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Found 1 result

  1. Like many people, I"m incredibly excited for Three Houses; seeing as it will be the first home console Fire Emblem in ten years, and for many the first home console FE they've played (for myself it will be my second after Path of Radiance). So that said, of course I have my predictions and hopes for how I want/think the game will be. So I wish to discuss that here in depth, looking at the series up to this point and the possible directions this game may be taking with game play, story, and more. Story and Writing - It's no secret that many people were not happy with the stories presented with Awakening, and especially Fates, and while Echoes was much better by comparison, the story was still pretty standard for Fire Emblem stories go and it was a remake. That said, I feel IS is aware of how fans feel about the recent entree with the story, in particular Fates; with many complaining about the overindulgence of the self-insert character of the avatar, overall poor writing, general focus of the marriage aspect over the story, and quantity over quality when it came to support conversations. That being said, I'm not going to give large story or writing predictions seeing as we don't know much about the game right now. However I do have my own personal feelings on it. Seeing as we actually know the name of the continent, many of the countries and territories, and certain organizations such as the Church of Seiros exercising power over the land, I have a suspicion that it's going be like a traditional FE story, but it will take it to into a bit of a different direction(not to mention the sheer fact we know what the continent is called tells me that the writing will at least have better world building or general writing than Fates). For some reason, I feel the woman that is prominently featured in the trailer may very well be an antagonist of some sort, albeit one were not used to seeing(Think Garon done right, you work with her for a good amount of time and understand/sympathize with her motives, but you soon discover that her way of doing things is not good in the long run). While we do have the older, menacing man with the chain sword later on who very much appears to be an antagonist of sorts, I feel that he'd be similar to Emperor Rudolf, in that he appears to be the bad guy(given he looks like he wouldn't be part of this church), but he actually has different, noble motives. As for the four main characters we do know a little bit about; I personally think Edelgard may be the either the main character, or similar to Lyn in that she serves as the way to introduce us to the story and this world, once again given her prominence in the trailer. As for Byleth, it seems clear that he will possibly be the avatar of this game, though I think he may be more along the lines of Robin, though not as important. I feel he would be an up and coming instructor/scholar, and is assigned to be a teacher to Edelgard at the beginning of the story, and given that he looks much younger than one would think when thinking "teacher", she may be a bit skeptical of you at first, given her line "it's time to measure your worth as an instructor", and throughout the story, Byleth serves as more of an emotional backbone to the three other main characters. As for supports; Byleth will probably be able to support with everyone in the game, so I'm not going to talk much about that, though I do hope that other characters will have fewer, though much higher quality supports. As for quality, if they can be more like Awakening(which in my opinion had some of the best support conversations in the series), I will be happy. Like I said, I don't want to make super bold predictions when it comes to the story, but that's what I personally get when I think about the trailer. Gameplay - Like the story, I don't want to jump to any bold predictions yet, though I do get the sense that they want to combine elements from previous games in the series; most likely/notably Echoes, Awakening, and Tellius, while doing its own thing. Durability is of course back, and the way the game looks, mostly with the maps, evoke the spirit of the Tellius games. That said, seeing as we don't see pair up, it may be safe to assume that IS may be removing pair up to some degree, possibly replacing it with the formation mechanic. In fact, the game invokes a lot of feelings of the classic Fire Emblem games to me aside from the formation mechanic, magic being a separate command, and the fact that it is bringing in elements of Echoes/Gaiden such as command arts. So I feel that the game is going to be a culmination of past elements from across the series, similar to the intention of Awakening and Fates, though it's going to trim the fat of previous games to make a very refined, smooth tactical experience. Casual and Classic mode are likely going to return, though I have a feeling it will include two new options when selecting difficulty; we'll call them Conquest mode and Birthright mode for now. As the names imply, selecting Conquest mode will continuously push you forward in the story(with the exception of areas where your able to run around, like a base, town, or dungeon), and if you decide to skip over side chapters, then you will have no way to play it after, either you do it, or you don't. Birthright mode on the other hand will allow you to grind and do side chapters whenever you like. Of course, the game would have balance changes to accommodate these modes, and this ties into my next prediction. I feel the maps you play and how you play them will be either be dictated by the decisions you make throughout the story, or more likely be dependent on which character you decide to follow, if the story takes that route. So, for example, Edelgard will have maps with more varied objectives and complicated map design, Dimitri would have more varied objectives, yet simpler map design, and Claude would have more simple objectives and simple map design. I get this idea because IS from what we've seen have been trying to make Fire Emblem games have as many ways to play as possible, not just to welcome in new players, but to keep in older fans with the promise that if they want a more hardcore, tactical experience, they can get that. As for out of battle, roaming around would be for areas such as a base area, towns, or dungeons. Thus, of course, you could interact with characters in some form of conversation, objects, and get into potential skirmishes, but why stop there. What if it were possible that certain maps, such as a defense chapter, allowed you to explore these maps a for a few maps before a battle began to find different points of interest, marking them down for tactical use. So, during preparations, you could take that point of interest to possibly add another spot to place a unit, put down a barricade, a long range weapon, or find a wall that can be broken to access a new part of the map. As for things such as support systems, child units, and marriage, once again we don't know much about that so I'm not going to be too bold in those predictions; though I can say that if pair up isn't in the game, I would love it if the support system worked like Path of Radiance, where just having units in the same battle would be enough to build support. Marriage will probably still be in the game, and child units may be included if they are implemented into the story in some regard. Miscellaneous/Other Things I Like - Personally, I really like the art style, as it seems to be combining the expressive, colorful look of Awakening, with the somewhat more down to earth design of Echoes, and I find it to be a huge step up from Fates. The music for the trailer was really good, and the lyrical song for the trailer while different compared to the other songs we've had, I think worked very well for the trailer and sounds good in its own right. I apologize that this post was so long, but I had a lot that I wanted to let out, and this was my way of doing it. I'd love to here everyone else's thoughts and hopes for the game, and what you would most want from the game in terms of both game play and story.
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