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Found 5 results

  1. When Dragonflowers were first released I was under the impression that they were a way to give a treat to your favorite units that applied in PvP modes, but also that they doubled as a way to help the Gen 1 units (namely infantry) catch up to the Gen 2, 3 and looks to be 4 units that have utterly left them behind. I came to realize that was untrue for 2 reasons. 1. Gen 2 infantry is subject to the same boosts, so Ayra and Karla can get those +2 to all stats just like Selena can. 2. The other movement types of old don't get the extra boost, so their BST is left in the dust. SI is a thing and weapon refines tend to bring old units out of the gutter but in a lot of cases they simply don't stand the test of time compared to the new ones, particularly the unlucky units that get the earliest refines. As powercreep continues the newer refines get newer and superior effects and the older ones show their age (Lyn and Jaffar are prime examples of this). So I had an idea, why not apply the Gen 3 BST to the older units. You can theorize and discuss this, I doubt it's possible to do in-game but we can at least theorize and discuss the additional 5-10 stats these older units would be getting and where they would be distributed. I'll list the stats then throw out a few of the examples you'd expect from me. I'll make a format, you can follow if you like. CYL3 units are special cases so BST will be calculated using alternative, though recent examples. Sigrun is also going to be counted as a Gen 4 unit, so she does not apply here either. Gen 3 BST: Things like Dragons and Trainee boosts result in confusing stat changes and nonsensical things like 180 BST so I'm going to avoid those. So yeah, basically the point of this topic is to discuss BST boosts to old units and if you like, apply those boosts to units of your choosing and state why they would be distributed that way. I'm tired so I'm only going to do one of these for now. I probably won't be able to edit this post so sorry if I've gotten information wrong slightly. Ok here we go. Matthew: Faithful Spy BST: 148 > 162 (12 Stat Increase) SPD +5, DEF +5, RES +2 (OLD) : HP: 41 / ATK: 25 / SPD: 34 / DEF: 30 / RES: 18 (NEW) : HP: 41 / ATK: 25 / SPD: 39 / DEF: 35 / RES: 20 Explaination: Matt's ATK cannot be salvaged. You could dump all 12 points into ATK and it would still just make him Sothe with a bit more bulk. His weapon circumvents his ATK issue to begin with. His problem is that he's not fast enough for the little damage he's putting out on a regular basis. 34 Speed has long since been obsolete and his statline has been powercreeped time and time again and even is comparable if not inferior to Saizo's, another launch unit. Pumping into his SPD to give him 39 (41 with a boon) would completely shift him into another tier and allow him to better run sweep skills, double faster opponents and reach 43-46 SPD naturally at max merge, far more fitting for his spread. We could put the other 5 points into ATK but that would just make his attack go from horrible to average, anything he wasn't already killing with Spy's Dagger he's not going to kill now. Instead adding the +5 to his DEF bulks him up to better soak up hits with his dagger's effect and the +2 to RES serves to take his poor RES stat out of the gutter and into (below average territory). Again we could give these points to ATK but I really don't see the point. Giving him +6 SPD and ATK for 31/40 offenses is not the way to go and I don't think it would serve him as well as increasing speed and bulk. Serra: Outspoken Cleric BST: 148 > 157 (9 Stat Increase) HP +1, ATK +2, SPD+3, DEF +1, RES +2 (OLD) : HP: 33 / ATK: 30 / SPD: 31 / DEF: 21 / RES: 33 (NEW) : HP: 34 / ATK: 32 / SPD: 34 / DEF: 22 / RES: 35 Explanation: Serra has never really specialized in any specific stat. She's always had good RES but everything else has always been pretty average in my experience with her. Paper DEF and HP as you'd expect and workable ATK/SPD in most situations. That was the case in launch but at this point in the game it's middling bordering on below average. She was a jack of all trades but now she's more like a 10 or 9 card if you get what I mean. Due to her lack of specialization giving her CYL offensive stats wouldn't make sense. A general increase across the board would be best for her. A boost to 32/34 offenses makes her respectable and serviceable with a solid 35 ATK or 37 SPD with a boon, the RES increase gives her more Ploying potential and the HP/DEF +1 while it seems minimal gives her much needed bulk and you'll find a lot of cases where the enemy will have just enough to oneshot her, in that regard this is huge. So let's hear what you guys think about this, how would you distribute those additional stats to Gen 1 units, and why? Do you even think it's worth it? @Kaden You give very detailed posts, I'd like to pick your brain here.
