit. Neither parent particularly benefits from the pairing. Lana will rely on staff inheritance from her mother for her performance. Lester will get pretty good growths, but will lack the all-important Pursuit skill. ii. Alec Alec and Edain start with 0 love points together, gaining 2 per turn. They have no notable conversations together. As a mounted unit, it may be difficult to keep Alec adjacent to the foot-locked Edain, which is necessary if you wish to pair them together. Lana gets the Pursuit and Nihil skills from her father. Pursuit is irrelevant until she promotes, but at that point, it will help her in the arena. Nihil is exceptionally niche for her. 75% Luck growth is very strong, but 32% Magic growth is very lacking. Lester also receives the Pursuit and Nihil skills. Pursuit is excellent for him, as even with an Iron Bow he outspeeds enemy Axe-users, Lance-users, and Dark Mages, letting him reliably get a second hit in. Nihil is niche, but can be useful against foes with effective weaponry or dangerous combat skills. 115% HP, 50% Skill, and 45% Speed are all workable, but 40% Strength and 40% Defense aren't the best. Rating: B. Edain/Alec isn't very easy to set up, and it doesn't benefit either parent. That said, it gives Lester the Pursuit skill, alongside passable stats for physical combat. Lana will rely on inheriting good staves from her mother. iii. Arden Arden and Edain start with 0 love points together, and gain 2 points per turn. They have no notable conversations together. Since they both have 5 move, it will not likely be difficult to keep these units adjacent to each other, which is necessary if you wish to pair them together. Lana receives the Vantage skill from her father. This is utterly worthless before promotion, and worth little afterwards. 115% HP and 40% Defense are good growths for her, but 32% Magic and 25% Skill are both miserable. Lester also receives the Vantage skill from his father. Being locked to 2-range attacks, it benefits him very little. That said, Lester can actually inherit weapons from this pairing. A promoted Arden can use B-rank Bows, such as the Killer Bow, which he will then pass on. As for growths, 135% HP and 50% Defense are great, as it 60% Strength. 20% Skill and 35% Speed are disappointing, however. Rating: B. Edain/Arden is a touch easier to set up than the prior pairings, although the game offers you few favors on that front. This is a very poor pairing for Lana, but as usual, her performance largely follows her mother's. As for Lester, while he lacks Pursuit, he has some good growths, and he can inherit the powerful Killer Bow from a promoted Arden. iv. Azelle Azelle and Edain start with 120 love points together, and gain 1 per turn. In chapter 1, Azelle can converse with her, thus building 50 love points. In chapter 4, if they are married, Edain can acquire the Rescue staff from Azelle. Their movement is very similar before promotion, so it should not be difficult at all pairing these two units together. Lana inherits the Pursuit skill from Azelle. This is of no use before promotion, but can help afterward. Minor Fala holy blood means also means that she can wield Elfire after promotion, for a higher-might spell. Although Edain received Rescue, Lana cannot inherit it, because she is limited to B-rank staves before promotion. As for growths, 65% Magic is excellent for a Healer, while 55% Speed can help her dodge and double after promotion. On the flip side, 30% Skill and 30% Defense are less impressive. Lester inherits the Pursuit skill from his father. Since Azelle cannot wield bows, Lester will not inherit any weapons from him. In terms of growths, 65% Speed is his standout area, while 12% Resistance sits above usual. However, 20% Strength and 30% Defense are very disappointing. Rating: A. This pairing is exceptionally easy to build, and grants Edain the earliest possible access to the Rescue staff. Lana appreciates her heightened Magic growth, in terms of being effective with healing and status staves. Elfire and Pursuit are a nice post-promotion bonus. As for Lester, his high Speed will combine well with the Pursuit skill. Unfortunately, his low Strength and lack of Bow inheritance will leave him doing little damage. v. Lex Lex and Edain start with 0 love points together, gaining 2 per turn. They have no notable conversations together. As a mounted unit, it may be difficult to keep Lex adjacent to the foot-locked Edain, which is necessary if you wish to pair them together. Lana inherits the Paragon and Vantage skills from Lex. While Vantage is of little use, Paragon is excellent for her. When using staves, she'll receive twice as much experience as usual. This will hasten her path to promotion, while also lessening the need to spam staff uses for the sake of EXP. As for growths, boosted by minor Neir holy blood, 125% HP and 60% Defense give her great durability, but 32% Magic is certainly a letdown. Lester inherits Paragon and Vantage as well. Despite their similar looks, Lex cannot wield Bows, and thereby cannot pass them along to his son. Vantage is again iffy on a ranged combat unit, but Paragon is always welcome. He'll grow more quickly, not just on the field of battle, but in the Arena as well. And not needing to buy the Paragon Band opens up his purse to other purchases (say, the Pursuit band). 135% HP, 50% Strength, and 60% Defense are certainly good, but 30% Skill and 35% Speed are lackluster. Rating: B. This isn't a particularly easy pairing to build up, and many other mothers want Lex more. That said, any pairing which passes down Paragon is at least worth a look. Lester will have very good combat stats, but at the cost of Bow inheritance or any chance of doubling. Lana becomes surprisingly bulky, too, while Paragon helps her to promote sooner and with less effort. vi. Finn Finn and Edain start with 0 love points together, gaining 2 per turn. They have no notable conversations together. As a mounted unit, it may be difficult to keep Finn adjacent to the foot-locked Edain, which is necessary if you wish to pair them together. Lana inherits Pursuit and Miracle from Finn. Pursuit is only useful after promotion. Miracle improves her survivability in the field, but can really stand out in the arena once she promotes. As for growths, 85% Luck is excellent, but 32% Magic is the usual amount of disappointment. One more thing - in chapter 7, after seizing Darna castle, Finn can speak with Lana, granting her a whopping +5 Magic. Lester also inherits Pursuit and Miracle from his father. Unfortunately, he cannot inherit any of his father's weapons. Despite this, Finn will begin chapter 7 with just an Iron Lance. Pursuit is great on him, while Miracle can help him get through scary arena opponents. A 95% Luck growth is a real standout, but 40% Strength isn't the best. Rating: B. This isn't the easiest pairing to set up, especially in light of Finn's early departure in generation 1. Still, Lester enjoys any pairing that gives him Pursuit, especially in conjunction with a not-terrible Strength stat. Both kids get great Luck stats (in a game where Luck means little), while Lana enjoy a surprise boost to Magic by speaking to her father. Miracle can be great in the Arena (and situational outside of it), but this pairing does mean Finn loses all his items before generation 2 starts. vii. Midir Midir and Edain start with 120 love points together, gaining 1 per turn. In chapter 1, Midir may speak with her, building 100 points together. In chapter 4, if they are married, Edain can give him the Brave Bow. Midir is much more mobile than Edain, but Canto might help him end his turn adjacent to her. Lana gets Pursuit and Accost from her father. Again, Accost is more likely to hurt than help early on, but Pursuit is great after promotion. As far as growths go, 50% Speed is pretty nice, while 32% Magic is still bad. Lester also gets Pursuit and Accost from his father. These are great for him, ensuring he hits his target at least twice, and often more. In addition, Lester will inherits his father's bows. This can include the Brave Bow, letting him strike up to four times before even considering Accost, and the Killer Bow, which is light and accurate. As for growths, 55% Speed is great for him, while 55% Luck is a bit lower than usual. Rating: *. Without a doubt, this is the best pairing for Lester. He gets the ability to reliably double, and he can inherit powerful weapons, including the Brave Bow. Speaking of which, getting to use