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Found 73 results

  1. Trying something new, to increase participation we will vote on which game. Well theoretically participation should be up due to sequestered people anyway. To avoid the spoiler effect we will use ranked voting: If any choice has >50% of 1st choice votes, it wins. If no winner, eliminate the choice with fewest 1st choice votes, moving up 2nd choices to 1st as needed afterward, and check step 1 again. Ties are broken using the sum of voting ranks (Last choice is 0 points, 2nd last 1 point etc). This way you don't really need to worry about "wasting" your vote on a potentially unpopular choice (i.e. spoiler effect) because your vote will just transfer to your next preference anyway. Rules set will be more or less usual, don't want to clutter up the OP with several of these before the game is even selected. Naturally they will be open to change in the spirit of the thread. Our candidates are: FE6 Normal Mode, 6 people FE7 Hector Normal Mode, 5 people FE8 Hard Mode, 4 people And to spice things up with an experiment, FE8 Hard Mode with FULL Lagdou Ruins, 4 people If the winner needs more people, we just wait for 1 or 2 more. Conversely if the winner is for fewer people, the largest, earliest subset of people with a valid winner will be used. For example, if the winner of the first 4 votes is FE7, but the fifth vote makes the winner a 4 player option, then the earliest group of 4 voters with a valid winning option will be used. Heck, I'll leave the draft method up to the people as well. Normal Draft Screw Over Your Opponent Draft Auction See my previous threads for how an auction would operate, for example https://forums.serenesforest.net/index.php?/topic/89726-fe8-auction-6-partial-lagdou/. From that you can probably guess my first choices: FE8 + Lagdou FE8 Hard FE7 Hector Normal FE6 Normal Auction Normal Draft SOYO Draft Now cast your votes, The Senate commands you to dewit. Edit: Teams: MacLovin: Vanessa, Moulder, Garcia, Colm, Duessel, 2nd Lord, Marisa Wargrave: Seth>=5, Lute, Cormag, Forde, Neimi, L'Arachel, Syrene, Ewan Emerson: Franz, Natasha, Gerik, Ross, Saleh, Dozla, Knoll, Amelia Peppy: Artur, Tana, Gilliam, Kyle, Joshua, Innes, Myrrh, Rennac
  2. So, If you don't know what FE Recolor is,1) Why are you here, and 2) It is a program made by BwdYeti. (Link Right here) It's a very cool program that lets you recolor sprites from the GBA era of Fire Emblem. However, it is missing a lot of sprites, and while the Pirate one is easy to find, the rest, like the FE6 exclusive Sprites and ESPECIALLY the monsters from FE8, are really hard to find, to the point where through all my digging, I could only scrape up a tutorial on how to make sprites compatible. So I made pretty much all the sprites I could, and they're all here: Missing Sprites Here, Ta Daaaaaa These include all the Monster sprites, Most, if not all FE6 Exclusive Sprites, and some missing sprites from FE7. I also did some work on some already existing Sprites, so that it shows more versions that use it's palette. For Example, the Female Druid sprite uses the same Palette as the Male Druid, however the original FE Recolor Sprite image only showed the male, so I put in the female. I marked the ones I worked on under revised so that you don't have to change anything, its just so that you can see it for an example. Directions Step 1: Extract all to a safe Location where it wont cause any hassle for you Step 2: Go into Missing Sprites>Sprites and Copy all the Pictures there into FE Recolor>sprites>battle_sprites Step 3: Go into Missing Sprites>Data and Copy all the .dat files into FE Recolor>data>sprites, This makes it so that you don't have to manually re position all the Palette indexes. For the Revised Sprites: Same steps as 2 and 3 except be sure to delete/move the previous .png and .dat files before adding them. UPDATE I've added The FE7 Female Theif Sprite, It could be the FE6 Sprite, but It was just easier to make an all new one. Notes So I have tested all the sprites I could with BS Palette assembler, however, I could not test the Monster sprites, Zephiel's sprite, or the Manakete-transformed sprites. Please tell me if they don't work too well in-game and please provide screenshots. Also make sure its correct on your end. Also, If I missed any sprites, please tell me, as I'll make it and add it on. Thank you in advance! And I hope I was of help. FE Recolor Missing Sprites.zip
  3. Title pretty much sums it up. I want to try giving my FE project a more subdued art style akin to fe4/fe5 (but not exactly like it).