  2. Exactly what it says in the title. Not counting Team Spotpass [Gangrel, Aversa, etc. and the Einherjar], Robin or Chrom, who overall out of Generation 1 is your favorite? And not for baby making- I want pure, statistical and personality-wise reasons to use each character. Personally I can't possibly see any future where I don't use Kellam. I don't care if he's a high- or low- tier unit, he's quite a tank and makes a pretty strong General, too. Oh, and you're not allowed to pick Flavia and Basilio only for "joining late with high stats." That's cheating.
  3. So with Gold and Silver comming, I made a trip down the memory lane. Up until gen 4, all the cartridges where colored. It wasn't the first time we had colored cartridges (I have a yellow GB onkey Kong cratridges), but it wasn't really common either. It helped the game stands out around the crow, it made them feels specials. RBY was already cool (even TCG was colored Black? And the Pinball Cartridge was amazing as well, with the vibrating effect that made it far bigger.), but Gold, Silver, and especially Crystal (thos dazzling, shining colours !) were really great looking. RSE where also very cool. Then Gen 4 arrived, and the cartridge became smaller. They still looked different (black instead of grey), but it wasn't the same thing. And now, starting with Gen 6, they don't have anything special at all anymore. This have nothing to do with the games quality, obviously (this could actually be quite the opposite, sinne Gen 4 and 5 gave us some of the best Pokémon games, and Gen 6 and 7 are quite cool as well.), and we now have things like cool Steelbooks or Consoles for the collectionners, which could be considered better deals. (the HGSS Podometer was also amazng). But this was part of what made Pokémon unique, so I was a little sad to see it disappear.
  4. Time for more FE13, where ANYTHING CAN CHANGE Rules are tagged: No Assassins No Sorcerers No Shadowgift Skills can't be duplicated Equipment can't be duplicated Classes can't be duplicated Gen 1 Max stats No more red and blue! We need moar cawhlurs: PINK and PURPLE! On the Pink corner, he who wears monocles everytime, the self-proclaimed dad of SF: FATHER ELIESON! On the Purple corner, he who draws Mace Windu's lightsaber with awareness and meditation: JEDI! TEAM ELIESON TEAM JEDI Stats: Name Class HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res Acc Avo Crt -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chrom Great Lord 80 44 30 41 42 46 41 39 84 86 20 Cheshire Sage 80 29 49 43 44 42 31 42 85 87 21 Walhart Conqueror 80 49 23 40 39 44 49 33 82 80 20 Cordelia Falcon Knight 80 39 34 47 46 44 33 39 92 91 23 Priam Hero 80 45 28 47 42 45 42 34 93 85 23 Sumia General 80 48 30 43 38 45 48 36 87 79 21 Alys Swordmaster 80 41 33 46 46 42 35 38 90 90 23 Cordelia Hero 80 43 29 48 44 44 40 35 94 88 24 Cherche Bride 80 43 39 41 41 45 43 38 84 84 20 Anna Bow Knight 80 39 30 44 41 48 34 30 90 85 22 [62] Jedi begins! : LUCK BE WITH US!
  5. Wow, both of you submitted your teams at 5:23pm TEAM THWOMP VS TEAM SWORD Stats UNIT HP ST MG SK SP LC DF RS HIT AVO CRT ----------------------------------------------------------- BERSERKER!THWOMP 80 54 30 37 44 44 33 29 77 88 18 BRIDE!CORDELIA 80 41 38 44 44 44 41 39 88 88 22 SORCERER!THARJA 80 30 47 37 41 42 42 44 76 82 18 HERO!BASILIO 80 45 28 47 43 44 41 35 92 86 23 ASSASSIN!PRIAM 80 43 28 49 46 45 33 28 96 91 24 ----------------------------------------------------------- GREAT LORD!CHROM 80 44 30 41 42 46 41 39 84 86 20 HERO!CARMINE 80 41 29 48 46 44 40 36 94 91 24 ASSASSIN!STAHL 80 42 29 49 46 43 33 29 95 90 24 SORCERER!MIRIEL 80 28 47 39 41 45 39 44 81 84 19 ASSASSIN!GAIUS 80 41 29 50 48 43 30 30 96 93 25 [45] Horace moves first!
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