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Found 17 results

  1. Hello again, Tonight I want to highlight a really annoying part of my gaming and especially Fire Emblem experience: gender deifferences in gameplay. 1) Constitution: this can't be remedied, only males with negative modifiers are gonna have female level constitution, that's totally realistic. 2) Rescue/Aid: this is the most stupid thing where gender differences are completely unrealistic: I don't see how the same horse that carries a 12 con Kyle and has room for 13 more con couldn't carry the 9 con Amelia and 16 con Garcia/Gilliam, it's exactly the same total weight and the horse shows no difference in the animation sprite. That's why the only females who can rescue a 16 con unit are like FE6 first pegasus with garbage offence due to having this trash con, meaning she looses mountains of speed by equipping anything other than a thin lance. Female rescue is complete game design atrocity in my book. Meanwhile any normal weight cavalier can rescue these generals and heavy axers. 3) Str/def/spd: I agree that most women have lower caps in real life to their possible physical performance: less muscle means less raw strength, less heart power to inject oxygene in their limbs, meanwhile bigger bones and harder muscles mean men have more tolerance to physical hits. Then why are female units generally faster than male units? Either you say screw it it's a video game, reality doesn't matter (in this case every point in my post is invalidated and I can delete it, but then make every female and have male have the same base caps in every game), or you go all the way into realistic gameplay, meaning you take 10% away from EVERY PHYSICAL STAT from male units to make your base for female units. At this point, you might as well make female only games since it's the same as the Olympics, girls are disadvantaged in any power/speed/punching ball performance contest against men. But FE has like 90% of the generic units that are male, which means you throw your weak ass female units into the roller coaster of very high damage ennemies with higher def than what these female units' strength/def/hp can chew. All this while being hindered more often by the stronger weapons they NEED to use just to make up for the difference in base strength and growth with male units, thus having less speed from higher base than these males with more strength, which only means that females of the same gender-free classes get completely benched in terms of usability comapred with men since men have more +1/+3/+4 in con than females even when they already have a +2 base compared with females, allowing some males to take 0 penalty from a weapon that would give -3 to the generic units of the same class/gender (typically Hero Gerik with tomahawk/steel axe compared with the 11 con generic heroes who take -4 speed) and -5 to the females (not even talking of armored females with straight -3 base con compared with male armors, 10 vs 13, 12 vs 15, Amelia's neutral con vs Gilliam's +1 meaning Gilliam can wield weapons with 16 weight without loosing speed, while Amelia who shouldn't even be able to become a knight with a 20+ kg armor with a pre-teen girl body would loose 4 speed by doing so, might as well use FE4's weapon rank locks at this point, since females should be strictly unable to wield steel lances of 5-7 real life kg seeing the difference of 70-80% weight with the normal iron lance of 8 that would weigh around 3-4 kg with a high weight pike at its end) What do you think of this? What is justified, to what extent and is there a point in using females when they're hindered by every weapon closing the gap between them and equivalent male units (not even talking of the fact that most females already have -4 str/def between class and personal bases/growths compared with males)? Did Awakening and Fates solve this problem?
  2. Hi, I typed the base stats from the main site for you to see things clearly: Great master: 19 hp 8 str 6 mag 6 skl 8 spd 5 lck 6 def 7 res 65 total Butler/maid: 18 hp 4 str 5 mag 9 skl 8 spd 4 lck 5 def 4 res 57 total Game balance? is that what butlers/maids get for being able to use shuriken? There are 8 base stats points of difference between 2 promoted classes while both are hybrid physical weapon/staff and great master has early access to a passive healing skill while butler/maid has to heal someone (so not attacking for that turn) to get heal back from the same level skill. Shuriken and daggers already hit like wet noodles. Then why this much difference in stats and why is great master as fast as butler while hitting way harder with more powerful weapons and being much bulkier, with countermagic as an anti magic skill vs tomebreaker that doesn't even break magic weapons (while countermagic counters so many weapon types) for what lv 35 skills are worth. I was wondering if I'd switch my Jakob to great master, but now I don't doubt anymore. Great master spits even more on butlers by having better growth rates (+10% hp, +5% str, +5% def) while keeping the same spd growth and loosing only to magic (5%) and skill (10%) (it means even total growths are 5% higher than butler). Why even create classes if there's absolutely no intent to balance them in the first place? I don't know, filler hurts a lot I think. Like how blacksmith and master of arms are replicates of hero with slightly different (should I say slightly worse?) stat/growth spread and different weapons (at least master of arms gets full WTC, which isn't blacksmith's case).