  4. I don't know if anyone else has ever seen these pictures, but I assume it is Fire Emblem Path of Radiance, but with GBA sprites. Does anyone have any knowledge on this or anything really about what this even is. I believe this goes here but can anyone help with any info?
  5. If you're here looking for a Randomizer, please use Yune! I'll put up a full post later with the details, but here's the link for now: https://github.com/lushen124/Universal-FE-Randomizer Latest Version: v1.1.0 Link: https://github.com/lushen124/Universal-GBA-FE-Randomizer-Windows/releases/tag/v1.1.0 Changelog: v1.1.0 Added the ability to generate a changelog when randomizing. It always generates a file called Changelog.html in a directory you specify. The changelog includes your settings and the updated characters/classes/items tables. Mostly for convenience so that you don't have to open up Nightmare if you're curious as to what everything changed to. Note that all strings are pulled directly from the game data, so in theory this will display ROM hacks properly. (But the current logic doesn't look in the right place for chapter units, so don't try that yet. That will happen later.) The downside is that IS decided to not use the Female flag for classes, so figuring out which class is the female variant is slightly odd. Know that if two classes with the same name show up, the first one is usually the male variant and the second is usually the female variant. They look something like this: Updated weapon rank logic to attempt to transfer a character's highest rank when changing classes as opposed to randomly upping weapon ranks based on appearance. This fixes the issue where everybody starts with A rank because I didn't realize that characters would appear multiple times throughout chapters, so they got bumped several times, which almost guarantees them to be A rank by the end of it. v1.0.1 Added logic to make sure legendary weapons don't show up prematurely. Updated logic for movement costs to only update them for classes of units that need them (FE6: Miledy and Gale, FE7: Fiora and Farina, FE8: Glen and Valter). Removed Enemy Buff: At least Amount. Added Cross Gender option when randomizing classes. Fixed an issue where FE8 monster weapons were getting 1-2 range causing crashes. Fixed an issue where FE8 wasn't determining an appropriate promoted class for trainees (should only affect random recruitment). v1.0.0 Initial Release. So a few weeks back, after talking about randomizers and other things we could potentially randomize, I decided to start a project to roll all of the possible randomizers into one easy-to-use package. The most well known randomizer is probably the class randomizer, for which there exists apps/scripts to randomize FE7 and FE8, I believe (not sure about FE6). I think there's a weapon stat randomizer somewhere as well for FE7, though I'm not sure about the other ones. Finally, one of my buddies on /r/fireemblem came up with an idea to randomize growths for a character as well, which I thought was a neat idea, though at the time, one person had to randomly generate it by hand. The purpose of this project was to give the user as much control as they wanted to randomize their game in the most accessible way possible. In any case, the fruits of that project were recently borne with the v1.0 release that I put up on /r/fireemblem and would like to share here as well. The project is open source on github and is written in Visual Basic for the Windows platforms. I have plans to do a mac one at some point in Cocoa right after I get my new macbook, so in the meantime, this is Windows only. (Somebody suggested an Android version as well, which might be a reality if I can remember how to do android programming (did it a couple of years back, but my forte is in iOS development.) Github link: https://github.com/lushen124/Universal-GBA-FE-Randomizer-Windows Link to Randomizer: https://github.com/lushen124/Universal-GBA-FE-Randomizer-Windows/blob/master/GBA%20FE%20Stat%20Randomizer/GBA%20FE%20Stat%20Randomizer/bin/Release/GBA%20FE%20Randomizer.zip The zip file includes the executable as well as Arch's Tutorial Slayer patch, which is necessary for FE7. Run the executable and you'll be greeted with a scroll that looks like this. Everything is grayed out initially until you select a valid file using the Browse... button. Assuming you fed it a valid file (determined by the header, assuming it's a GBA header and has either game code AFEJ (FE6 JP), AE7E (FE7 NA), or BE8E (FE8 NA), all of the options will re-enable themselves and the game you fed it should show up properly underneath. Feeding it something invalid will let you know the game code it detected. Most options are self explanatory, but