the Brave Bow in the flier-heavy chapters 4 and 5 is very cool. This pairing is one of the easier ones to set up, particularly with the chapter 1 conversation. As for Lana, she'll rely on her mother as usual, but Pursuit at least is nice once she promotes. viii. Dew Dew and Edain start with 0 love points together, gaining 2 per turn. In chapter 1, after seizing Genoa castle, Dew can speak to Edain, building 50 love points and awarding her the powerful Warp staff. With similar mobility, it's easy to keep them together, especially in early chapter 1 when they're on the run together. Lana gets Bargain from Dew. This is one of the skills that's actually a big help to a healer, halving the cost to repair her staves or to buy new ones. With enough money, she can also comfortably buy rings, like the Magic Ring or Paragon Band. As growths go, 50% Speed and 80% Luck are both good for her, but 95% HP is kind of low for this game. Lester similarly gains the Bargain skill from his father, letting him buy valuable rings and bows more easily. He doesn't inherit any weapons and can't double without the Pursuit band, however. In terms of growths, 50% each in Strength, Skill, and Defense is great, as is 55% Speed - but again, 95% HP isn't the best. Rating: B. This pairing isn't very hard to set up, especially with how these two start out together in chapter 1. Lester will decry the lack of inherited weapons and combat skills, but Bargain can help him make up ground on this front. As for Lana, Bargain allows for cheaper staff repairs and ring purchases. Not the best for either kid, but worth considering. ix. Jamke Jamke and Edain start with 250 love points, and gain 1 per turn thereafter. Their first conversation in chapter 1 is where Edain recruits him, while in their post-marital conversation in chapter 4, Edain gives him the Brave Bow. They both have infantry mobility, although Jamke maintains a 1-move advantage. Lana gets the Adept and Accost skills from Jamke. Accost may become an issue, while Adept can become a less reliable Pursuit after she promotes. As growths go, 115% HP and 80% Luck are both good, while 30% Magic and 25% Skill are no good. Lester also gets Adept and Accost from his father. Not only this, but he will also inherits his father's bows, which can include the Brave Bow and Killer Bow. This can ensure that, even without Pursuit, he gets at least two attacks in, while he's got a good shot at securing even more shots. As for his growths, 135% HP is tremendous, while 60% Strength and 80% Luck shine too. Then again, 20% Skill puts his reliability into question. Rating: A. This is another relatively easy pairing to set up, starting from a very high love level. Jamke enjoys the Brave Bow just as much as Midir before him. This pairing also creates the second-best Lester possible - he has great Strength, and while he's missing Pursuit, starting with the Brave Bow makes up for it. Both kids have good bulk, but as usual, Lana will depend on inheritance from her mother. x. Chulainn Chulainn and Edain start with 0 love points, gaining 2 per turn. They have no notable conversations together. Chulainn has similar mobility to Jamke, so it's not that hard keeping tied to Edain. Then again, they'll have to make up for missing chapter 1 together. A Lana fathered by Chulainn will be one of the rare child units with no skills. Minor Odo holy blood doesn't help her weapon ranks, but it affects her growths. 135% HP and 75% Skill are both solid, while 32% Magic is still bad. Like his sister, Lester receives no skills from this pairing. He also receives no weapons, as his father is locked to swords. His growths are impacted by minor Odo holy blood. 155% HP and 90% Skill knock it out of the park, while 65% Luck is on the low side for Lester. Rating: C. There is very little reason to go for this pairing. Chulainn can't pass down his Swords or the Luna skill to either child. Lester will have pretty good growths, but he'd rather have Pursuit and/or good bows. Lana will have good durability and post-promotion hit rates, but she gets little else out of it. xi. Beowolf Beowolf and Edain start with 100 love points together, gaining 2 per turn. They have no notable conversations together. As a mounted unit, it may be difficult to keep Beowolf adjacent to the foot-locked Edain, which is necessary if you wish to pair them together. Lana receives the Pursuit and Accost skills if Beowolf is her father. Accost can hurt more than it helps, but Pursuit is welcome once she promotes. Now, for the growths: 110% HP is good, but 30% Magic is bad. Lester also gets Pursuit and Accost from his father. As with Midir, this can help him get in enough hits to kill his target. But unlike Midir, Beowolf will not pass any weapons on to his son. Lester gets some good growths out of it, such as 125% HP, 50% Strength, and 50% Skill, but 65% Luck isn't great for him. Rating: B. This pairing grants similar skills to Edain/Midir, but it's harder to set up. It also fails to pass Bows along to Lester. Lana gets next to nothing out of it until promotion, while Lester gets some good skills and stat growths. It's far from the best, but it's not the worst for him either. xii. Lewyn Lewyn and Edain start with 50 love points together, gaining 2 per turn. They have no notable conversations together. Lewyn has just 1 point of movement over Edain, however, so it's not too hard to keep them adjacent. With Lewyn as her father, Lana gets the Adept and Critical skills. Neither of these will be of any use until she promotes. When she does, however, her minor Sety holy blood will open up a new possibility - she will be able to use the Elwind tome in battle. As for growths, 115% HP and 75% Speed are both very good, while 45% Magic is a cut above that granted by most physical fathers. 30% Defense isn't the best, though. Lester gets Adept and Critical from the crown prince of Silesse. As such, he has a good chance to deal bonus damage, but he can't do so reliably. He inherits major Sety holy blood, alongside a Forseti tome that he can never use. Looking at growths, 135% HP is great and 105% Speed is hilariously good, while 20% Strength returns on the hilariously bad side. Rating: B. When thinking of whom to pair with Lewyn, Edain isn't at the head of anyone's list. His son wants bows and Pursuit - instead, he gets an unusable Forseti tome, taunting him. But it's not all bad news - Adept and Critical may let him achieve success in spite of his Strength. As for Lana, she gets better Magic and Speed than usual - combined with Elwind access, she can make a much more competent combatant than usual. xiii. Claud Claud and Edain start with 150 love points, and gain 3 per turn. They don't have much time together, but they do have identical mobility. Should they get hitched, Edain can speak with Claud in chapter 5 to gain the Rescue staff. Unfortunately, Lana doesn't get any skills from her father. What she does get is something better: minor Blaggi holy blood. This boosts her Staff rank to A, letting her inherit the Rescue staff, and potentially Fortify, from her mother. This enables strategies that would otherwise not be possible in chapters 6 and 7. It also impacts her growths: 50% Magic is great, as are 85% Luck and 30% Resistance. 30% each in Speed and Defense, though, not so much. As for Lester, he's coming off a hard time being considered Lewyn's son - but hey, it could be worse. He could have no ability to double or crit, alongside no weapon inheritance. That's the picture if Claud is his father. He does inherit one item - a Valkyrie staff that he can't use. Let's get growths out of the way: 20% Strength, 30% Skill, 30% Defense. He can barely hit, and when he does, he'll barely dent the foe. Some good news: 115% HP, 95% Luck, and 52% Resistance. That's right, this Lester is a mage-"killer", with heavy quotes around the "killer" part. Rating: A. We all like to think our parents don't choose favorites. But in the case of Edain/Claud, it's clear that they've picked Lana as their golden child. This pairing creates the best possible Lana, making her a staffbot as potent as any the series has seen. On the flip side, it creates the worst possibly Lester, able to do little more than chip damage. He'll be immune to status staves, but that's about it. A great pairing if you want the blue-haired Arch Knight to lead a life of suffering. Anyway, what do you think? Are these ratings fair? How would you rate the pairings in question? I hope to read your replies soon!
