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Found 2 results

  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LeRExmd1V5M I finally came across it again and it's still just as funny as it used to be.
  2. So since I'm being red shirted this year I'm bored. So what else could I possibly do then a stupid gimmicky play through of FE 6. I thought maybe axe users, then maybe sword users, but both of those sound really dull so instead I'm doing a mount less run of the game. at least I'm not doing this in FE 4. With that being said I'm open to unit suggestions because why not. Anyways here's chapter 1. [spoiler=chapter 1] Whee brand new rom to dick around with. Boring exposition stuff that I don't give a shit about. Chapter 1 REALLY! Eliwood is the greatest knight in lycia. What happened did oswin hector, sain, kent, lowen, and marcus all die or something. What sort of a response is that. So while they are prepping their defenses for a massive army lets attack with a small group God merlinus you let yourself go. That's a bit of underreaction to being told you're under attack. Wait. So we're being attacked by a bunch of units with 0 res and we're sending the one mage away. This sounds very inappropriate out of context. This is Damas. He's pretty suck. MARCUS. I wish I could use you. Apparantely really good but you will not be used so... Hey its shitty armor. He might get used. Probably not. Shitty archer. I will probably use you. I have no idea why. Another good unit I can't use. Worst lord ever. Maybe. He might do well up until people start getting promoted. Wait bors can actually hit things. This was the majority of my chapter plan. Roy hits on EP Wolt steals kills on PP. One hit on like 5 bandit attempts. Pretty sure Roy killed this dude with an unnecessary crit. I missed a screen, no that it matters cause the level up sucked. Master plan phase two. Roy chips on EP then again in PP for more wolt kills. Better but I'd like some speed. Feeding roy an archer kill. At you got defense. Maybe you'll go full thwomp on me. Actually the cavs did nothing and bors got one kill. So it was really just and archer and shitty swordman. He is the only enemy on the map that can be doubled by any of my usable units. Wolt super stronk. Dat 6 str. Okay now try proc'ing strength and speed at the same time. It will because I have an armor knight next map and it would make things easier. Fuck you too eliwood. "So we should have a 12 year old run the larget country in the leauge"-Eliwood 2014 Your sure this isn't FE1? Are we talking about the same merlinus?
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