  3. Hey this is Milanor here and finally, I have my first, albeit small, FE project out! I've borrowed gringe's FE localization patch in order to get the translation of the game, but most of the gameplay mechanics, and features are the same (basically vanilla FE6), the only differences are that every character's base stats and growth rates have been buffed. My inspiration for doing this is that I figured FE6 was quite punishing towards new players of the Fire Emblem series, but not only that, I wanted to make just about all the units viable and allow people to be able to use just about every unit and have an easier time with the game. I myself have played through FE6 (over a decade or more ago) and I just didn't like the unforgiving aspects of it, particularly the difficulty at the beginning of the game, midgame, and late game, so having better bases and growths will then make units that are nearly useless at least see some usefulness and the characters that are already good won't receive much of a boost. Milanor's FE6 Easier Mode Let me know what you guys think of it, I will be playing through the game myself and trying different characters on each run. If there are any bugs, errors, or oversights, feel free to post here. Also, any feedback, suggestions, and constructive criticism is appreciated!
  4. I heard that Shura is a good unit in Revelations because of his godlike base stats when he joins. I plan on creating a female avatar and marrying him. My plan was to reclass him into a Butler and grab Seal Strength, Seal Magic, and Seal Speed from other playthroughs. His personal skill, Highwayman, plus these three seals and daggers will result in an unholy level of debuffing.I am now looking at his growths and caps as a Butler, and they seem.... lackluster, at best.30% HP, 35% Str, 20% Mag, 35% Skl, 50% Spd, 40% Lck, 45% Def, and 45% ResI want to know if I should use him or not, I really feel like he would fall behind if I i did.He looks great on paper, considering the fact that using a Sacrificial Knife, the enemy will obtain -8 Luck, -5 Def/Res, -9 Str, -9 Mag, and -9 Speed every time he initiates combat, but his growths are killing me. If i could have some assistance, that would be great. Thanks.
  5. Hello everyone. I'm a relative newbie to the franchise, being versed in much of it's lore and having several games. But one thing I have issue with is figuring out what stats and growth rates are good for what classes. I would like some help figuring out what constitutes "good growths" for various classes in the series because as it is, any time I read growths of characters online, they just look like numbers to me. If this topic is redundant, please let me know. Thanks for helping.
  6. I've found that I actually kinda like the way Heroes leveling works. RNG can be nice, but with fixed stats at max level, I don't feel bad if I get a really good level and have to reset for whatever reason. I also don't feel tempted to savescum if I get a bad level. In future Games, they could give us the option for "Fixed' growths or RNG as usual. And in this case, it would be real fixed growths, instead of PoR, where it depending on what weapon your unit had, what enemies they fought, and what they had for breakfast. Anyone else think this might be a nice thing to add for future FE titles as an option?
  7. I'm currently tinkering with Awakening so I would like to know how to edit growths, any help I can get is appreciated. I'm currenlty using FEAT to decompress the .bin.lz files and the Class Editor and Character Editor 1.1 modules to edit my files. I would also like to note that the Awakening Nightmare modules aren't on the resource directory, should I make that question there?
  8. If there even is a lunatic difficulty. What do you guys think?
  9. Hey, I'm building some fangame stuff mainly just for fun and I would like to get some answers on what exactly an ordinary FE7-style stat layout looks like. So basically I want to know: Average base stats at level 1 Average growths Average promotion gains Average stats at level 20/20 Average stat caps And lastly, how much give-or-take I have on these to avoid making a character who is OP or just plain sucks. I know I can figure this out on my own and I have mostly, but I wanted to double-check here. I'm creating some new classes, and I don't want them to not fit in. Thanks for the help!