  2. Some of my friends have are stuck in Silver Snow route. One of my friends tell me "I cannot clear Chapter 13 (Reunion at Dawn)" and other friends tell me "I cannot defeat the Final Boss (Immaculate One)". I want to know what pro and cons on this route. What recruit character is HIGHLY recommended for Silver Snow route ? I have finished Silver Snow in Normal (1st time) and Hard (2nd time) but my friend are played Normal/Hard, i do my best to advise my friend but it's won't because they are stuck in Chapter 13 or Final Boss.
  3. So, after languishing for months on end, apparently the Pokemon subforum is turning back into a real hotbed of discussion. I might as well give a try to something that occurred to me in another thread. Namely, I realized that the Sinnoh Dex in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl is... bad. Like, really bad. Beyond the level of "well it only has 151 Pokemon, of course it's going to be bad". The Kanto and Unova (Black/White) Regional Dexes had just about as many Pokemon, and while both of those were flawed, I'll stick my neck out and say they weren't nearly as bad as the DP Dex. So, what are the problems in the Diamond/Pearl Pokedex? I identified a few of them, as follows: Not enough Fire-types. Just because everyone knows it doesn't mean it's not relevant. The DP Dex is an all-time low for Fire-type representation, with 5 species in 2 evolutionary lines. And one of those lines is a starter line, so if you don't pick Chimchar, you have exactly one choice for a Fire-type, in Ponyta/Rapidash. This comes to a head in the Elite Four, where the Fire-type specialist Flint runs out of his typing and has to bring Lopunny, Steelix, and Drifblim. If you're gonna shaft one type's representation, you could at least not include a specialist in that type, so nobody notices (see - Poison-types in Unova). On a similar note, not enough Electric-types. I don't see this discussed nearly as much, possibly because the Shinx line is genuinely one of the best species introduced to these games. A three-stage Electric-type line that's available early on, with a good ability, solid movepool, and quick evolutionary turnaround? What's not to love? That said, your other options for Electricity are the Pikachu line and Pikachu's regional expy, Pachirisu. 7 'Mons in 3 lines. That's right, there are no hybrid Electric-types, only pure ones. And Volkner, the ostensible type-specialist, thumbs his nose at Pachirisu, instead hanging out with Ambipom and Octillery. Not enough Ice-types. This one also doesn't get much attention, possibly because Ice was a relatively rare typing in prior generations as well, but it's actually the single-scarcest typing in all Sinnoh, with 4 representatives in 2 lines (Snover/Abomasnow and Sneasel/Weavile). Leaving Candice with 2 Mons in the same line, and a Medicham out of nowhere. Of particular note - the Water/Ice combination, present in all prior generations, is nowhere to be found this time. Too few Dragons. Up until you face Dialga or Palkia, the only Dragon-type available to the player is the Garchomp line. Dragons are exceedingly rare to face on opposing trainers' teams as a result, with Cynthia's Garchomp being one of the few standouts. On the one hand, I can see this as a callback to the first couple generations, where the Dragon representation was even lower. But Gen III really upped its Dragon game, with Flygon, Altaria, Salamence, and Kingdra available to the player (before accounting for Rayquaza or the [email protected]). As such, while it's not absolutely essential, I feel that these games could use another Dragon-type option. Too many weak Bug-types. Again, this one is somewhat subjective, and is perhaps the hardest "problem" on the list to fix. Gen IV gave us a bunch of new Bug-types, such as Kricketune, Wormadam, Mothim, and Combee. The problem is, they... weren't good. They could perform decently in the early-to-midgame, but bringing them into the Elite Four is kind of a big ask. Vespiqueen is strong, admittedly, but it's also tricky to get, while Drapion is strong and... not a Bug-type, since Skorupi sheds it upon evolution. Heracross is the one good Bug-type brought back from previous generations. While there are certainly enough Bugs, I think getting another Bug-type that carries its weight would be welcome. Too many Water-types. Strictly-speaking, this is nothing new to Generation IV. Water is the single-most abundant typing in the world of Pokemon, outstripping even Normal. That said, Diamond/Pearl takes it to uncomfortable degrees. Let's count lines: Piplup (3), Magikarp (5), Psyduck (7), Buizel (9), Shellos (11), Goldeen (13), Barboach (15), Wooper (17), Wingull (19), Marill (21), Remoraid (23), Finneon (25), Tentacool (27), Feebas (29), Mantyke (31), Palkia (32), Manaphy (33). That's 15 evolutionary lines, plus 2 legendaries, constituting 33 of Sinnoh's 151 Pokemon. That's over a fifth of the Pokedex. And of these lines, most aren't new to the region, but are borrowed from previous ones. The only thing more baffling than letting Seaking compete for Lumineon's deserved spotlight is deciding to bring back both Quagsire and Whiscash, in an attempt to show up Gastrodon. So if these are the problems with the DP Dex, what can be done? Well, that's what I've been thinking about - how would I "fix" the Sinnoh Dex? The obvious answer is "expand it", which is precisely what Platinum did. That in Platinum's 60 additional Mons, only a single Water-type appeared (Vaporeon), is honestly an affirmation of my last bullet point. But suppose my resources are limited - I can't expand the Dex, I can only adjust it while keeping it the same size. What changes would I make? At first, I came up with 7 Mons to get rid of, which I eventually expanded to 12. I didn't remove any Mons who were introduced as of Gen IV, only those brought up from prior generations. Even lines who were only partially original to Gen IV, such as Aipom -> Ambipom, were safe from my wrath. Here are the Mons I elected to remove: Goldeen -> Seaking. We're in a brand-new region, so why is it that our lakes and streams