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Found 2 results

  1. Well here it is people the FEH events in September. Seems BK's GHB isin't here so we need to wait another month for him sadly. 2 tempest trials and bound hero battles looks.. intresting. And confirmation that new units are coming the 15th due to the log in bonus, and the new update is coming Thursday. Go speculate your thoughts now!
  2. Hey all! As you may or may not have noticed, the Lloyd Grand Hero Battle went live this morning, and several in-depth community guides have been released for how to beat the lunatic difficulty. However, there is a small caveat. 99.9% of said guides involve a broken deathbot Hector, and I believe that I am not alone in saying I do not own a Hector. I've tried many other replacements, but Fae, Y!Tiki, Effie, Zephiel, and many other high Def units all failed, because of the lance cavalier constantly using reposition on the bow cavalier. Before I get into the guide, please read the following disclaimer: This is by far the easiest GHB to date, even if you don't have a Hector. I strongly urge you to complete the Lunatic difficulty, as Lloyd, while not the best sword unit, is still very viable on his own. Additionally, if you have a Hector, then this is the easiest GHB for you to date. Please consult another guide if you fall under this category. Please note that I will be using the 4 cardinal directions to refer to movement. ___________________________________________________ The Team [All units are 5 Stars, Level 40]: Takumi: Weapon: Fujin Yumi Assist: Doesn't matter, I just used Swap Special: Doesn't matter, I just used Retribution A: Close Counter B: Vantage 3 C: Threaten Speed 3 Azura: Weapon: Sapphire Lance+ Assist: Sing Special: Moonbow A: Darting Blow 3 B: Wings of Mercy 3 C: Doesn't make a difference, but I used Hone Speed 3 Olwen: Weapon: Dire Thunder Assist: Reposition Special: Luna A: Death Blow 3 B: Doesn't matter, but I used Daggerbreaker 3 C: Doesn't matter, but I used Hone Attacl 3 Nino: Weapon: Gronnblade + Assist: Draw Back Special: Draconic Aura A: Fury 3 B: Desperation 3 C: Hone Attack 3 ______________________________________ What follows is a turn-by-turn guide. ______________________________________ Before Turn 1: Switch your units around so they look like this: Nino Takumi Azura Olwen Turn 1: Make certain to turn on Danger Zone and highlight the Bow Cavalier. This unit is the biggest problem in the GHB. Move Takumi north one space, Olwen north three spaces, Azura north two spaces, and Nino east one space. Do not use Reposition yet. The Blue Mage will use Rally Defense on the Bow Cav. Turn 2: Have Olwen use Reposition on Takumi, and have Azura move north one space. Azura should have a mountain tile in front of her, and should be just out of the Axe Flier's danger zone. End your turn without moving Nino. Do not move Takumi after using Reposition. On the enemy phase, the Bow Cav will attack Takumi. Takumi will survive, and deal ~40 damage to the bow cav depending on your IV's. The Axe Flier will move south two spaces, Lloyd will move south one space, and the Lance Cav will not Reposition the Bow Cav. Turn 3: Attack the Bow Cav with Takumi. Then, have Olwen Reposition Takumi, and have Azura sing to him. Next, have Takumi attack the Axe Flier, because of Life and Death, the Axe Flier will die in one hit, even if she outspeeds Takumi. Have Nino Draw Back Olwen. On the enemy phase, Lloyd will move south two spaces, but the Lance Cav will move west one space and Reposition Lloyd. This will loop endlessly, until you enter either of their danger zones. The Blue Mage will move enough spaces so that there is one space between the Lance Cav and the Blue Mage. Turn 4: Move Takumi south two spaces. Have Nino Drag Back Olwen. Move Azura into the range of the Lance Cav, but not the Blue Mage. Make certain it is only the Lance Cav. End your turn. On the enemy phase, the Lance Cav will attack Azura, leaving her with ~4 health depending on IV's. Azura and the Lance Cav will swap spaces. Turn 5: Have Takumi kill the Lance Cav. Move Azura back one space, and have Nino Drag Back her another. Make sure all your units are outside the danger zone. End your turn. On the enemy phase, Lloyd will have his Defense Rallied by the Blue Mage, and move west one space, and south another. The Blue Mage will be one space north, and one space east of Lloyd. Turn 6: Have Takumi attack Lloyd, and then have Azura attack Lloyd, killing him. Have Nino Drag Back Azura. Move Olwen east two spaces so your unit formation looks like this: Takumi Olwen Azura Nino On the enemy phase, the Blue Mage will move south two spaces. Turn 7: Attack the Blue Mage with Nino, killing him. _________________________________________ Congrats! You've beaten Lloyd's GHB on Lunatic without Hector! Needless to say, Hector makes the entire fight a cakewalk, so if you have a Hector, watch one of the three million videos explaining how to win with him. Thanks for reading, and please leave any feedback below!
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