if you need help on any of them, a tooltip will show up if you hover your mouse over the checkboxes or numeric controls. As a reference, here's a quick rundown: Randomize Growths: For every important character (i.e. has a character entry), it takes the total amount of growths that unit has and redistributes it across all growth areas. For example, FE7 Eliwood has 80% + 45% + 50% + 40% + 45% + 30% + 35% = 325%. This option will take that 325% and randomly assign growths so that it still totals up to 325%. Maybe you'll get an Eliwood that's 100% HP, 50% STR, 25% SKL, 25% SPD, 100% LCK, 15% DEF, and 10% RES. Or you may get an Eliwood that's 10% HP, 10% STR, 10% SKL, 150% SPD, 45% DEF, and 100% RES. Growth variance adds or subtracts a random amount up to the specified number to their totals. So if you set a variance of 20, then Eliwood could start with anywhere between 305% and 345% to distribute. Force minimum growths will ensure that every growth has at least 5%. Without it, 0% growths are a (very real) possibility. Use weighted HP growths tries to lean more heavily on HP (since that's true most of the time). Randomize Bases: Same as growths, except with your personal bases. You may know this, but a character's base stats are determined by the sum of their personal base and their class base. This option only redistributes their personal bases. Base Variance is the same as above. It adds or subtracts a random amount up to the specified base from the total bases a character has before redistributing. Randomize CON: Exactly as it sounds like, but this works differently than above. There is no redistribution here, just a random number up to the variance specified that is added or subtracted from a character's personal CON. For example, FE7 Eliwood starts with 7 CON. With a variance of 1, he could start with 6 - 8 CON. With a variance of 2, he could start with 5 - 9 CON. With a variance of 3, he could start with 4 - 10 CON. And so on. A minimum CON value is also an option in case you really don't want to deal with anything lower than 3 CON, for example. Any CON that ends up less than this value is brought up to this value. Randomize MOV: Unlike the above, this operates on a class level, and is strictly determined by the range given. Note that male and female variants of a class are considered different classes. The range is determined by the minimum and maximum specified. Randomize Affinity: So straightforward it doesn't even have any options. It just assigns a random affinity to every major character (bosses included, though I don't think that matters much unless you're one of the desert bandits). Randomize Items: So many options... This gives you the ability to make random tweaks to weapons. They mostly operate with the same pattern. The variance is the amount of change you want to allow for a weapon's stat. For example, let's say you have an FE7 Iron Sword. It has 5 MT by default. If you set the Might variance to 5, then it could end up anywhere between 0 and 10 MT. If you don't want any low might weapons, you can set the Minimum Might to a desirable value and it will make sure weapons never go below that value. Every other stat works the same. Weight also allows you to set a maximum in case you don't want anything weighing more than 20 WT, for example. The final, and in my opinion, most interesting option is the ability to randomize traits. What this does is give every weapon in the game an additional random trait on top of it's normal version. The potential traits include Brave Effect, Unbreakable, Devil, Poison, Reverse weapon triangle, Eclipse effect, Magical Damage, Negates Defense (in supported games only), effectiveness to a group of classes (limited to the existing ones), or a random stat bonus (limited to the existing ones). So, for example, maybe all Iron Swords become brave in your game, or all iron axes are actually good against swords, or all iron bows halve your HP (this one is particularly annoying). Randomize Classes: The meat of it all. Takes all characters and gives them a random class. The options here are straightforward, but without any additional options, Lords, Thieves, and Bosses are not randomized. This is mostly so that the game is more stable (i.e. less issues with lords getting force promoted, or lacking a thief when you need one, etc.). The options re-enable them as desired. Allow Unique Classes will add more exotic classes to the pool. This includes Dancers, Soldiers, and Manaketes (in supported games). In FE8, this also adds monster classes to the pool. Buff Enemy Growths: You may know that most basic enemies get their stats from an autoleveling routine in the game based on class growths. This allows you to increase those values for a harder game. The