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Found 2 results

  1. God Eater. A relatively niche series inspired by the juggernaut that is Monster Hunter, with arguments between both series tending to be heated (due to vocal segments of both fandoms despising the other game). Why did I play it? No specific reason. Just got it on a limb. Okay, partially so I could compare and contrast it with MH and form my own opinion on the subject, but not to try and exercise some dumb superiority over it. I'd been interested in it for some time, so getting to play it was certainly an interesting experience. Note: this is the PSP version, God Eater Burst (localized as Gods Eater Burst, likely to try and dodge any potential controversy-- so last minute that the VO still just says "God Eater"). So, since I can't think up any better of an intro, let's dive in. Synopsis/World Mysterious single cell organisms appear on earth in the near future. These organisms begin rapidly multiplying and bonding together, eventually forming nigh-invulnerable monstrosities (dubbed Aragami) that terrorize and nearly drive humanity to extinction. Humanity's solution? Reverse engineer biomechanical weapons from the Aragami (God Arcs) and equip special individuals injected with Aragami cells to make superhuman monster hunters (the Gods Eaters). Yeah, this game is... kinda anime. There's also a lot of terms thrown around besides those, like "Bias Factor" (which, to make a long and confusing description short, is a defensive mechanism against Aragami) for instance, that just don't get developed. The world in general is pretty flat; you have all of two non-combat locations and for all the lingo and jargon thrown around, the worldbuilding is pretty underdeveloped. That's really all that needs to be said. Plot/Characters People often like to bring up GE's story and characters when comparison-- mostly about how both aspects are actually existent compared to MH. If you want at least some actual characters and plot motivation and that makes the difference for you, okay then. But they really aren't anything special. There's the player character and about half a dozen main plot characters. Of those, 3 of them actually get some development. One of them is pretty minimal and late in the plot while the other is all at once soon after her first appearance, leaving only a single character who actually develops naturally. Even then, it's nothing remarkable; just "edgy loner becoming less of an edgy loner" (who should be and, by all rights, is the main character). The main antagonist is... well, let's play a game. Is he (a) an initially affable individual related to one of the main characters, (b) an "evilutionary" scientist who's also a well-intentioned extremist, or (c) an obviously mysterious and antagonistic individual within a supposedly well meaning organization? If you answered "A, B, and C", you are correct! The main antagonist is dull. The game tries to hide that he's the big bad for 2/3 of the game and even after they give up on that they try and play the "well-intentioned extremist" card. He's meant to be some sort of chessmaster, but he has an open playbook to anybody who's halfway genre-savvy. There's just so many little details involving him and his plan that I could write an entire essay on how dumb it is. There's also an extra story section that was added in the Burst re-release. I will admit here: I'm only haflway through that. But I have little motivation from a gameplay aspect (more on that later) and I already know how it ends, and it's just cliche anime stuff trying to be cool. You know what, that's a perfect summary of the writing: cliche anime stuff trying to be cool. It doesn't bother me as much as it may seem like it from reading this, and if it doesn't bother you that's okay. Now on to the meat of the game: the gameplay. Gameplay The gameplay loop is the one that you'd expect from the subgenre: kill monsters. Make better equipment from their parts. Kill tougher monsters. Make even better gear. Rinse, dry, repeat. Weapon mechanics definitely stand out from its inspiration. You have light and heavy attack buttons, with combos letting you mix and match light and heavy attacks. The three blade types (short blade, long blade, and buster blade) all have varying combo lengths: the short blade comes in at 5 hits, long blade at 4, and buster blade at 3. From their names you can probably guess what niches they fill: short blade is fast but weak, long blade is the jack of all trades, and the buster blade is slow but powerful. You can also jump in this game, which can be done at the end of a combo to extend it into the air; air combos have one less hit than ground combos. Overall, the melee weapons are far easier to grasp and more simplistic than MH's; they have a few unique mechanics (short blade can easily jump and dash cancel combos, long blade can fire shots while in blade form a la gunlance, and the buster blade is literally the Great Sword and can do charged slashes). But hold one... your blade is also a gun. There are three types of guns that can be part of your God Arc: auto, sniper, and cannon. Same rule applies: auto is weak but rapid fire, sniper is stronger but slower firing, and the cannon is the strongest but also the slowest. Bullets are fired by using Oracle Points (OP), which are absorbed by attack Aragami. So the game incentives you to switch between blade and gun modes pretty regularly. There's also a bullet editor, which is insanely deep and infamously broken; I haven't done a whole lot with it for that very reason. I mainly rolled cannon, since I just wanted to do as much raw damage as possible. You can "devour" Aragami when in blade mode, putting you into Burst mode (which is a minor buff to all your stats while lessening stamina costs and making OP constantly regenerate) and also gives you 3 bullets from that Aragami's essence. They range from worthless (they're all but immune to their own element) to devastating (they hate their own element). There are also three types of shields that complete your God Arc, with the exact same rule from the previous two applying-- with the added change of input delay the stronger your shield is. For that reason, I ended up switching from tower shields (the toughest variety that blocks all damage) to the medium shields (which come out quicker and don't block as much damage). The buckler comes out almost instantaneously, but also doesn't block as much damage. Okay, we've got all that covered. Now, for the Aragami themselves. Aragami There's only about 10 boss level Aragami. The game does elemental re-skins and spikier variations and stuff, but when you break things down there's only really ten of them. The weaker Aragami I find fairly fun, but most of the tougher ones... decidedly aren't. Here's the issue: the tougher Aragami hit fast and hard with big hitboxes on their attacks. This brings about a very different gameplay dynamic: instead of hit and run tactics focused on properly timing your hits and re-positioning (which MH does), it's button mashing until you see an attack coming-- in which case, guard. It's a much simpler gameplay dynamic hidden behind inflated damage numbers. This was something I didn't fully realize until I picked up Monster Hunter Freedom Unite recently: a game released two years before the original God Eater and likely their biggest inspiration. It's a straightforward, cruder gameplay dynamic that kinda breaks the experience for me. There is one exception to this, and I love it for that: Hannibal, the flagship Aragami added to Burst. He has clear tells and openings and keeps you on your feet in the best way possible; easily the best designed (and most fun) fight in the game. Makes me hope that Aragami in 2 and the recently announced 3 are better made fights. The Areas They're dull. Every last one of them. Dull colors and metallic areas. Very little effort went into designing them so I'm not going to put much effort into describing them. They aren't segmented, unlike MH, which is actually a bad thing when you have to fight multiple large Aragami at once. The OST The one thing about the game I'm entirely positive about. The battle themes are great, using varied instrumentation while focusing on a melody. The non-battle music serves its purpose as a mood setter, and I'll admit to enjoying the odd cheesy vocal theme. This is short not out of dislike, but because I could gush about so many different tracks. Conclusion It may seem like I really don't like this game, but that's not the case. I put 40 hours into it and largely enjoyed my time. It's just that the unimpressive story, simplistic and repetitive fights, and small monster roster worked against a game that has a lot of potential. It's in this weird place where I wouldn't recommend it, but I also wouldn't say "don't play it". At the end of the day, despite having so many features and a lot of raw content, God Eater Burst just feels largely inferior compared to what it strives to be like.
  2. http://prevolt.tumblr.com/post/135639887596/god-eater-resurrection-and-god-eater-2-rage-burst http://www.god-eater.com/en/ So basically God Eater 2 (never released in America) and Resurrection (remake of the first game) have been confirmed for a Playstation 4/Playstation Vita/Steam Release for Summer of 2016 Literally hype So we can use this topic to discuss things about the franchise in general and more news as it is revealed
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