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Found 23 results

  1. Recently, I've been playing the Metroid Prime Trilogy for the first time, and so far I've completed Prime 1. It was definitely a great game, and I can see why it was the huge success that it was. Looking into the first Prime game's history, I noticed that, given everything about its development, it really should've been a trainwreck: it was the series' first jump to 3D, and it was given to a then-unproven game studio that had never actually made a finished game before (and, as it turns out, was such a toxic and disorganized work environment that Nintendo had to step in, reorganize the studio and hire a new CEO for the studio). And yet, instead, it became an acclaimed classic. It got me thinking, what are some other classics that, given everything about the game, its initial premise, its development, the time in which it was made, etc., were successes that by all accounts should have been a train wreck? Majora's Mask immediately came to mind: an Ocarina of Time sequel made in less than a year and literally born from the nightmares and daydreams of its developers, some of whom (such as Eiji Aonuma) were suffering actual breakdowns due to the game's rushed development. But I was wondering if there are any other examples? Do you know of any other examples? If so, mention it here and say what it was about the game that meant that it should not have been the success that it was.
  2. Create a list of your favourite games of 2021. The list can be any length between three games and ten games (not including honourable mentions), and it can include any game that you played for the first time in 2021, even if that game was not released in 2021. If you want, you can also write a list of your top 3-to-10 worst games of 2021, blandest games of 2021, most disappointing/pleasantly-surprising games of 2021, etc. Here's my top seven games of 2021:
  3. Hey everyone, I wanted to ask you all what do you think are some underrated games that you have played (It’s one thing to say you know something underrated, but it’s another to say you played it) For me, Rhythm Thief and Tangledeep are two underrated gems that I always adore
  4. For me, it was Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks on the Nintendo DS. Still love the soundtrack uwu
  5. What music track from any fire emblem game is your favorite, and why is it Conquest
  6. Since the Switch's release last year, a number of games have been announced and/or released for the Switch; many of which have been ports, remakes, or remastered versions of previous games, including a Skyrim port, Dark Souls Remastered, Ys VIII, etc. What games do you want to see become available for the Switch; either as a port, remake, or remastered version? What changes, if any, do you want to see made to said game? (My list is in the spoiler below) (Also, if someone could please suggest a shorter title for this thread)
  7. Not sure if that many people are fans of SEGA games or not, but I've been playing a whole lot of them recently! Space Channel 5, NiGHTS, A whole lot of Puyo Puyo, The House of the Dead, and Plenty of Sonic 2! I dunno, I think Sega is starting to get a stable footing in the hearts of gamers with the release of Sonic Mania (which is heard is really good but... I'm waiting for PC release) So the questions arrives: What are your favorite SEGA games? Do you still play said games to this day? Seriously, there's a lot to choose from!
  8. Hi! I am currently finding out some information about making a nice game. It would be a pleasure if you give your small time answering my small survey for this study. If you have a feedback to my survey, please feel free to comment on it so I can improve it better since it's my first time making a such study. Survey Link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/8BX66DP Thanks!
  9. So, as I do every year between 25th and 31st december, I restarted Pokémon Ranger: Shadows on Almia. It's like the 7th or 8th time that I replay it and every time I enjoy it a lot. However, after 2 days of casual playing I completed the Heatran mission and got that pinky thing that tries to suicide in the sea Mime jr. I saw, some time ago, a lot of mediocre votes across the internet for this game, but I actually think that it has a really good gameplay (I actually would define this an arcade, basing on the capture system) and has both an enjoyable story and well-designed dungeons. In reality I think that in a near future I'll take the project and realize a Pokémon Ranger 4 with Bidoofy Pyukumukus since there is really a lot of material from the last 3 generations to work with. You might now think "what's this topic point? Is this guy talking about his ideas or his project or what?", well, I'm here to just ask your considerations on this series for spare talking while I play: do you think like me that Ranger is underrated? Or that it is just random circling crap? Which flaws do you think should be fixed?
  10. Who do you guys think? Feel free to mention those not mentioned in the poll. Gavin get's both of my votes. That perm...just ruined!
  11. What's everyone else's backlog list of games? And what would you recommend to your fellow SF-ers (including me)? After I do Fire Emblem Fates (Conquest and Revealations), I have a couple of other games that I want to give a try. Are any of these 3DS games worth my time? Keep in mind that I'll be pretty busy with Fates, and there is Pokémon SM later in the year which I will eventually get. (Just not like on the day of its release like what I did with Pokémon Y.) So far I have finished: My following list of games that I want to play are the following: Alternately how would be getting a Wii for:
  12. Basically, a fun topic where we give ideas on how to balance the cast of the DS games. We'll begin with FE11's Marth and FE12's Avatar. FE11 Marth is notable for being one of the worst lords in Fire Emblem games. Being swordlocked, low damage output and usually moving fully to get to the throne, he doesnt get lots of chances to get experience. How do you think he could be fixed/rebalanced? As for FE12 Avatar, we all know he/she's the best combat unit in FE12. Having a plethora of class options to choose from at the beginning. Having 8 mini chapters where he/she excels and having above average growths, opportunity to get experience and nice customizable bases. Some of his class choices need some help, while others could definetely be toned down...