look just like those in Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn before us? I can understand an attempt at continuity, but this just becomes boring. I'd rather give some of the new fish-oriented lines, like Finneon -> Lumineon, their own time to shine. Azurill -> Marill -> Azumarill. This Mon originally showed up as (arguably) the first Pikachu clone in Johto, and then gained a (Normal-type, for whatever reason) baby stage in Hoenn. Here, however, it's not doing anything particularly new or interesting. It doesn't even yet have the Fairy typing, to float above the crowd. Barboach -> Whiscash. It was either gonna be this line or Wooper/Quagsire, and since I already cut one of the "walking" Water-type lines, I wanted to save the other one. Also, who can stay mad at Quagsire? It's one of the best HM slaves out there. Wurmple -> Silcoon/Cascoon -> Beautifly/Dustox. I could see this cut being a controversial one, since having Wurmple provides continuity with the prior generations (each of which featured an earlygame three-stage Bug evolutionary line). But there are a lot of mediocre bugs around, and these are the only ones I could cut, since they're from a prior Gen. Now, what should I add in their places? Consulting my original standards, I'd definitely like to see more Fire- and Electric-types. Dragon- and Ice-types couldn't hurt, either. Finally, a stronger old-school Bug-type representative. You might think I'd consult the changes the Platinum Dex made, but I'm actually imposing a "no Platinum Dex Mons" standard. Assuming that my alternate version of DP is eventually followed by alternate Platinum, I'd like those 60 newcomers to slot in as cleanly as they did beforehand. No figuring out "well I'll bring the Magmar line into DP, but then what will replace them in the Platinum update?", or anything like that. So, here goes: Numel -> Camerupt. I considered both Arcanine and Ninetales, but each line shared a critical trait in common with Rapidash - being pure Fire-type. Instead, I wanted to see an addition that would provide something different, and Numel -> Camerupt was the obvious choice. Their addition expands the Fire-type representation to 7 species among 3 lines. And while the DP Dex was hardly starved for Ground-types, bringing these two on board does make up somewhat for cutting Barboach -> Whiscash, I feel. There aren't any desert areas, but maybe these ones could show up in Mount Coronet? Or failing that, just be available from an in-game trade. Chinchou -> Lanturn. In reviewing the prior Electric-types I could add, I came to a startling discovery - almost all of them were pure Electric-type (like all Electric-types already in DP). The Magnemite line was one exception, but they were added in Platinum, and as such were off the table. The other exception, discounting the legendary Zapdos, was Chinchou. Since these are Mons you can fish for, they could somewhat take the place of Goldeen -> Seaking. Gotta add Water-types to get rid of Water-types, or something. Dratini -> Dragonair -> Dragonite. Getting another Dragon-type line could be a cool option for the player. One coming out of the water and flying into the sky; the other, emerging from the caves and dominating the land. Perhaps certain Fishermen could even use these Mons on their team, if they're fishable. And just imagine, the battle with Cynthia coming down to an epic Dragonite vs. Garchomp showdown. Lapras. As I said, DP is devoid of any Water/Ice-type Pokemon. Maybe it's not a "must-have", but I'd certainly think it a welcome inclusion. Prior games that featured Lapras had it as either a gift Pokemon or one-off encounter. Maybe in Sinnoh, it could instead be a rare spawn in some of the Water-routes? Once you have the chance to Surf, picking up this Mon would be welcome for just about any team. Smoochum -> Jynx. Again, Ice was a scarce type beforehand, and even some of the prior lines (like Snorunt -> Glalie) found themselves added in the Platinum expansion. Jynx has always been an oddity, but Ice/Psychic is a pretty cool combination. The northern routes where other Ice-types appear would be a sensible place to find them, but perhaps the Oreburgh City trade could also be modified to give you Smoochum instead of Abra. Venonat -> Venomoth. This was one of the hardest to come to a choice on, since a lot of the older Bug-type options were unimpressive in various ways. I may love the designs of the likes of Ariados and Ledian, but they're not good team members in the long-run. Pineco -> Foretress could be good, but their concept overlaps a bit with Burmy -> Wormadam. Venomoth may appear to overlap with Mothim, but at least they're of different typings. And with Dustox cut, Venomoth would be the only fully-evolved Bug/Poison-type around, albeit with stronger stats and better moves this time. I'm not sure about Venonat on Honey Trees, but I can definitely see it having a big presence in Eterna Forest. Anyway, what do you think of these proposed changes? Was it wrong to do any of this, or did I not go far enough? Think you'd enjoy playing through my proposed vision for Sinnoh? And given the chance, how would you change a Regional Pokedex? It doesn't have to be the DP Sinnoh Dex - it can be any Dex of your choice. Have at it, and let me know in the comments!
  4. I not sure about my ranking for my 8 main character team. For exemple if I play Beach Bowl. - 1st : Ryoma, Saizo and Kagero - 2nd : Xander, Laslow and Peri - 3rd : Hinoka, Azama and Setsuna - 4th : Camilla, Beruka and Selena - 5th : Takumi, Hinata and Oboro - 6th : Leo, Odin and Niles - 7th : Sakura, Hana and Subaki - 8th : Elise, Arthur and Effie
  5. I don't know in Three Houses what elements is buffed and neefed compared previous Fe games ?
  6. I don't know if this is a good tier list but I think how good the character can do in Wyvern Lord class.
  7. Here is my top 10 BOW character in this game : - 10th : Anna - 9th : Cyril - 8th : Felix - 7th : Petra - 6th : Leonie - 5th : Ignatz - 4th : Ashe - 3rd : Bernadetta - 2nd : Shamir - 1st : Claude Honorable mention : Byleth, Hubert, Mercedes, Hanneman and Yuri.
