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Found 2 results

  1. This is for a Godzilla Roleplay. Below are the events that set up what sort of situation this is. The Appearance The Soviet Situation The Escalation Humanity in Chaos Basic Rules: 1. No God moding, no duh. 2. Try to use proper grammar, punctuation, and paragraph style as best you can. 3. Every roleplayer gets to use as many characters as they feel will move along the flow of the roleplay. Just try not to take every potential choice from everybody. 4. Romance and violence is welcome, but please try to keep things PG-13 at most (Just so we don’t risk getting locked.). Use the following profile structure to create your character(s). Speaking Character: Name: Gender: Species: Age: Appearance: (Description or picture works) Bio: Other: Monster: Name: Gender: Species: Appearance: (Description or picture works) Bio/History: Weapons/Powers: Other:
  2. So I used to be really into Godzilla. Of the people I've met (and apparently certain creative teams) there has been a lot of disagreement about what monster is truly the arch nemesis of godzilla. Personally I lean toward the classic villain- The ultimate monster King Ghidorah- King Ghidorah was a master work of technical puppeteering, had a distinctive roar and sound effects rather than the stock ones used for less impressive monsters, and in most of it's appearances- is so powerful that godzilla requires assistance to defeat it. Mechagodzilla is another classic choice- However, personally I think he is limited by his status as a "dark reflection" A mechagodzilla story can work well with mechagodziall maiming or even killing godzilla in their first encounter-, but fundamentally, aside from the defeat of the aliens controlling/powering up Mechagodzilla, the fact that Godzilla will usually overcome Mechagodzilla on his own without support and that Mechagodziila does not usually represent destruction to cities/armies outside of fighting Godzilla himself makes him take a secondary role to his masters to a greater extent than other monsters. . Destroyah is the weakest option - Conceptually, he is a callback to godzilla's 1954 weakness- that is oxygen deprivation. However, visually, he is also obviously a more heavyweight, taller, spikier, monster. This has always made me feel that his inclusion always leans toward "godzilla as underdog" stories, which, while fine for Rocky, or the more kid-friendly version of godzilla, lean toward Godzilla himself losing too much of his menace- I think that even when godzilla is operating as a hero, he should still be a menace, even if it is the "lesser of two" and that the human characters watching him descend in the ocean/etc after the end of the battle, should feel some level of problematic anticipation of his return rather than the "he will always be there to protect us" sentimentality.. Destroyah, by its very design, lends itself to using a more friendly godzilla. Additionally, I have always found him to be contradictory- his powers are more interesting than his design- I imagine the "oxygen deprivation monster" properly as working like the DC villians Nukeface or to a lesser extent Doomday- The very encounter with him should represent the death of Godzilla- The need for him to also be a heavyweight should be an afterthought. Ogra- Ogra is a very powerful monster, but for me it is actually too powerful to work as an archrival - Ogra must limit his appearances to maintain his mystique and his effectiveness as a threat. Personally I see Ogra as the most "lovecraftian" of Godzilla monsters. Generally, Godzilla defeats Ogra while being absorbed by it (eg a sacrifical atomic blast). Future People- The Future People were used as recurring villians throughout the entire Heisei period. Because they were the descendents of people on earth, they helped connect Godzilla to a critique of industrialization and pollution. They mind controlled or built various monsters for Godzilla to fight, and often required the intervention of the human charathers to be defeated in tandem to their monster being punched out by Godzilla. Xilliens - The Xilliens were one of the interchangable "alien race of the week" from the original Showa period films. However, unlike most of these aliens, these would be the ones to be resurrected in their villianous roles in later series. Thematically.... I would have preferred the cockroach aliens to have won out from the aliens of this period. However, what the Xillens lack in real-world ethical concerns, they make up for in raw menace- they would control/build/bioengineer the most deadly monsters and would have "destruction" on their agenda more often than simple colonization, etc. A few people like to bring up "battle of the century" monsters such as King Kong or SpaceGodzilla, but I find these to be completely ridiculous in a long term context- King kong especially is only entertaining because of the meta-context of King Kong as a rival monster series for Godzilla's critical acclaim, due to how overmatched the thing would be otherwise. Obviously not all interpretations use godzilla as a hero- in which case it is arguable that either mankind or pollution (especially in mothra oriented stories) is the true bane of godzilla. While these can be quite good. I feel that at this point, these almost qualify as an alternate take on the character. I'm interested in hearing anyone's thoughts on these enemies or other suitable candidates. Will King Kong vs Godzilla 2019 be a disaster?
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