options do exactly as they sound like: Up To Amount is 0 up to X, Exactly amount is exactly X, and At Least Amount is X up to 255. I recommend not doing that last one. I may just remove it because it's not really practical, IMO. Also Buff Bosses will give every boss character a somewhat matching buff so that they don't end up significantly weaker than the regular enemies on the map. Recruitment: This is probably the buggiest piece of the entire thing. You know those Reverse Recruitment patches that are floating around out there? This attempts to do it programmatically, with varying degrees of success. If you want to play reverse recruitment, you should probably just use one of the patches. Randomized recruitment might still have some use though if you want to experiment around with it. It does exactly as it sounds: re-arrange when each character joins the party. Does not affect scenes though, so there's some disconnect, story-wise. Some Screenshots: Additional Notes: Soldiers can actually promote if you randomize classes. I added logic to allow Soldiers to promote with the use of a Knight's Crest. In FE6 and FE7, they promote to General, while in FE8, they get the choice of General or Paladin. Lords can also promote with less exotic items, in case you're stuck with 5 Eliwood Lords. Most use a Knight's Crest, but Lyn Lord uses a Hero Crest instead. Monsters in FE8 are also given promotions if you randomize classes. They use the item you'd expect them to, that is: Mogalls use Guiding Rings, Revenant, Mauthe doogs, and Bonewalkers use Hero Crest, Baels and Tarvos use Knight's Crest, Bow Bonewalkers use Orion's Bolt, and Gargoyles use Elysian Whips. Note that random item effects are additive. Brave Bow will always be Brave, but may also get, say, magical damage. Magical weapons (except axes) will automatically get 1-2 range if they weren't already (this is the only reason why Magic Weapons are a thing in FE6). In addition, Magic Swords and Lances will be assigned a random spell animation if they do not already have one. Some item effects are mutually exclusive. Namely, Devil, Eclipse Effect, and Poison, because they cannot be combined with each other from a technical standpoint. Some characters are always exempt from class randomization. Mostly final bosses and some big name NPCs. The randomizer *potentially* works with other hacks/patches, depending on how involved they are. Repointed tables are ok, but obviously, the number of items or characters the randomizer thinks there are will be off, not to mention, it no longer knows who's a boss and who's a playable character. Patches that don't modify the game too much should be ok, but full on hacks probably won't work. For FE6, please use the translation patch here: http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=41095 before feeding it to the randomizer. I may do this automatically in the future for you (like Arch's tutorial slayer patch), but it doesn't do it right now. There are some other things, but you'll find them as you play around with it. I make no guarantees about this being bugfree. It went through v0.33, v0.66, and v0.99 before finally being good enough for a v1.0 release, so most major issues should be ironed out. However, there can still be other issues nobody has found yet. Please report them so that I can get them fixed.
  6. I've been wondering for a while what's next for FE and also what the fanbase is hoping for. We've got 3H DLC coming for a while still, but I have to imagine IS are already working on plans for the next entry. And with FE growing bigger than ever with each new entry since Awakening, there's quite a lot of possibilities imo. I think it's generally assumed they're working on an FE4 remake, but the director of SoV did state he wanted to do FE6 next, so it isn't a sure thing. There's also the possibility of a new Warriors game or another spinoff, remasters, and classic games being added to the Japanese Nintendo Switch Online app. That's without even considering a new game or follow up to 3H. So what would everyone prefer to see next? For the first question, try limiting yourself to your top 3 most wanted choices. Also, if discussing possible follow ups to Three Houses, please spoiler tag anything that reveals details about the story. I personally do want to see an FE4 remake next, as I feel it could build on the engine they've got for 3H and as it was sort of an inspiration for the story this time, it makes sense to remake it now. I'd also love a Tellius remaster double pack, as it's my favourite FE world. And finally, I'd love some sort of follow up to Three Houses, as I think Fódlan has a lot of potential still and we haven't really had a direct sequel/prequel in a while. Thoughts?
