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Found 35 results

  1. So, I'm working on a little Rom-hack of FE8 for my friends (not something I'll publish, of course), and I've stumbled across a little problem: When I save AFTER chapter 3, close, and reload the game, some of my units disappear. I've seen cases where ALL of the units disappear, and cases when only the latest 2 units recruited (who replace Colm and Neimi), disappear. A gif of the glitch: https://imgur.com/ckOQPnO As you can see, both Ranulf (who replaces Neimi) and 776 (who replaces Colm) disappear completely. (It is a little embarrassing to show all of this, so please ignore all of the shit I did lmfao) The biggest thing I have done with recruiting is removing Ross (=you get only one extra unit in chapter 2), but I deleted the event in which he joins your party, so I'm really in a pinnacle here. It's also important to note that I am in no way experienced in Rom-Hacking, as this is my first ever project. I'm having a ton of fun regardless!
  2. Hello! So I recently downloaded Tear Ring Saga out of curiosity and because I wanted to fill my time before Three Houses. I absolutely LOVE it to no end. I mean seriously the story and character development are both off the charts. I really want to thank Aethin for all the work he put into translating such an awesome game. However, I sadly found a glitch that is currently really causing an issue. Once the final boss is defeated (with that freaking amazing scene, you know what I am talking about), it howls out one of those typical boss dying messages. My game does not allow me to press any buttons and go past this message. It just sort of sits there, frozen. The game is still running, the map sprites still sway, but I cannot press anything to make the story finish. It's very upsetting since I really want to see how my playthrough turns out with all the characters and their futures. It sucks to have my story cut off right at the end. If anyone could give some advice or lead me in the right direction, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!
  3. So on my first run through this game (on a reproduction cartridge, not emulator) I got a glitched Hugh? Mind you this did happen over a year ago, just curious about this. I only realized he had glitched stats when I checked him on chapter 19B. His Magic and Skill stats were both maxed out, but all of his other bases were normal for the price I bought him for, which was the lowest possible. Of course I used him from that point on, especially after figuring out he was Canas' son. But just wondering if this is a common glitch, or if anyone else had similar experiences.
  4. Guest

    weird glitch, need help

    hey so I'm emultating FE7 and for some reason, when Lyn attacks an enemy her sprite just raises her sword and doesn't attack, is this a glitch?
