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Found 2 results

  1. SUPER IMPORTANT EDIT OF IMPORTANTNESS 10/9/15: Okay, let me explain something about small. Obviously, I crop these images. If an image is too small for me to crop to the character's face and still be taller than 38/43 px, it is too small. To enforce this (and not overwork Draco), if the image is too small I flat out won't accept the request. On a similar note, I will ignore requests without name and/or style. I'm growing tired of asking. All past requests that lack any of these can still tell me what text/style they want. But for future notice, yeah, I'm getting sick of this. SUPER IMPORTANT EDIT OF IMPORTANTNESS 10/17/16: One request per person at any given time from here out. So this mini fad in LtPW is currently having me make "Badges" and people put them into their sigs. So this is a thread for non-LtPW'ers to join in. Getting one is simple! Just post a picture (or character, possibly with a wikia page unless you are 100% certain I know who they are) and I'll make a small 145 x 45 image out of it for you to put in your sig. All badges have a 1 pix color 000000 outline and 8 pix [ name ] text in the font miniforma2. To make things simpler: Character and Origin: Image (optional), please either direct link or put it in a spoiler tag: Text: Style (either SF or Eientei): Some examples can be found in my, Shezzy's, DavidSW's, Sophie's, and Shinpichu's sigs. Here is an album containing all the Badges I've made thus far, between both here and Eientei Forums, where I made quite a few of the general group badges. Enjoy~!
  2. So a while back Loca asked how to create FE7 hacks since he wanted to rebalence the game. I told him it wasn't that hard and I could do it myself with ease. So now this is a thing. We're going to play it, probably slowly, and playlog it here. I'm not going to make the patch public until I'm certain I remembered everything. Loca will post the Prologue later. (LHM/HNM by the way)
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