  13. Summon Night 5 Digital Release <<< Haven't seen any topics about this yet, so I thought why not? Lol. Not a lot of folks outside of Japan know about this gem series but I recommend it!!! I love Summon Night 5 so much and I'm glad it finally got localized! I hope Summon Night 6 will be localized one day... and it's too late for the older games :/ EDIT: Can't wait to play the game... once I get a Vita!
  14. Hi there! Welcome to the Serenes Forest Guild Card/Grimoire Trading Post for Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold: The Fafnir Knight! Here you may post your Guild Cards and socialize with other guilds. You can also try to request certain grimoires or just have friendly discussions with other players. If you want to upload your Guild Card, you can do so by uploading its file to imgur, which is the method that I think works best. If you don't know how to share your Guild Card, you can go to Regina's café, then select "Guild House", then "Manage Guild Cards", then select your card and press X. You should see an option that says "Output QR Code", select that. Congratulations! Now your Guild Card is stored in your SD card! If you don't know how to scan a Guild Card, go to Regina's café, select "Guild House", then "Data Settings", and finally "Read QR Code". I'll start by uploading my low-level Story Mode party, but Classic may be uploaded as well: (Link to GC) i.imgur.com/YbfTDOr.png Also, if the people demand it, I may create a Trading Post for EOU: The Millennium Girl. Good trading everyone! And please never forget your warp ropes(Ariadne Threads).
  15. Title says it all. I never really liked the smash community. From people hating each each other over which version of the game they like, to people acting like spoiled brats concerning which characters are in or not, there was always an aura of unfreindliness there for me.I've never really liked the pokemon community either, as there is a lot of people who, when it comes to nostalgia and the past games, have a set of rose-tinted glasses, rendering them incapable of admitting the older games' faults.
  16. Hello there everyone, I'm good ol' Kanethedragon. Currently I'm a student aiming towards making a hit into the game industry, but I still got quite a bit of time ahead of me before that. I'm a passionate fan of Anime as well as video games and am on constant update with the seasons for both industries (even though 90% of games I mostly experience through vids rather than in my hands due to never having the $ for it all.) I have a youtube account that hasn't seen much content from me til recently ever since I started it up back in 2010, and said recent content being added is done through streaming from twitch and then exporting the broadcast. I also happen to know my way around programs like photoshop and illustrator and am a certified associate for both programs (though certainly not an expert.) Other than that, the anime I watch and games I play are varied. I have a relatively decent pc that I use for a few stuff from steam as well as Osu! and FFXIV. I also play Leagues of Legends every now and then if anyone's interested, but I don't get on it too often and I tend to know how to work my best around Ahri and a bit of Ashe and Akali. When it comes to console games, on the Nintendo side I have just recently got into Fire Emblem with Awakening and am currently in the midst of support grinding and netting copies of Limit Breaker to maximize my entire army's stats. I also technically beaten Lunatic, but I never got the children and nearly my entire deployed group died (it's classic) so that's why I'm over-grinding currently so that I truly beat Lunatic and then move to L+ Classic (which I plan on using the free emblem once available to snatch my MU because I am never going to run CH3 ever again without a guide. I needed to pull all the strategy out of my head when I did that on my Lunatic run to not get anyone killed.) As of right now my main unit is sitting pretty nicely with a Dread Fighter +Mag/-Lck Armsthr/Ignis/Lifetak/Aggressor build and holding the Book of Naga, a forged Bolt for Crit and Damage, Mercurius, Vengeance, and a forged Brave Axe for 16 Mt and 80 hit. Outside of FE, other Nintendo console-based games I play include the LoZ series, Rune Factory Tides of Destiny for the Wii and 4 for the 3DS (and hopefully 3 eventually), Smash Bros (only have SB4 on 3DS so far though), Pokemon, Gunvolt, and a few others. I also have a few games on my wishlist for Nintendo consoles which include Fatal Frame 5, Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon, quite a few LoZ games, Rodea: The Sky Soldier, KH3D, Eternal Magna, Xenoblade and others you may or may not know of. Continuing with the games, I also happen to be a dedicated Playstation fan of late as well. The starters of this include my current favourite video game franchise of all time Ar Tonelico, as well as other games like Hyperdimension Neptunia, Disgaea, the Atelier series, and I have a profound interest in low-key games for consoles I don't own yet (specifically the Vita) like Operation Abyss, Freedom Wars, Danganropa, GODS EATER and others that I currently don't have their names in my mind. As a denomer, I