  5. Hiya, new to FE Hacking here and some things wrong with my game. Everything was fine but I changed a couple of things and now... this has happened. If I go and attack an enemy the tiles get screwed up and turn Rainbow coloured. If I step on any of the other blue tiles outside my normal range, the game crashes After the second turn when reinforcements arrive, the game also crashes.**** It also seems to have changed one of my text conversations for some reason to this: "[MoveFarFarLeft][.][0xB8][OpenFarFarLeft][0xBC][OpenFarFarLeft]<[OpenMidRight][0xA4][X]" This is the code for the game, the only thing I changed was the ending event which used to be: "Ending_event: End_Game ENUN ENDA" **** After I changed this the game stopped crashing at those points but I can still move around the map in the same way for some reason, it just wont crash. I knew that was wrong but changing it doesn't seem to have fixed the problem #define DISABLE_TUTORIALS #include EAstdlib.event EventPointerTable(0x06,Pointers) ORG 0xD80000 Pointers: POIN Turn_events POIN Character_events POIN Location_events POIN Misc_events POIN TrapData TrapData POIN Bad Bad Bad Bad POIN Good Good Good Good POIN Opening_event Ending_event Good: UNIT Batta Brigand Batta Level(2, Ally, 0) [1,0] [1,3] [0x2A] NoAI UNIT Carjiga Brigand 0x00 Level(1, NPC, 0) [0,5] [2,3] [IronAxe] NoAI UNIT NomadTroopers: UNIT 0xC8 NomadTrooper 0x00 Level(1, Enemy, 0) [12,6] [11,7] [IronBow, SteelSword, Vulnerary] [0x00,0x02,0x02,0x00] UNIT 0xC8 NomadTrooper 0x00 Level(1, Enemy, 0) [11,6] [10,7] [SteelBow, IronSword, Vulnerary] [0x00,0x02,0x02,0x00] UNIT LausSoldier: UNIT 0x78 Soldier Batta Level(1, Enemy, 0) [12,0] [11,0] [Javelin, IronLance] [0x00,0x03,0x00,0x20] UNIT GloryBoys: UNIT 0x5F 0x28 0x00 Level(2, Enemy, 0) [5,5] [6,6] [0x01, HandAxe] [0x00,0x02,0x02,0x00] UNIT 0x62 0x0E 0x00 Level(1, Enemy, 0) [5,5] [6,5] [0x01] [0x00,0x02,0x02,0x00] UNIT Bad: UNIT Guy NomadTrooper_F 0x00 Level(2, Enemy, 0) [13,9] [13,9] [IronSword, ShortBow] [0x00,0x03,0x00,0x20] UNIT NomadTroopersSouth: UNIT 0xE6 NomadTrooper 0x00 Level(1, Enemy, 0) [6,9] [6,9] [IronBow, SteelSword, Vulnerary] [0x00,0x02,0x02,0x00] UNIT 0xE6 NomadTrooper 0x00 Level(1, Enemy, 0) [6,9] [7,9] [SteelBow, IronSword, Vulnerary] [0x00,0x02,0x02,0x00] UNIT YoungRider: UNIT 0x67 Nomad_F 0x00 Level(4, Enemy, 0) [0,6] [0,4] [IronBow] [0x00,0x02,0x02,0x00] UNIT 0x67 Nomad_F 0x00 Level(4, Enemy, 0) [0,6] [0,5] [IronBow] [0x00,0x02,0x02,0x00] UNIT 0x67 Nomad 0x00 Level(4, Enemy, 0) [0,6] [0,6] [IronBow] [0x00,0x02,0x02,0x00] UNIT TheCavalry: UNIT Glass Mercenary Batta Level(3, NPC, 0) [0,4] [0,4] [IronSword] NoAI UNIT 0xD6 Bishop Batta Level(1, NPC, 0) [0,5] [0,5] [Lightning] [0x0E,0x04,0x00,0x00] UNIT FirstGuards: UNIT 0x7C Fighter 0x00 Level(3, Enemy, 0) [12,0] [10,0] [SteelAxe, Heal] [0x00,0x02,0x02,0x00] UNIT 0x7D Myrmidon 0x00 Level(3, Enemy, 0) [12,0] [10,1] [IronSword, Vulnerary] [0x00,0x02,0x02,0x00] UNIT 0x50 Swordmaster 0x00 Level(1, Enemy, 0) [12,0] [11,1] [SlimSword,Runesword] [0x00,0x03,0x09,0x00] UNIT FirstWaveUnit: UNIT 0x9B Myrmidon 0x00 Level(4, Enemy, 0) [13,7] [11,9] [IronSword] [0x00,0x03,0x09,0x00] UNIT 0x9B Mercenary 0x00 Level(5, Enemy, 0) [13,7] [11,8] [IronBlade] [0x00,0x03,0x09,0x00] UNIT 0x9B Myrmidon 0x00 Level(4, Enemy, 0) [13,7] [12,8] [IronSword] [0x00,0x03,0x09,0x00] UNIT 0x67 Archer 0x00 Level(3, Enemy, 0) [12,6] [14,8] [IronBow] [0x00,0x03,0x09,0x00] UNIT 0x67 Mage_F 0x00 Level(3, Enemy, 0) [12,6] [11,6] [Fire] [0x00,0x03,0x09,0x00] UNIT 0x67 Mage 0x00 Level(3, Enemy, 0) [12,6] [10,6] [Fire] [0x00,0x03,0x09,0x00] UNIT 0x67 