  7. Hello guys Im creating my new Pokemon Gba Rom HACK, please comment if you wanna add some thing to it:3 Base Rom[Pokemon Emerald] There was a young man named Deilan who got 17Yr old today, blahblahblahblahblah New Region: West and East Arc New Starter All OG 150 and some Gen 2-3-4-5 Pokemon Gen 1-3-5 Starter are Catchable B/W Repel System Exp If Caught Exp Share System Harder 16 Gym Leader Elite Four, and Tournament Elite Champion and Hidden Bosses New Two Evil Teams Pokemon Ranger[Work as Cop]
  8. Hello everyone! I recently uploaded a Demo-Patch from my first self-made Rom-hack. But thankfully eclipse told me, that there was something wrong with it (oversized and bad link), so I changed it a bit. The file size should be now smaller and better for a download. It would be a great help for me, if you would check it out, if the patch and the link are ok! You don't have to download the hack, only if you're intrested!!! (And why are the screenshots so big...?) Dropbox link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/n2y64b7lf5ez21i/NarcianFe (Demo).zip?dl=0
  9. Tierlists can be a really controversial thing, but I just felt like sharing my opinion on this game's ranking and discussing it. I'll be assuming that Seth is not being (ab)used and grinding is not allowed. Tier Explanations: The names inside the () indicates the Road Taken by the player. The Units are ranked within the seperate tiers... kind of. Lord Tier: Eirika (Eirika) Ephraim (Ephraim) Seth Tier: Seth S-Tier: Franz Vanessa Tethys Saleh (Eirika) A-Tier: Arthur Moulder Gerik Cormag (Ephraim) Tana Kyle Saleh (Ephraim) Forde B-Tier: Garcia Innes (Eirika) Ephraim (Eirika) Duessel (Ephraim) Lute Cormag (Eirika) C-Tier: Eirika (Ephraim) Innes (Ephraim) Joshua Natasha Gillaim Colm Duessel (Eirika) DozlaMyrrh Ross D-Tier: Knoll L'Arachell Rennac Neimi E-Tier: Ewan Marisa Amelia Reasoning:
  10. Before we begin, I sincerely hope this is the right sub-forum to post this thread in. I wasn't sure where to put this text, so I'll try to post it here. If there is a better place to put this, please tell me. With that said, I've spent my free time these last months arranging the Fire Emblem 1 soundtrack with sounds from the GBA iterations of Fire Emblem. I've been uploading my music to YouTube but it's quite difficult for a new content creator to overwin the algorithms and find their audience, so I'm just leaving this here for those who would be interested to drop by and have a listen. The arrangements are not made for insertion into rom hacks, but are simply made for fun in an attempt to enhance the original soundtrack with better samples while still feeling nostalgic. If you're interested and decide to drop by, feel free to show your support by dropping a few likes or comments on my videos. That would really help out in reaching out to interested people and making it easier for them to stumble upon my arrangements. And feel free to subscribe if you're interested in future projects I've planned to create. I consider my work to be completely free to use by anyone in their own creative works; my only humble wish is to be credited if possible and also sending me a link to their finished work as I'm genuinely interested to see the fun things you can come up with. Finally, if you've got feedback, questions or comments of any kind, please post them right here or over in the comment sections on my videos. I welcome all respectful communication. I will be out-of-town for a few days after posting this, but I'll be sure to respond as soon as I get back home again. Thank you for reading and sticking with me. Without further ado, here is the link to the YouTube playlist. Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLbd_a-jOdW-oDNTKRu7Vy4IPu48xihVgm
  11. PROJECT DISCORD: https://discord.gg/Z8EwVyp What is this? GFE1R, or Generic FE1 Remake, is a remake of the first Fire Emblem, Shadow Dragon and the Blade of light, aiming to give the game more of a gba feeling. it also features a working tactician system(Screenshots coming later), A halfbody system, skills, and in the future a game modifiers screen which will allow you to modify your game experience(example: making the classes randomized.) Screen Gallery If I want to make a halfbody, how do I make it conform to the format, and how do I submit it? First of all, here is the halfbody hackbox. it is very similar to the normal hackbox, except the yellowgreen-ish part of the hackbox is for the second palette. the body part is allowed to have a second 16 colors(15+bg) palette, for convenience. Here is an example mug. as for how to submit a halfbody, either post it here on the thread when completed, or join the discord and post it there. posting on both is reccomended, though.
