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Found 9 results

  1. I did saw GameXplain and Nintendo World Report TV that they did made a Review for Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light on the Nintendo Switch. The result for GameXplain that Meghan Sullivan did posted a result of "Liked it" and the result for Nintendo World Report TV that Jordon Rudek did posted a result of a 5. I did liked how Meghan Sullivan handled the review pretty well, I am still have some thoughts about Jordon Rudek's part that I am not sure of. Also, I did managed to take a look to see of more official localized scripts for Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light that they posted footages of, GameXplain side had way more script showing than Nintendo World Report TV shown. P.S.: By the way, I did took a look at GameXplain video that they showed the footages that they played and did runned into Aimee. The translation for Aimee is still got her labled as Larabel like in Shadow Dragon. GameXplain Video: Nintendo World Report TV:
  2. For those of who are interested in the combos and pair ups. I am unsure if this has been posted on another thread, but I thought perhaps it would be good to have its own. Please lock the thread if admins feel it is not applicable.
  3. I just thought of something and wondering about the mysterious confusion regarding about why some of the Zofian Army units that we saw on Zofia Castle Map and the other map that were marked as "Alm's Army" that we saw from the "A Mastery Class in Strategy" trailer that was uploaded by Nintendo of America in their YouTube channel and saw from the official website in the North American version along with Mae using Excalibur and Sage Silque since those three weren't in the Japanese version and definitely not presented in the English copies that were getting at May 19th. I wondered about some of us have no idea if this could be either a Localization Error from Early Build or early beta gameplay that some of the Zofian Army was actually Alm's Army that was used as footage that the developers of the trailer probably didn't realize that mistake, but it wasn't presented in the European trailers nor Japanese version. But, when I did asked the serious question to Derrick Bitner regarding about the Zofian Army units that were marked as "Alm's Army" and my two questions were at the start of the video for the Q & A of Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia along with Mae casting Excalibur (he hasn't answered my question about the Sage Silque), but he did replied and answered my question about mystery why some of the Zofian Army units were marked as Alm's Army. Derrick Bitner from GameXplain has not seen any Zofian Army units were mistakenly marked as "Alm's Army" in his review copy of the game. I was just thought of something and we don't actually see any enemies that were marked as Zofian Army, Rigelian Army, nor Brigands in the original game since they were placed as Class Names instead. What if some of the Zofian Army units that were marked as "Alm's Army" that wasn't actually a Localization Error in the first place, but some of the corrupted Zofian Army in Zofia Castle were originally meant to be from the Deliverance during at the early build of the game since Frenand did quit the Deliverance and joined Berkut that made Frenand betrayed the Deliverance after Clive gave Alm the title as leader when meeting up with Clive at the Deliverance Hideout in the final version of the game, but the developers might have scrapping the idea and just marked the rest of the Zofian Army units as "Zofian Army" units in the final version and just leave Frenand as the only traitor to the Deliverance? Also, I just wondered if the "Alm's Army" was meant to be some Deliverance members did betrayed the Deliverance and here's my thoughts why I think they were originally meant to be placed as Alm's Army in the Earlier Build like: I do remembered that there was something similar to like Cynthia was tricked by Ruger impostering Chrom that made Cynthia joined Ruger instead of meeting up with the real Chrom in Paralogue 9, but what if early development to have some of the Deliverance members were actually fooled like Cynthia did in Awakening and commanded by one of Desaix's men that really gave Alm a bad name? What if early development to have some of the Zofian Army units were planning on tricking Alm since he did became a new leader and he did not recognize any of them since when he first meet Clive at the Deliverance Hideout and Lukas or the other playable Deliverance members just noticed how suspicious the imposters were acting? What if early development to have to change some of the story plot to have some of the Zofian Army units were actually members of the Deliverance and betrayed the other members just like Frenand did in the final version? What if early development to have Desaix and his minions captured one of the Deliverance members and forced them to fight against their own members similar to like how Gordin was captured and forced by one of the Gra soldiers to fight Marth in the prologue on Shadow Dragon? And second, if the developers were actually scrapped the idea of having they were originally from the Deliverance and beat the map, what do you think Alm and his army to the surviving soldiers? I totally think that could have Alm be fair to the soldiers or it could be darker something happened in the early idea in-case if why some of the betrayed Deliverance members did that? But, I did pulled the poll up so you can give your thoughts why do you think why they have some of the Zofian Army units marked as Alm's Army in the "A Mastery Class in Strategy trailer"?
  4. So GameXplain has uploaded their Shadows of Valentia Q&A where they anwser 25 questions that the fans asked them. I haven't had time to watch it myself but here's the video
  5. I just saw GameXplain just explained the NES Classic Edition is going to be discontinuing in North America and did posted a source from IGN and GO Nintendo. I haven't those NES Classic Edition systems in the stores that I went to and they were sold out really fast during in December, but I wasn't entirely too sure if they are holding off for a Super NES Classic Edition or they might need to produce more Switch consoles in their factory since those Nintendo Switch consoles were sold out really too fast and they did stop taking pre-orders before January 18th at GameStop and other game stores back then also. I didn't get a chance to get one of the NES Classic Edition nor the Nintendo Switch consoles back then, but I think that they probably just discontinuing those NES Classic Edition consoles way too early.
  6. I just saw GameXplain posted a video of the video that they received a review copy of the English version of Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. Ash Paulsen from GameXplain mentions something really good about Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. By the way, I didn't get a chance to listen and watch to the whole video, I'll watch it later after getting done with my Computer Lab hours and also, can you guys please might find some localized names that we haven't seen it yet from one of the footages that we saw earlier?
  7. GameXplain just uploaded the video that showed a close up look at both of the amiibos and the game. This was actually just uploaded from a few minutes ago and I wondered has the review copies or this is just could be an another demo, but I wondered what footage will GameXplain will allow to show since they appeared to snapshot the English version of the game as well? Edit: Clarified to GameXplain to ask if this was a Review Copy or an another Demo Event of the game, Andre, Derrick's, or Ash's answer was the demo event, not a review copy yet.
  8. I just saw GameXplain mentions that the Treehouse that will be presented in tomorrow's E3 presentation. This brand new IP will be a RPG that is going to be coming to the Nintendo 3DS. But, I just wondered what new RPG series that we will be seeing directly from Nintendo tomorrow? Edit from June 15th: It's confirmed to be as Ever Oasis developed by Grezzo. Here's the gameplay footage from the E3 and I did made a Miiverse drawing of the Protagonist for the next Super Smash Bros. title for the NX.
  9. So, Gamexplain just uploaded a vidoeo of the English Fire emblem Fates conquest opening video (With title screen): I think it looks rather Neat, what about you guys?
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