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Found 4 results

  1. Alright, we all need cute stuff. Post the cutest content you have/made.
  2. Some years back, I started a randomized run of FE7 on another forum. In the nearly four years since, I've updated through Chapter 4 and the original forum has effectively died. I'm migrating the previous updates here, and while I plan on having Chapters 5 and 6 done before the weekend is up, this is still going to be an infrequently-updated LP. The Format I've randomized basically everything but unit movement, and the extent to which I randomized certain numbers was more or less decided by RNG in itself. In the event that the game becomes unplayable before Lyn's story ends, I'll restart; otherwise it's the end of the playthrough (unless it's a simple fix). After unlocking Eliwood's story I might re-roll just to keep things fresh; if I'm really bored I might do HHM with some more ridiculous changes. By and large, updates will be pictures and gifs with text commentary below. This will, unfortunately, include my attempts at humor, which in general are less amusing than the scenario itself. Failed attempts at chapters may be posted as their own updates, as sidebars in the chapter completion update, or ignored altogether depending on my whims. At this point I'm still undecided on how to handle unit losses past Lyn's story, so anyone who wants to chime in is more than welcome to. Previous Updates
  3. I get addicted to looking at them out of simple-mindedness, and before long my space is gone. So sad.
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