Nomad_F 0x00 Level(1, Enemy, 0) [13,5] [12,2] [IronBow] [0x00,0x03,0x09,0x00] UNIT 0x67 Nomad_F 0x00 Level(1, Enemy, 0) [13,5] [12,4] [IronBow] [0x00,0x03,0x09,0x00] UNIT 0x67 Nomad 0x00 Level(1, Enemy, 0) [13,5] [14,3] [IronBow] [0x00,0x03,0x09,0x00] UNIT Turn_events: TurnEventPlayer(0x0,Opening_event,1) TurnEventEnemy(0x0,FirstGuardsArrive,2) TurnEventNPC(0x12,CavalryArrives,2,0) TurnEventEnemy(0x0,FirstWave, 3) TurnEventEnemy(0x0,MagePursue, 4) TurnEventPlayer(0x0,NomadSpawn, 5) TurnEventPlayer(0x14,LausMove, 4) TurnEventEnemy(0x0,SwordsmanGo, 7} End_MAIN SwordsmanGo: CHAI 0x9B [0x00,0x02,0x02,0x00] ENUN ENDA NomadSpawn: LOU1 NomadTroopersSouth ENUN LOU1 YoungRider ENUN ENDA LausMove: TEX1 0x822 REMA TurnNPC(0x78) ENUN MOVE 0x78 [7,2] ENUN ENDA MagePursue: CHAI [13,3] [0x00,0x02,0x02,0x00] CHAI [13,4] [0x00,0x02,0x02,0x00] ENUN ENDA FirstGuardsArrive: LOU1 FirstGuards ENUN FADI 10 BACG 0x1C FADU 10 TEX1 0x81B REMA MOVE [11,1] [12,5] ENUN LOU1 LausSoldier ENUN FADI 10 BACG 0x1C FADU 10 TEX1 0x81C REMA MOVE [0x78] [10,2] ENUN ENDA FirstWave: MOVE [12,5] [13,8] ENUN FADI 10 BACG 0x1C FADU 10 TEX1 0x81D REMA MOVE [13,8] [12,7] ENUN LOU1 NomadTroopers ENUN FADI 10 BACG 0x1C FADU 10 TEX1 0x81E REMA LOU1 FirstWaveUnit ENUN TEX1 0x81F REMA MOVE [10,7] [14,6] MOVE [11,7] [14,5] ENUN DISA [14,6] DISA [14,5] ENUN TEX1 0x820 REMA MOVE [12,2] [9,0] MOVE [12,4] [11,0] MOVE [14,3] [12,0] ENUN DISA [9,0] DISA [11,0] DISA [12,0] TEX1 0x821 REMA MOVE [11,6] [13,3] MOVE [10,6] [13,4] MOVE [10,8] [9,7] MOVE [11,8] [10,7] MOVE [12,8] [10,8] MOVE [14,8] [14,5] ENUN ENDA LausTalk: FADI 10 BACG 0x1C FADU 10 MUSC 0x42 TEX1 0x823 REMA TurnAlly(0x78) ENUN ENDA Character_events: CharacterEventBothWays(0x07,LausTalk,Batta,0x78) End_MAIN CavalryArrives: LOU1 TheCavalry ENUN MUSC 0x44 FADI 10 BACG 0x1C FADU 10 TEX1 0x819 REMA MOVENEXTTO Glass Batta MOVENEXTTO 0xD6 Batta ENUN MUSC 0x42 FADI 10 BACG 0x1C FADU 10 TEX1 0x81A REMA TurnAlly(Glass) TurnAlly(0xD6) ENUN ENDA Location_events: End_MAIN Misc_events: CauseGameOverIfLordDies End_MAIN TrapData: End_MAIN Opening_event: OOBB LOU1 Bad ENUN LOU1 Good ENUN FADI 10 BACG 0x1C MUSC 0x3F FADU 10 TEX1 0x815 REMA MUSC 0x32 LOU1 GloryBoys ENUN FADI 10 BACG 0x1C FADU 10 TEX1 0x816 REMA MOVE [6,6] [4,2] ENUN FADI 10 BACG 0x1C FADU 10 TEX1 0x817 REMA MOVE [2,3] [1,2] ENUN DISA [1,2] TEX1 0x818 REMA MOVE [1,3] [0,5] ENUN ENDA Ending_event: End_MAIN // Events // Manual Movement // Scripted Fights // Units // Shop Data MESSAGE Events end at offset currentOffset Pls help me pls idk wat to do thank you
  6. The Frozen Lord Glitch has happened in my playthrough. I had no idea that this existed. I guess I will have to restart the chapter... Oh well, such is life. I just wanted to upload this image that I find really funny. You can see that half of Seliph's sprite is inside the map and the other half cannot be seen on the screen. I cannot even select him since he is not in a map tile. This happened because I saved during the chapter and then got back, hoping that it would be fixed. The cursor does not reset to Seliph at the start of each Player Phase when this glitch happens, it instead appears at the top-left corner of the map. Turns out the game really thinks he is there.
