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Found 5 results

  1. (First of all, sorry if this is not the right Forum to ask.) I was creating a little custom class of mine but I required a ''Infantry Sword user with Shield'' animations, I didn't think any of the already present sprites in FE meet all requirements so I started looking out for custom animations. I found one that was pretty much what I was looking for (''Squire'', from RusselClark, A Random Player, and Kobazco), but I ended up with some erros with it (and isn't really that good...sorry creators.) Then I noticed that the Soldier class has pretty much everything I want, but he uses a lance. I was hopping for a custom animation of the Soldier but with Swords, but even tough it looks like something easy to find (since all you actually need to change it's his weapon), I couldn't find it anywhere. I didn't want to be ''this guy'' but...I'm going to ask for help to find it. Please, if you found it anywhere or just happens to have one, point it to me. I'm happy to give any credit, as long as I know who's the creator. (Also, I guess I should say that English is not my Main language.)
  2. Salutations, please correct me, if I posted this in the wrong section, but I'd like to know whom the credit for this mug is due and whether or not it is free to edit? It was used in NYZgamer3's hack Death or Glory. I allready send him a message, but it seems he is inactiv. kind regards Nuramon
  3. So yeah I've got two questions: 1) How do I edit generic palettes like in Elibian Nights and TRTR? I'd like to have different palettes for different groups of enemies/allies (NPC ones). 2) After a scripted fight without an animation a unit dies, and then I have to use KILL command to kill him properly, in the events it looks a bit stupid. How do I make it so a unit dies in a scripted fight without animations?
  4. I'm thinking this could lead to very interesting runs. You only use Kamui when you absolutely have to, Zero/Orochi, and their bosses or generics you capture. A thing to note is enemy units and Bosses keep all their stats and skills on the harder difficulties, aside from the enemy exclusive ones(Luna+ becomes Luna for example). Some of the bosses such as Gazzak also have powerful skills out of their class such as Pavise, Ravenstrike and Stubbornness. I've heard something about Captured characters being transferable across files. Me personally I'm going to try to go for a Bandit run composed of the Bosses! Then later I'll try one with the generics.' Nohr Generics Hoshido Generics
  5. Hello everyone~! I decided to play this game thanks to recommendations of others! I do not have much of a history to speak of. Started the series with Awakening a few months ago and cleared L+ with it. I'd say my skill is decent/average. Now for my question: I have literally no clue how to play FE7, and since it is quite old now, I figured there might be some gimmicks which influence the way one experiences the game (game mechanics/gameplay related/weird AI behaviour)? Are there units which I should stay away from, or are there units which get hopelessly outclassed later on, to the point of making you think "If I had known Y exists, I would have never bothered training X". It's not that I'm asking for a tier list. I tried solving these questions on my own, but didn't read the few threads I found on the topic too much (out of fear of getting spoiled). If it is not too much to ask for, could you please give me a little guideline? Even if it's very generic, I can still work with it!
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