  12. I made dis. I don't know if people still play this but if you have ideas to improve it, or find any bugs or it's hard to use tell me. Requires Cheat Engine, VBAM (or similar), any FE GBA ROM (all regions seem to work). 1. Open Rom 2. Load chapter 3. Open CE and attach to vbam (the glowing icon) 4. Load table 5. Start enabling things with mouse or space and open submenus with arrow keys, space or mouse. With the help of: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/gba/563015-fire-emblem-fuuin-no-tsurugi/faqs/35138 https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/gba/468480-fire-emblem/faqs/31542 https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/gba/921183-fire-emblem-the-sacred-stones/faqs/36978 https://serenesforest.net/binding-blade/ https://serenesforest.net/blazing-sword/ https://serenesforest.net/the-sacred-stones/ FE6.7z FE7.7z FE8.7z
  13. I'm trying to insert magic animations like Apocalypse, Gleipnir, Naglfar, demon surge, shadowshot, etc. into the rom hack for new tomes and i'm not sure how to make it work.
  14. Hey there! My name is Justin, and welcome to the bare bones start of what may be a little series(with any luck) The Desert's Rebellion is a story that I've had planned since like May of last year, and it's the start of a small series that I've also created. In this story, or what I would like to call Book 1: You follow the journey of the young princess Tsura, and the mage of raw talent, Miclas, as they cross paths, and work together to free their homeland from the Barbaric country of Zunbae. A Short Summary of the Story As of this moment, mainly because I kind of gave up on this project halfway through the summer, and just recently got the inspiration to try and pick it back up, I've only got about 5 chapters planned out. I also have reworked the story a tad bit. I have 0 promises as to when this will actually even begin to come out, as I have little to no experience with hacking. The most I can do at this time includes: Making the Portraits(Just the portraits, not even the animations for those portraits) and I can edit characters, classes, and maps with GBABuilder. I am currently clueless as to how I even begin to code in the events, and that's going to take the longest amount of time for me. In a perfect world, I'll hopefully be able to make patches in chapters of 5. Those patches may also include changes to old maps and characters, so I'll try to keep it informed. For now, this is about all I have. Later on, I'll make posts regarding the first 5 chapters, which will include the characters, their sprites, and a small summary of the chapter itself. For our first four characters, I will also include special info in chapter 1 just because these 4 are the only characters who have remained unchanged, and I've kind of grown to love these 4. If anyone would like to help(for instance, anyone who knows how to work GBABuilder would be a most wonderful help) then please feel free to message me. If people want to I'll also make a discord for easier organization.
  15. By the title, I mean the first two "generations", so to speak, of the GBA and DS Pokémon Mystery Dungeon games. Given that these games are twelve and nine years old, respectively, I feel like the only person left who still goes back to them non-infrequently. Of course, I don't go back to these games too often, because they're the games I spent the most time with in my teenage years by a long shot, but I still think the first two Mystery Dungeon series are great games that deserve all the praise they get. I was playing MD Blue on and off for a total of about 5-6 years to recruit all 386 Pokémon species, and currently, I'm trying to do the same in MD Sky whenever I feel like taking a break from Fire Emblem. I'd say I'm well on my way, but there's still a lot left to do, like train up a Pokémon capable of learning Fast Friend to completely max stats so it's possible for me to recruit Kecleon. For some reason I started as a Skitty in my current file... even though Normalize is literally the worst ability ever. I'd probably start over again if I hadn't already maxed out my Explorer Rank, cleared Zero Isle (and Destiny Tower, after like 50 attempts) and recruited about two-thirds total of the game's roster of 493. And for anyone who might be wondering, I don't have much to say about Gates to Infinity or Super Mystery Dungeon. GTI was pretty awful and I didn't find SMD to be much better, but if you've enjoyed those games, that's perfectly fine, they just weren't for me. I picked them up once and put them down after finishing the main stories.