  7. I don't post here much anymore, but I ran into a problem in my copy of Sacred Stones. But I assume this problem can also occur in the other GBA titles as well, hence why this is in the overall GBA topic and not the Sacred Stones one. As I was playing the game, I went to move Seth. However, upon highlighting him, the cursor froze and Seth's "highlight" animation froze partway as well. Everything else was working fine, the other characters were animating, the music was still playing. But the buttons were no longer responding and Seth stopped moving. I turned off my game, and when I turned it back on, I found it has saved my progress from that point (thanks, autosave!) , so I was able to continue where I left off. Then Erikia died a few turns later and I had to restart anyway :P Wondering if anyone else had encountered this glitch and if there's a way to fix/avoid it. Is it some kind of processing or overflow error?
  8. okay so in my FE7 randomized playthrough, i ran into a rather bad issue. When i beat chapter 15, and i did with a green solider alive to give me the option to go to chapter 16x, I would- upon getting the option, have either yes or no. Now this is normal but it would become a black screen forever. any thoughts and tips on how to fix this? thank you for reading this if you have. i think the only thing that could have lead to this glitch could possibly be that Lucious became dart and it messed up, but i find that highly unlikely to be the cause of the glitch I have learned that even if i try to suspend the game, then it goes to a blackscreen
  9. I just encountered a strange glitch that for some strange reason that I just post a thread on the Echoes: Shadows of Valentia about GamePlain plays the English version of the full game for 1 hour with just hitting just one save button. When I just got back from the saving state, I just saw it did made a complete duplicated shows up as a reply post instead of duplicating into an another thread and I tried to make an edit on the topic post, but it took me straight to that duplicated reply post instead of the topic post? Did anyone encountered this glitch or does it appeared to be a brand new glitch for the Forum Section?
  10. I'm playing through FE4 (Project Naga translation), and I'm currently on chapter 5. For some reason about half way through the chapter my game suddenly stopped showing the movement grid and attack range for all characters. I have no idea what caused this and it's quite a big hindrance to the gameplay. Anyone know what caused this and how to fix it? (Gif attached is an example of the glitch.)
  11. Since when can you beat an arena with zero HP? Also what happened: Ulster used sol (Dew's son). But he didn't absorb enough HP to take another hit. The swordmaster hit him fatally... but despite having no HP this fight still continues. Does anyone know about this glitch? Or is there a hidden skill activated... I'm not aware of?
  12. I've heard there was a glitch that allowed Seliph and Daisy to instantly fall in love but I can't really find any information on it. Does anyone here know anything about it?
  13. Okay, so imgur keeps doing this thing. It's a very annoying thing. I edit the contents of an album, adding images that I forgot to put in it. I hit save, then go to another album. I edit that one and... the edits to that album are instead applied to the first album, removing its old content and replacing it with the content of the other album. Has anyone else experienced this? How can I make it stop? I can't get some images into a DQ fanart album like this, they keep replacing my badge album. (of all albums, why that one... it was so organized for a long time...)
  14. I know the main way of doing this (without Merlinus), is via trading and replacing the lowest "green" item in a unit's inventory with whatever you want to trade. But can I do some manipulations with enemy thieves too? In particular, can I steal items from my own units to make it "green" (does that happen?) and then fork over another weapon?
  15. I have been recently playing Genealogy of the Holy War and I finally reached Chapter 6. I had some of the game spoiled to me before, so I was aware of the whole second generation thing and I heard about the glitch where you can pair Seliph and Julia. I have been playing the Project Naga translation of the game and I found that the glitch is not working for me. In addition to this, all of the information I found online about this glitch is based on speculation and guesses as to what affects it, leaving me more lost. I wanted to make this thread not only to help me, but to have one central place to consolidate all of the information relating to the glitch and how to do it. Now, all morals and reasons for making this pair aside, I want to know how it works and what specifically causes it to happen. I dug through the hex values but editing them did not give me reliable results especially when it came to locating where "love points" are stored. Please, anyone with any knowledge on this subject please post so we can gather and test all we know so we have a reliable source of information. I just need this glitch to work!
  16. I'd like some help testing if a certain glitch that occurs on this chapter when emulating is a problem with the emulator or if it's an actual glitch in the game. You don't need to send me the save or anything, just let me know so I can give you more info.