  8. EDIT: Changed issue #4. EDIT: Changed the issue and reason for #5. EDIT: 14. Bow range isn't high enough. Explanation: Not only can magic counter bow attacks at 2 range, they can also hit the user up close at 1 range so there isn't a counter attack, and throwing weapons can do the same thing, bows are the only weapons that can't attack either without a counter attack, the range should at least be 2-3 IMO. EDIT: 15. Mounted units should be unrescueable, should be able to rescue unmounted units, but shouldn't be able to move again without the Savior skill. Explanation: Mounted units are very if not too good. EDIT: 16. Boss weapons should be unbreakable. Explanation: I see little reason for the change to be done in the vanilla game if issue #1 on my list isn't done, but if it is then it needs to be done. EDIT: 17. One or all the stat boosting items need to be nerfed, especially the Angelic Robe, maybe (please don't quote me on this) to +3 instead of +7, and to +1 instead of +2 for the rest, then make them more available through unique acquirement circumstances, like a hard to reach chest on a limited turn map, a hard to reach village, a unique purchase from a NPC merchant etc. Explanation: Stat boosting items can fix a weakness (or weaknesses) in a character that make them distinct and unique among the cast, while I think they should stay I also think they should be nerfed, especially the Angelic Robe, and then players can acquire more in the game as a reward for something impressive they do. EDIT: 18. Most classes should only use one weapon. Explanation: If characters could use multiple weapons it could allow them to have the WPN Triangle advantage almost always which makes things much easier for the players especially if they are in good terrain. 1. Weapon and stave uses are too high, making the uses redundant (hence Fates Infinite uses). Explanation: It allows you to stack weapons in your inventory and never use them, (we've all been there,) and allows you to just use silver weapons or Killer weapons with little worry, with reductions of the problem it makes the sell prices go down a lot more per use, so if you acquired a new weapon by exempli gratia an enemy drop, selling it could be a lot more useful than just chucking it into the supply. 2. Vulneraries and Elixirs have too many uses, they should have only 1 use IMO. Explanation: This gives too much forgiveness to the players and allows them not only to heal three times but to heal, then have another unit trade it to their inventory and heal them, and then rinse and repeat once more or more depending on the number you have, compared to the enemies who can do it only once if that, or if a boss has an Elixir/Vulnerary and is a tank it just prolongs his/her inevitable end (imagine Lunatic Grima with a 3 use Elixir **shiver**) when it could have just one use and bam use it once they can't use it again. 3. Terrain gives too much avoid. Explanation: This is again so the player gets less favor from the mechanics because the player will reach the better terrain first, but this also helps the players if an enemy Swordmaster got in a mountain or forest which is unlikely, if you're a good FE player but it's still something. 4. Most GBA playable characters base stats are too high, except characters who already have low stats like Nino, Amelia and Ewan. Explanation: This is so leveling up is a lot more varied, even until the end of a players level ups and of course **because of the 30 stat cap,** I don't want enemies or players to be capped in every stat by the end because that takes away from the variability of the game, when members mentioned 'stat inflation' I set out to fix the problem, here it is. The 30 stat cap GBA limit is also why Nerf > Buff for the GBA. @MeatofJustice 5. Weapon stats aren't balanced. But specifically all weapons may need more hit rate maybe 5+ or 10+, and I guess the Killer weapons need to be nerfed, also I think the iron weapons MT needs to be reduced or bronze weapons need to be added. Explanation: Most enemies have low skill and luck, giving more hit to weapons will balance out this difference and make the players hits more likely to succeed and the enemies, not just the players, this way if the player had an 80% chance of hitting they would have 85 or 90 instead, and when it comes to already high percentages higher is even better, the Iron weapons MT being reduced or Bronze weapons being added makes the Def or Res stat better and armor knights as well. also MT of weapons can be in the player's favor as well, like the Silver Sword, which does unusually high damage (only one less of the Silver Lance???) and is a weapon the player will mainly be using, specifically the protagonist. 6. Important enemy boss character stats aren't high enough on Normal and higher difficulties, **this does not apply to easy mode.** Explanation: If there is an important boss like Lyon for example, without strong units I don't think surviving his attacks should be guaranteed because that makes him dangerous and rewards players for good strategies. **this does not apply to easy mode.** 7. Defense and resistance stats maximum at 30 isn't high enough. Explanation: Weapon MT being too high causes this to be a problem. 8. Weapon MT is too high and goes past 30 Atk too easily to 40-50, and so makes beating a general easy because of the 30 Def/Res cap. Explanation: I agree with Zmr nerfing weapon MT or class Str caps isn't a good idea. 9. Base classes should have varied class caps, so that a base class can't go too high in every stat. Explanation: Stat boosters are what can make this a problem if a player with a Mage got two Dracoshields and kept first/one turn resetting for Defense they could have about 10 or 12 Defense, or if they got two speedwings could have 16 or 20 Speed which I feel is too much. 10. Weapons, staves, and items don't cost enough. Explanation: Most of the time at the end of the game you have too many weapons in the inventory and haven't used many, this will reduce how many weapons you can keep and makes enemy weapon, stave, item drops, and chests, much more appreciated. 11. Class base stats, need to be balanced better. Explanation: Most Magic classes have odd very low Atk or Magic stats, the Soldier class is pathetic, the Assassin class has the OP lethality and odd bases (that are just as good as a Theif's? W-what???) The mercenary classes base stats are too high etc. 12. (For FE7-8 only.) WPN TRI. improves/reduces Hit and Avoid too much at 15+ or - Hit and Avoid, I recommend 10+ or - Hit and Avoid. Explanation: Enemy and player balance again. 13. The text speed options aren't useful, and the normal text speed is slow. Explanation: The Slow and Normal option is what I'm talking about here I should have mentioned that, who uses those two options? I think everyone can read just fine without the slow text speed, and the FE6, FE8, and JP FE7 text speed I still find slow on normal. **----------------------------------------------------** Here are some of my opinions on the issues with the GBA games, they are of course also some small problems I have with: The Sacred War and Project Ember hacks. In case anybody is working on a hack and wanted to improve the gameplay of their games, some issues to consider could be here. Concerning why I consider these problems: Let me start by saying for me I feel most FE games unfairly favor the the player, with broken weapons (like the killer, silver, reaver, and throwing weapons) and characters especially because of there high base stats and high growths, I feel the 'strategy' element of FE is made too easy to disappear because of the problems I've pointed out, and so you know, I'm talking about the GBA FE games on their Normal difficulty level, Hard or higher can be just as easy IMO, but takes more grinding, if you don't farm EXP you could have a very annoying time finishing the game, and might even get stuck mid playthrough, a very good example of that is the final chapter of PoR on Hard mode but it's BEXP LV up resetting instead of EXP farming, (assuming you didn't know about the Wrath and Resolve combo and didn't get Nasir) if you weren't carefully increasing Ike's stats and getting certain scrolls you can get stuck at the end. If you played on Normal, of course, the beginning has medium difficulty, but as you play through the strategy element disappears or reduces, the player becomes laidback and IMO just slogs through the game with boring bosses and enemies, to make characters even better you have broken stat boosters that can fix pretty much any stat, especially the Angelic Robe which gives a large HP increase of 7, think about Seth, Ike or Ryoma only FE playthroughs. The reason why I want most of these changes is so that the game favors the player less and favors the CPU more, and as a result makes the gameplay more balanced between the player and the CPU, so that on any difficulty having a single character playthrough is more difficult, and on the hardest difficulty without farming impossible.