  16. Boy Roy is kind of the worst lord isn't he? from a character perspective, he's very generic, he's just sort of a noble, unconflicted good guy prince, with no strong motivations save for honor and duty and yeah it's probably because the game was never localized, that would be a fine counter-argument until you consider that stats wise he's bottom tier until his own game until receiving the sword of seals, anybody have similar complaints about the other protagonists? certainly not Ike or Lyn, Lucina, or Seliph, from a character perspective the original version of Marth is comparably flat but at least he's useful in battle, and usually the writers will use the support system as a way to provide exposition and flush out the characters, a great idea, but, i'm not sure to what extent it helps roy, shannas is good from a characterization standpoint, but of the handfull i've read i know Roy pressures himself to be a good leader, to act honorably, and to be a great warrior maybe i just don't like him, i don't know, he's great in smash though...
  17. so i've been trying to figure out the "Find cheats" feature on VBA, and I'm using sealed sword but i can't widdle it down because I'm an idiot
  18. I love Fire Emblem Bloodlines, the spritework is great, plus there's a pupper and that's just all right by me
  19. So I basically thought of something odd. I basically wondered how it'd look if FEGBA classes were the same, but without someone here. Just the mounts. I thought it was a nice idea, so I wondered if anyone thought or can make sprites of the mounts (Anthropomorphic to fit the rider's movements, though) alone? thanks. Oh, and for non-mounted characters, any should work/fitting to future promotions.
  20. Fire Emblem: Knight's Order I'm not good at this kind of stuff, so I'll get right into it! Being a huge Fire Emblem fan, I always wanted to create my own game. Thankfully I discovered FE Builder! So I got to work and started working on my own ROM hack! Fire Emblem: Knight's Order! *WOW* I hope you guys stay tuned! This game is very incomplete but I'll get into that later. Please let me have any feedback or questions or feedback you may have! NOTE: ANYTHING CAN BE CHANGED LATER. Story The Story takes place on the continent of Eiwoth. With the primary nations being Nishi, Kravien, and Thetis. Thankfully things are extremely peaceful between the three. Nishi is ruled by Queen Hono, known for her sharp tongue and sadistic nature, this is done to keep her army and citizens in check. Hono has two younger siblings Prince Mizu, and a princess named Haru. Hono was put into power at a young age due to the sudden assassination of her mother and father. Nishi is well known for its diversity and army. Kravien is ruled by King Maverick and Queen Katerina, and their son Keyden. Kravien is well known for their farming and diplomatic skills settling most disputes between smaller nations. Next is Thetis, who is ruled by the hearty Barron and his wife Rose. Their daughter, Robin is best friends with both Keyden and Hono. They spent most of their childhoods together, but at the age of 10 Hono was sent off to an academy to learn swordsmanship, magic and the art of ruling. After her parents' sudden assassination, she quickly returned to rule the kingdom. Skipping ahead a few quiet years to the beginning of the game. Suddenly an assassin named Asra breaks into the castle of Nishi, claiming to be from a group named "The Legion". Not giving many answers and soldiers being mowed down by the assassin, the Queen and her retainer Kaze are forced out of the castle. Hono is devastated by her weakness and failure to protect her castle. Kaze suggests they travel to Thetis and get some protection. Meanwhile, The Legion is quickly moving into Nishi Castle, with their leader Topaz taking the throne......(Subject to change) Features Original Story New Maps New Classes Rebalance of vanilla classes Hybrid Units (Physical and Magical) Strength and Magic are one stat. Patch Download Screenshots Help Wanted!!! Since this is my first hack, I really could use some help in this! I really need a couple of people, I need people to test the game, do sprites, and maybe even people for animations! If you are interested in helping please message me here or on discord (Megaspacewaffles#9212). I will list you in the credits of the game! Credits