  17. http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=46497 So what happened to this guy happened to me. except Faval never spawned, and instead Asaello did appear, Sety as well wouldn't appear, but I already have tried reclearing chapter 5 ( I did it twice....) Picture evidence: Patty: http://puu.sh/r3WOC/f6d402c0c5.jpg Asaello: http://puu.sh/r3WNH/9c63efc1bc.jpg Fee: http://puu.sh/r3XGa/d5b806dee0.jpg Hawk: http://puu.sh/r3XB6/486b8f748e.jpg Any suggestions on what I can do to fix this :/? Any help would be appreciated I have tried soft resetting and they still appear. If by redo level 5 then go back to level 8 is what the Original post meant, I haven't done that, do I need to?
  18. So I reclassed Jakob to Great Knight (with a Heart Seal mind you) and gained Cavalier skills plus Luna. Then I married him to Effie and wanted to finish getting his last skill before reclassing again. However he gained Defense +2 as his next skill? I leveled a bit more and the next skill he got was also a Knight skill.... Anyone got an idea what happened here?
  19. I don't know if this will work for any of you guys ( or it is only an intentional thing) ,but this happened to me not so long ago and I found it pretty interesting. In a nutshell what this glitch did was that it replaced all the portraits (Hair color) of Xander! kana with Ryoma! Kana, except the one on the bottom screen. So I bought this Ryoma! kana from another castle ( This is lunatic conquest, chapter 27, if that has to do with anything ) and went to the rescue mission of my Xander! kana, I finished the battle ( With the outrealm kana) and the ending dialogue had the portrait of Ryoma! kana instead of my kana, support conversations(Not records hall) were the same as well, even the death portrait ( as long as the outrealm kana is present in battle) gets affected as well. Maybe is not a glitch, and its a normal thing, or maybe not. Pictures below are the support conversation of Ryoma! kana to Xander (Nohr textbox as prove), and the death of Xander! kana (the portrait doesn't match up with the sprite.)
  20. I was preparing my units for a challenge map at Fort Jinya in Fire Emblem Fates: Revelation, and since I was playing on Lunatic mode, I wanted to get everything perfect. When I started the battle I noticed I had forgotten something, so I soft-reset back to the Preparations Screen. But when I got there, I noticed something odd. The tile occupied by Hana had an enemy pair-up standing right on top of her. Those enemies were originally standing below her, between her and Rinkah. Yet somehow they managed to move up a tile right onto one of my occupied spaces. I'm thinking this might be a glitch. What do you all think? Please let me know! I'd appreciate it. This isn't the first glitch I've seen in Fates. I posted another one here: http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=63127&hl= And this also isn't the first crazy thing I've had happen to me in my Lunatic run of Revelation: http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=63579&hl=
  21. Noticed a funny glitch with Forrest. Go to the accessory Shop. select CHANGE Look at Forrest and go to the OUTFIT menu WHO'S GIRLY NOW, FOOL?
  22. So I was in the middle of Chapter 16 in Shadow Dragon. And the game just froze on me twice, both while I was in the middle of battling enemy units. Has anyone else have this problem? In both cases this was after recruiting Xane. Just for the record, the cartridge is American, while the 3DS is Australian.
  23. So when I went to enter my character into FEditor, it cut off the side of her hair. Below are images of her in Usenti and in FEditor. I'm not sure what's causing the problem, but the hair only gets cut off after I change the Input index and go back to it. Thanks in advance!
  24. I hit the pause button at just the right time during a battle that this happened: http://d3esbfg30x759i.cloudfront.net/ss/WVW69igPPE0NiVndEB Look closely and you can see Lucina dashing off her horse to the other end of the screen, floating in midair (because of the pause button). Look over at Inigo and you can see he's just hovering next to his horse. Upon unpausing the battle, I learned that the game was trying to warp Lucina and Inigo back in place after going too far on the battlefield. Apparently, the games warps the horses first and the humans second and I just managed to pause at that split second in between. Nothing truely noteworthy, I suppose, but I'd figure I'd share it with you guys 'cause it's pretty dang funny to look at. I also encountered another physics breaking glitch a while go that is better explained on my Miiverse post: http://miiverse.nintendo.net/posts/AYMHAAACAAADVHjCG1RNdg
  25. I'm editing the title screen on my rom hack however I want to stop the class reel from happening. I found out this was possible with the "rekka no ken title screen patch" (I think its by nintendlord) but when I apply the patch amd load up my rom the title screen glitches and then I get the "scream of death" (when the screen freezes and then produces a horrible screeching noise). Does anyone have any idea what might be wrong with my rom?
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