  9. Hello, denizens of the Forest - So, there's something I've been thinking about doing for a while. Namely, going through all the battalions in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, and assigning them a score. Thereby, creating something of a "tier list" among all the battalions available. The purpose of this thread is... not to do that. Rather, it's to take care of a necessary step, in advance of assessing the battalions - namely, assessing the gambits that they bring with them. Here's what I'm thinking - each Gambit will be graded on a scale from 1 to 10. If difficulty would be relevant to the ranking, let's assume New Game Maddening (if you're ranking by a different standard, of course I won't stop you, but please make it clear). In case it's relevant, again, assume access to DLC and Nintendo Switch Online. I'll provide my score, and everyone else is welcome to share their own score, too. Gambits will be graded on: Damage and hit rate (offensive only) Charges per map Range and Area-of-Effect Side and/or support effects As important to figure out, though, is what I'd rather NOT see gambits graded on, such as: What battalions they're attached too Availability and Usability Aesthetic considerations or personal taste ...Okay, maybe a +/-1 bias point will be allowed on the last one. But attributes of any associated battalion should not be considered. Why not? Well, when we eventually get to grading the battalions themselves, then those considerations (stat boosts, availability, usability) will be factored in, alongside gambit performance. For the time being, however, I'd like to try looking at each gambit, as much as possible, in a vacuum. Make sense? In terms of organization, there are (per my latest count) 37 usable gambits in the game. And a lot of them bear similarities with one another. So I'm thinking, grade several similar gambits (say, that share an AoE) as a single "Chapter", with 2 or 3 new chapters each week (so don't worry about missing a day). Optimistically, I could see covering all the gambits in the course of about six weeks. List of Gambits, with average ratings (and number of reviews): Index of AoE Names: So, how does this sound? Like something you'd want to be a part of? Or, not your flight of fancy? Does this approach seem structurally sound, or do you have suggested changes in how I might go about this? I'm all ears! Thank you for reading. I've attached a spreadsheet that, if I'm not mistaken, lists all the gambits available in Three Houses. If anything is missing or mistaken, though, please let me know. Expect the first chapter by this weekend. Look forward to it! Gambit_List.xlsx
  10. I don't know what I say but Mae is a INCREDIBLE character for me : - Very motivated - Most trusted character with Celica - Extremely powerful mage (Can one shot) - High attack in my game (27 in my Final Battle) - Great voice - Really like her personality
  11. I wanna to discuss what character is very strong in "Solo". For me I have some character can be strong in "Solo" (Not sure) : - Byleth - Edelgard - Dimitri - Caspar - Dedue - Felix - Raphael - Leonie - Catherine - Jeritza
  12. A year or two ago, I played [Fire Memeblem 0, by SD9k. It's a meme edit of FE7 where every player unit has 0 in all of their bases, barring HP, which was set to 1. It's obviously and intentionally unfair, as FE7 was never designed to be played with such incompetent player units. But recently I thought to myself, what if it was? This hack is designed around the restrictions of extremely weak player units. Each of the 8 playable units in this hack has 1 base HP and 0 base everything else. To compensate for this, additional restrictions are in place. Everything is locked at 100% hit, and growths are fixed. Weapons have had to be slightly altered to fit in with this style. New stuff! - Ring System FE4's ring system is present in this hack, but the rings present all have explicit downsides, giving them more strategic use. All or Nothing could be exactly what you need to secure a kill, but it also renders the few existing methods of taking hits unviable. Ring bonuses also stack. - Refined Dancer Rings (note: no longer rings to avoid confusion) Thanks to the hack's short nature, you can use weaker versions of Filia's Might and Nini's Grace wherever they may help you, without fear of needing them later. These two mechanics work together to create statstacking in a form very similar to Fates. - Maps This hack consists of 5 relatively short maps, each with a unique look and song. Enjoy the game's gradual shift from puzzle to traditional FE as your options expand. Download here (apply the patch to a clean FE8U rom): https://www.dropbox.com/sh/lz6jef1cr6pfqjp/AAAYTdfD6u0P3f-6hi1qonqCa?dl=0
  13. The notion that Jeralt ought to be playable in White Clouds is something I've heard come up more than a few times. The first few chapters can present a serious challenge, particularly on Maddening Mode, so having a stronger unit on your side, fulfilling a sort of "Jagen" role, could be a major boon. Due to the narrative, the game would take him away from you at some point - but this is something that Three Houses isn't exactly shy about doing, as anyone who started with the Black Eagles can attest. So, how can we construct a Jeralt that works for the player, helping make the earlygame much easier, but without remaining a "crutch" unit before he's taken away? Here's what I'm thinking. In my vision, Jeralt would join as a playable unit, starting in chapter 2 (namely, starting with the auxilliary battle that the game makes you do in the second weekend). He can be recruited simply by talking to him during the Explore session (there will be a "Recruit" option). He can then be used in all subsequent maps, with a couple exceptions - he cannot be brought to the Battle of Gronder Field (chapter 7), and he can't be used before the month-ending scenario in chapter 9. After said scenario, he becomes unplayable for the remainder of the game. Jeralt retains his appearance as a "green unit" in the Prologue. If he is defeated in battle, he will retreat - so, when chapters 8 and 9 roll around, he will function as a "green unit", like he does in the base game. The same will apply if he is never recruited. Here's what I'm thinking, as a "unit breakdown": As supports go, he would obviously support his own child (C/B levels). I'm thinking of making a couple existing conversations, maybe with adjustments, into the supports. The C Support would be when Jeralt asks them how they're getting used to the Monastery. The B Support would be Jeralt given them the ring that Sitri had worn. Completing this conversation will give the player "Sitri's Ring", which is kept with the "Lost Items" through the rest of the game (so you know it's there, but it can't be discarded). Jeralt would also have a C support with Leonie, wherein he encourages her to write back to her parents. I'd give him a C support with Ashe, too, as it makes sense that Ashe would idolize a knight with Jeralt's reputation. I also think a support with Edelgard, dancing around her suspicions of Rhea, could work. Other supports I could see working are with Catherine (maybe on the merits of a Hero's Relic and Crests, versus individual strength) and Alois (although, their playability wouldn't overlap, so this could be tricky). Like all playable units, I'd give him a Paralogue as well: In any case, let me know what you think! Do you like my proposed vision for a playable Jeralt? Or would you build him in a different manner? Or, do you prefer he simply remain in the background, without falling into the player's control? I'd love to read your comments on this topic!