am somewhat fluent in Japanese (can read some kanji as well as hiragana and katakana) and I am capable of generally translating information from Japanese releases. I also happen to be a huge japan-o-phile/anime culture fanatic, borderline what some may jokingly or seriously call a filthy weaboo. And speaking of that I'll go into my anime interests. As of right now I'm watching shows from this season which include Punchline, Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha ViVid, Kekkai Sensen (or Blood Blockade Battlefront...and I'm REALLY lovin it so far), DanMachi (Is it wrong to try to pick up girls in a dungeon?), Fate Stay/Night UBW, Owari no Seraph (Seraph of the End), Kyoukai no Rinne (RIN-NE), and Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyoku (Mikagura School Suite). Shows I've watched include Dog Days all seasons, To Aru all seasons, Hayate no Gotoku! up to Cuties, Kill la Kill, Aldnoah Zero (S2 sucked horribly though..music was great), Space Dandy S1, Umineko no Naku Koro ni, Higurashi Kai, 11eyes, Shugo Chara, This Ugly Yet Beautiful World, Mouretsu Pirates, Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi, Sacred Seven, Eureka 7 all seasons, K Project, Kiddy Grade, Tokyo Ghoul S1-2, SAO S1-2, Log Horizon S1-2, Fairy Tail up to ep 10 2014, as well as many others. Basically when it comes down to it, I'm relatively well-versed in anime and have known quite a few that are relatively good but might've been passed up by most and vice versa. And there ya go, all there is to know about Kanethedragon. And if I haven't mentioned it already, I'm a Floridian, so there you are. I also have a rarely used Deviantart under my name as well as a twitter and facebook account which are connected to my youtube and twitch accounts. And with that, I hope to see you all in the forums ;P
  17. Last week me and a mate of mine were having a few drinks and playing some old ps1 games, and we started discussing 'the best games ever', looking at top [insert number here] lists of best games of all time and the like. What games would you say are must play (definitive) games? Not necessarily your favourite games, or the like, but games which are unique or games which define a genre. Just curious to see what everybody else thinks.
  18. Hello! When we reach 200, it will go back to one. 1. Spin the bottle
  19. Noticed you've lost a game, and could care less for awhile. Then, out of nowhere, you get this weird frickin' craving to play said game. So you go looking for it, turning over every cushion on the couch, all looking for this game. For me, right now, that game is Bravely Default. I played like, halfway through it, got bored (Because if you didn't know, the games enemies kinda get reused multiple times near the end) and I just put it next to my bedside one day. Months later down the road, I can't find the bloody game, and I have the strangest desire to play it. And it doesn't help that I have to be conservative of the Demo, either, that I have for it. I have like, 24 uses left.
  20. Frankly there are some games or other things which have creepy things you would not expect. Like this for example. Like that. So nothing from the horror genre and no other undesired images. Find anything and post it here.
  21. I figured that it'd be interesting to ask what everyone's 10 favorite games are. 10. Kid Icarus: Uprising 9. Suikoden II 8. Super Smash Bros. Melee 7. Final Fantasy VI 6. Mother 3 5. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword 4. Super Mario Galaxy 3. Fire Emblem Awakening 2. Final Fantasy X 1. Pokemon Emerald
  22. It just started at 9 th July 2014 I am posting this since some people like to get early user id in the games :D The game is 100% free (no donation, no premium etc.) PokemonPets home page : http://www.pokemonpets.com/ Pokemon Pets register page : http://www.pokemonpets.com/Register PokemonPets gameplay screenshots page: http://www.pokemonpets.com/Screenshots 2 Screenshots :
  23. It is like Pokemon guys. You start game with picking up your overworld avatar and your starting monster. Then you can move on the map with using arrow keys or w,a,s,d keys. Then follow the markings on the map to navigate between maps. Also on the grass areas you can find wild monsters to battle. While battling reduce their hp and throw monster boxes to catch. You can have up to 6 monsters in your team and the future ones will be sent to your storage. Here few links for more details the game url : http://www.monstermmorpg.com/ the game register url : http://www.monstermmorpg.com/Register short tutorial : http://www.monstermmorpg.com/How-To-Play extended tutorial video : cons and pros cons : laggy movement, bad ui, the site interface need revamp, not complete yet, no music, very little graphical effects, it is very confusing at the beginning, no in game tutorial (step the step ones that is common in nowadays) pros : very detailed game mechanics, cheat free (yes extreme precautions), 1801 unique monsters (some of them bad and some of them are very good quality), 520 maps (massive area to explore well defined), pvp battles, trade/buy/sell Here few of the new monsters they added/updated
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