  21. I did see some game companies were bundling a bunch of classic and nearly classic games and porting to modern consoles as Collections like the Mega Man Legacy Collection series, Street Fighter Collection, Capcom Beat Em Up Collection, Sega Ages, The Legend of Zelda Collector's Edition, and much more. So what do you guys think if Nintendo and Intelligent Systems did the same by putting all the classic Fire Emblem titles into a big bundle as Fire Emblem Collection or whether might they call it? Do you guys think the NES + SNES titles might be in Collection 1, the GBA + Tellius titles will be in Collection 2, and Collection 3 might put the Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS titles. Or do you guys think the Nintendo DS titles should be bundled to Collection 2 and save the Nintendo 3DS games for a later time after Collection 2 releases? I know that Nintendo did add Nintendo DS games to the Wii U Virtual Console. And plus, they might put amiibo support with the Fire Emblem characters to do new challenges in the Fire Emblem Collection similar to the Mega Man amiibo on the Mega Man Legacy Collection. I'm not saying this will most likely happen to be on Nintendo Switch. I'm just wondering how would this work as a big Bundle Collection game? Just post your thoughts about which games might be included? I'm pretty sure the Collection 2 might have the GBA, Tellius, and NDS titles will most likely be released outside of Japan, but I possibly think the Collection 1 might be going to be Japan-only since the original NES and SNES titles weren't released outside of Japan. (I don't know if they can get Treehouse, 8-4, or another localization team to do the entire text from The Binding Blade and New Mystery of the Emblem if Intelligence System puts those two in Collection 2 since those were the only non NES and SNES titles that weren't released outside of Japan)
  22. So uh, in a sort of attempt to show off what I've learned in the past three or four months (spriting is still very new to me), but also because I'd really like to join a project of some kind, I'm posting some of my mugs on this forum. I have a lot of ideas, stories, stats, characters, etc., and due to my inability to understand hacking (it makes my head hurt profusely every time I try to get back into it), I can't really do anything with them. But that's beside the point. Here are some of my portrait splices. A few are older than others, and thus have a little less polish because have yet to come back to them (namely Taren and Tyken, the blonde boy and girl, respectively). My favorite one so far is Simon, the pale boy with the black hair. His hair actually originated from Lute, and I transformed it into a solid bowl cut His sister is Ramona (I hope you can tell which one that is just based on appearance). The others are Afrey (pink haired dude yes I am aware his color scheme is similar to Makalov's), Beaumont (green headband guy, Beaumont is a temporary name, I made this mug without really knowing what would come out of it), and Crystal (black haired girl with her eyes not showing) Anyway, totally open to constructive criticism And if anyone knows of any FE projects currently looking for portrait making, writing story or support content, etc., please let me know, I'm up for it
  23. After testing so many times things to record gameplay, I decided to give it a shot by making a sorta Let's play of Wario Land 4. I could do a FE next if things go well. Since I'm totally new to this, the commentary is provided by subtitles so you have to turn them on. It can also be a little cheezy, but I'm not afraid of showing my adorkable side. Here's the first part!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QQBryKN2G7I I'm totally open for criticism, so if you wanna suggest something, tell me c:
  24. Hello! I'm working on a FE GBA Project that I had to put on hold for a long time. Without getting off topic I am requesting some or will commission (references needed) unique FE GBA character portraits in the FE8 format. Normally I would sprite myself but I lack the ability for this job. I need some skeleton bros. Yep. Full on monster MUGS/portraits. Mainly as of now I only need three particular characters sprited as follows. Skeleton Skeleton Archer Skeleton Berserker I have some ideas in mind but would love to see what you guys can come up with. I should mention blinking frames are not required since skeletons don't have eyes; however, speaking frames can be a simple as just the jaw opening can closing. This is also not required but welcome to try or come up with something of your own. The mini/chibi is also not required. If you wish to discuss payment privately we can chat through PMs.
  25. I’ve been trying to download FEditor Adv. but I can’t get it to download. Are there any alternatives to FEditor?
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