  14. So...I heard someone talk about "Predestined Pairs" in FE4, so I decided to list them. I only included the girl characters' "predestined" partners and the criteria was highest love growth, characters with convos, and, if a character had less than 3, I included the person who makes the most "sense". I'm not including Deirdre, Ethlyn, Julia, and Altena since they either have a set partner or don't have any. Edain: Jamke, Midir, Azelle, Claud, Finn Ayra: Lex, Holyn, Arden, Finn Lachesis: Beowolf, Naoise, Dew, Finn Silvia: Claud, Lewyn, Alec Erinys: Lewyn, Arden, Naoise Tailtiu: Azelle, Claud, Lex, Lewyn Brigid: Midir, Jamke, Alec, Dew Lana: Seliph, Ulster, Febail Larcei: Seliph, Johan, Johalvier, Shannan (yuck) Fee: Arthur, Seliph, Oifey Patty: Seliph, Shannan, Lester, Coirpre Nanna: Seliph, Leif, Ares (yuck) Lene: Ares, Seliph, Ced Tine: Seliph, Ced, Leif And that's it! Note: I chose Ced for Lene since he's Lewyn's son (In Thracia 776, anyway) and it'd be sort of like Silvia and Lewyn's relationship. She only has convos with Seliph and a high love growth with Ares, so I didn't have a lot to choose from : / Note 2: Added Finn to Ayra and Edain since he has convos with Lana and Larcei in Gen 2. Note 3: Added Lewyn to Tailtiu since Lewyn and Tine have a convo in Chapter 10. Note 4: Might remove Dew from Brigid's. Also, might consider doing it by the jealousy system too, but probably not. Any thoughts?
  15. What character (Recruitment include) i should focus and what character i can leave ? Maybe i leave caspar on my team and focus other Black Eagles, for recruitment Felix, Mercedes, Lysithea and Leonie can focus.
  16. Black Eagles : Ferdinand Dorothea Petra Blues Lions : Dedue Felix Mercedes Annette Golden deers : Raphael Hilda Leonie
  17. As we all know, certain classes are gender-locked in Three Houses. Pegasus Knight (I), Falcoknight (M), and Gremory (M) are all exclusive to female units, while men get Brawler (I), Dark Mage (I), Hero (A), Grappler (A), Dark Bishop (I), and War Master (M). But what if this weren't the case, such that men could ride pegasi and women could don the dark robes? Which characters would get a lot out of specific cross-gender classes? I intend this to be less of a competition ("who wants it most?") and more a brainstorming session ("how would character X do as class 3?"), so with that in mind, let's start with a couple! Linhardt as a Gremory. Regarded as masters of pure magic, this class seems a natural fit for Linhardt, who has boons in Reason and Faith alike. Gremory would give Linhardt the highest magic stat possible (+5 mod, notably higher than +2 of Dark Knight and Bishop), with slightly better speed (+1 versus -1 and 0, respectively) than the other two. 5 move would be a step up from Bishop's 4, but stil behind the 7 (6 dismounted) of Dark and Holy Knights. His damage output would be slightly worse than as a Dark Knight (no Black Tomefaire), but getting Black Magic x2 somewhat makes up for it (extra Excalibur is certainly welcome). Moreover, he keeps White Magic x 2 from Bishop, but loses out on Healing + 10, making his Physic weaker even after accounting for higher Magic (of course, his Warp is even stronger). Overall, I could see Gremory as a strong compromise pick for Linhardt - slightly less offensive than Dark Knight, and slightly less supportive than Bishop (unless you're just using Linhardt as a Warpbot, in which case, this is his best class), but better than either one at doing both. And, let's be honest, we all know he would slay in that dress. Catherine as a Grappler or War Master. Catherine is the only playable woman (sans F-Byleth) with a propensity for punching, so it seems like she's the one missing out most on access to Gauntlet-specialist classes. She could go back to Brawler, but that offers poor class skills and mastery (the same one, coincidently), so she'd probably prefer to train her fists either by staying Swordmaster (good stats, no seals required) or going Brigand (Death Blow, while great on any physical unit, synergizes phenomenally with brave weapons like Gauntlets and Thunderbrand; but it does require building her Axe rank from the floor up). Compared to Swordmaster, Grappler offers Fistfaire while losing Swordfaire, and Unarmed Combat while losing Sword Crit +10). She'll also lose Strength (+2 to +1) and Speed (+4 to +3), but make up for it in HP (+1 to +2), Dex (+1 to +3), and a movement range only rivaled among infantry units by Assassins. Mastery will grant her Tomebreaker and the Fierce Iron Fist combat art, which I would say far outshine this game's incarnation of Astra. It will take some work, and won't be as strong a Thunderbrand-wielder as Swordmaster, but I think Grappler could be a great pick for Catherine, likely on-par with Assassin (which, admittedly, she'll have an easier time reaching). War Master is even more of a stretch, but if you somehow get her Axe rank to B or above, she'll enjoy an unparalleled +5 Strength mod (and respectable +2 Speed), Faires in both Gauntlets and Axes, and an absurd Crit + 20 to all weapon types (take that, Sword Crit + 10). Achieving mastery is likely a pipe dream, but War Master's Strike is an effective Axe art, while Quick Riposte is one of the best skills in the game. And it's worth noting, all combat arts may see their damage boosted, thanks to Catherine's major crest of Charon. War Master may just be Catherine's strongest infantry option (I know, you can train her in lances and flying so she goes Falcon, but punching people is too fun, dammit!), if you're willing to put in the work to get there. Anyway, what do y'all think of these analyses (I recognize that I could have considered a lot more factors - personal skills, class growths, personal bases and growths - but chose to ignore those, for the sake of brevity)? And what units would you like to consider, in classes previously forbidden to them? Let me know!
  18. Black eagles : - Bernadetta (Multiple attack and strong if not full HP) - Dorothea (Strong dancer) Blue Lions : - Felix (High base damage) - Mercedes (Strong heal) - Ingrid (Strong flying unit) Golden Deers : - Lysithea (Great range and might defense if she equip Thyrsus) - Hilda (High charm and speed) - Leonie (Incredible physical attack and defense)
  19. again, as the title says would like some help for now my pairing are sigurd- deirdre lex-ayre midayle-aideen erin-claude titlu-lewyn bridget-dew requessis- beowulf currently on chapter 4
  20. Hi everyone; Fire Emblem: Three Houses is a game that offers a remarkable amount of options for how each unit can be built, in terms of accessible weapon types, abilities, and combat arts, among other things. Most characters can access any class... well, with caveats. There's a male pool of classes, and a female pool - though they largely overlap, some (ex. Brawler vs. Pegasus Knight) are exclusive to one or the other. There are, however, a handful of classes that are limited to just one character in the game. In keeping with previous Fire Emblem games, each of the main characters (Byleth, Edelgard, Dimitri, and Claude) get access to at least one exclusive class, generally designed with their strengths in mind, and accessible from a certain point in the story. Byleth's Enlightened One reflects their proficiency with Swords, including the Sword of the Creator, and their evolving relationship with Sothis. Whereas, Claude's Wyvern Master and Barbarossa classes relate to his proficiencies in Bows and Flying, and to his true background. The question I seek to pose today is this: What if not just the Lords, but every character in the game, were able to access a personal class? What would these classes look like, and how would they operate? For the record, I'm not advocating this as something for the game to feature - rather, I just think of it as a fun thought exercise. I refer to them as "Master" classes, because I intend for them to match the power and utility of most Master classes, but they need not be gated to the usual requirements (having certain skill ranks, being level 30 or above, and spending a Master Seal) - instead, they can be based on story progression, or whatever standard you so like. Let me start of with a few examples I've thought of! Vizier (Hubert) Quetzalist (Petra) Thunderstrike (Catherine) So, what do you think of these "Personal Classes"? Do they seem appropriate and well-balanced, or would you make any changes to them? Moreover, what personal classes would you assign to other characters in the game? I'd love to hear your ideas!
  21. Hello again, Tonight I want to highlight a really annoying part of my gaming and especially Fire Emblem experience: gender deifferences in gameplay. 1) Constitution: this can't be remedied, only males with negative modifiers are gonna have female level constitution, that's totally realistic. 2) Rescue/Aid: this is the most stupid thing where gender differences are completely unrealistic: I don't see how the same horse that carries a 12 con Kyle and has room for 13 more con couldn't carry the 9 con Amelia and 16 con Garcia/Gilliam, it's exactly the same total weight and the horse shows no difference in the animation sprite. That's why the only females who can rescue a 16 con unit are like FE6 first pegasus with garbage offence due to having this trash con, meaning she looses mountains of speed by equipping anything other than a thin lance. Female rescue is complete game design atrocity in my book. Meanwhile any normal weight cavalier can rescue these generals and heavy axers. 3) Str/def/spd: I agree that most women have lower caps in real life to their possible physical performance: less muscle means less raw strength, less heart power to inject oxygene in their limbs, meanwhile bigger bones and harder muscles mean men have more tolerance to physical hits. Then why are female units generally faster than male units? Either you say screw it it's a video game, reality doesn't matter (in this case every point in my post is invalidated and I can delete it, but then make every female and have male have the same base caps in every game), or you go all the way into realistic gameplay, meaning you take 10% away from EVERY PHYSICAL STAT from male units to make your base for female units. At this point, you might as well make female only games since it's the same as the Olympics, girls are disadvantaged in any power/speed/punching ball performance contest against men. But FE has like 90% of the generic units that are male, which means you throw your weak ass female units into the roller coaster of very high damage ennemies with higher def than what these female units' strength/def/hp can chew. All this while being hindered more often by the stronger weapons they NEED to use just to make up for the difference in base strength and growth with male units, thus having less speed from higher base than these males with more strength, which only means that females of the same gender-free classes get completely benched in terms of usability comapred with men since men have more +1/+3/+4 in con than females even when they already have a +2 base compared with females, allowing some males to take 0 penalty from a weapon that would give -3 to the generic units of the same class/gender (typically Hero Gerik with tomahawk/steel axe compared with the 11 con generic heroes who take -4 speed) and -5 to the females (not even talking of armored females with straight -3 base con compared with male armors, 10 vs 13, 12 vs 15, Amelia's neutral con vs Gilliam's +1 meaning Gilliam can wield weapons with 16 weight without loosing speed, while Amelia who shouldn't even be able to become a knight with a 20+ kg armor with a pre-teen girl body would loose 4 speed by doing so, might as well use FE4's weapon rank locks at this point, since females should be strictly unable to wield steel lances of 5-7 real life kg seeing the difference of 70-80% weight with the normal iron lance of 8 that would weigh around 3-4 kg with a high weight pike at its end) What do you think of this? What is justified, to what extent and is there a point in using females when they're hindered by every weapon closing the gap between them and equivalent male units (not even talking of the fact that most females already have -4 str/def between class and personal bases/growths compared with males)? Did Awakening and Fates solve this problem?
  22. Basically say your Ideas for unique classes that would be basically tied to the protagonist of an FE game. Tactician The Tactician is a near non-fighter class, they can attack with swords but the character with this class has poor stats for combat. The Tactician's gimmick is being more of a supportive class, they give a small support bonus to any nearby units (increased with actual supports.) nearby. The skills/abilites for the Tactician would be roughly the following (Names are kinda W.I.P): Second-hand learner: Anytime a nearby ally gets EXP, they get a bit of EXP equal to I guess roughly half of what that ally got. (or maybe a third? It'd require a good bit of balancing.), this is to compensate for how, ideally, the Character with this class would have very poor chances in battle, this is the only passive skill. (all the others are selected like the Arts from SOV.) Give out orders: Buffs all the units around them a little more in a support radius however they lose 20-30 percent dodge due to being distracted giving out orders. Battle Advice: Has 1 range but the Unit being buffed gets a decent increase to both Critical hit and dodging attacks but the actual Tactician takes a signifficantly heavy penalty to dodging enemy attacks themselves. Push to the Limit: Lets them basically act like a dancer though the unit being given an extra move this way is a bit tired out (so slightly lower chance to hit and such.) so it's still somewhat inferior to the actual dancer class. To keep the Tactician as a bit of a non-combatant, while I'm not sure of the exact stats, the Tactician Character would be more likely to gain speed and HP when leveling up but with a poor chance for skill and Strength, so they can't really deal that much damage. As for Promotions, while I don't know what the names would be, depending on if the game has multiple promotions or not, the promoted form of the Tactician would either become Mounted (to move across the battlefield faster.) and/or gain the ability to use Staves to further aid their troops via healing and other stave abilites.
  23. Assuming the next FE game did have some sort of base-system, would you be interested if you actually had to care for your mounts? as well as having to buy more of them. You could name them and they'd have their own stats, this also means that if someone promotes to a mounted unit, you actually have to get them a mount rather than them suddenly having one. So maybe a particular Pegasus, Wyvern, or Horse would be "Fast", so they can move a few extra spaces between turns, maybe another is "Vicious" so it does more damage but has a chance of beserking and forcing it's rider to charge the enemy when attacked. Additionally, possibly animal racing would be a non-violent alternative to Arenas using your mounts to race other Pegasus, Wyverns, Horses or War-elephants for gold. Additionally, it'd be possible for the mount or the rider to die without the other dying too. (So you could lose a rider then you'd have a beserked pegasus attacking the enemy that you can't control or you'd lose a mount and have an injured rider.) because Perma-death wants your tears when your favourite animal dies infront of you.
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