  10. Hi there. I was messing around with Nightmare and I saw that, for example, Raven's base stats are the mercenary's base stats PLUS his character's base stats. But then I saw that there are class growths and character growths, separately. But, I mean, they cannot be added to result into the final growths, right? It would be silly that Rave had 160% HP growth (80+80). So have the character growths have priority over the class growths, or how does this work? Thanks a lot :D
  11. Hello all, new user here, been a diehard FE fan since the good ole' days of Blazing Sword. When FE14 released, I decided to make myself a spreadsheet detailing all the natural growths and skills that all the characters could learn. What exactly does this mean? This means all the classes in which a character can reach without accounting for S or A+ level supports. For example, Elise's section details her growth rates and learnable skills of the following classes; Troubadour, Strategist, Maid, Wyvern Rider, Wyvern Lord, and Malig Knight. I originally made the sheet for personal use, but since I input so much time into making it, I figured I should share it so it can help others, potentially. I suspect the parent generation it won't help too much for, given it's really just an easy growth rate comparison, but for the children it should help a lot, allowing for an easy means to look at how each parent option affects the child. tl;dr for the Welcome sheet withing the spreadsheet: pay attention to drop downs for the avatar (gender, boon, bane, second class), and the second gen (variable parent). Other things to note when using the spreadsheet; 1) You might want to log in to your own Google account and create a copy so that you aren't competing with others for the drop down use. This is likely most important if you're wanting to see the affects of an avatar parent, since the avatar drop downs have a direct affect on the childrens' growths if Avatar is the selected parent, meaning that someone else changing your drop down selections for the avatar while you're navigating the spreadsheet could screw up your growth numbers for the child. 2) The sheets are all protected EXCEPT for the drop down cells. This means that you can shange which of the drop down options is selected, but it also means someone can accidentally edit one of the drop down cells, removing the drop down and messing up the equations. If this happens please PM me either on this forum or over on GameFAQs (username Blaze1616 as well), as I have a backup copy in the event this happens. 3) Seeing as you all have editting privileges, you're also able to create new sheets. I'll probably be policing the file, at least for a little while, but I'll probably eventually stop. I am hopeful that everyone choosing to use it will be a mature adult about it. So enjoy. I hope this proves helpful for someone other than me! Here's the sheet!
  12. Recently I was involved in a discussion about the (un)usefulness of a prepromoted unit. I argued that I prefer growths over bases. In most cases prepromoted units have: + decent bases + good weapon level - lower bases than a rised level 1 unit of the same class - worse growths However in FE9 prepromoted units have average or below average base stats, but great weapon level combined with good up to amazing growths. Their growthrates will equalize their low bases later on. Except on higher difficulties I try to avoid using prepromotes as much as I can. The only exceptions are some units in FE9, Percival in 6 and Seth in two chapters in 8. I go for bases in the early game, but for growths in the long run. PS: I'm not a LTC player.
  13. Many broken promises and unfinished playthroughs later... It's finally here! Complete YouTube playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLPtcK2f-aIoT9WbxLMRByDhQjGVLxqz9e I won't cover everything that Mekkah and I talked about in the video, but here are some nuggets that the average user may not know. FE6 mechanics in-depth GBA FE random number generator (RNG) So first of all, the RNG isnt truly random. But you probably know that already. Thats a limitation of computing. The GBA FE games generate their random numbers (RNs) using a linear feedback shift register. How exactly that works is not a terribly important detail, and I dont have sufficient knowledge of RNGs to be able to provide a good explanation, anyway. The key point here is that the GBA FE RNG uses the 3 most recently generated numbers to generate subsequent RNs. How are those 3 numbers seeded? Its always the same 3 numbers. Whenever you start up the GBA, the game uses a seed that corresponds to the decimal sequence 8, 56, 21. The RNG in this game is deterministic and entirely predictable. If you always reset the game prior to starting a chapter, you will always get the same results given the same sequence of inputs. rngdisplay.lua in action after a hard reset. The upcoming RNs are on the right, with 8, 56, 21 as the seed. I use a tool called a Lua script to view the RNG while playing the game on VisualBoyAdvance. The script itself is called rngdisplay.lua and was written by user amaurea of TASVideos. This is an immensely helpful script that allows me to route more efficiently. Hard mode differences FE6 is the first installment in the series to give the player an option to play on an increased difficulty. This difficulty has classically been referred to as hard mode (HM), with the default difficulty retaining the designation of normal mode (NM). This run will be played on HM. In FE6, there are 2 key differences between HM and NM. The first is that HM enemies get a stat bonus compared to their NM counterparts. The second is that some maps have more starting enemies and/or more enemy reinforcement units on HM. These are the exact same enemy from chapter 22. The stats on the left are from NM. The stats on the right are from HM. HM bonuses are generated by applying extra hidden level ups to all enemy units. I wont get into the details here. HM bonuses in FE6 increase in magnitude as the game progresses. Enemies can have as few as 5 extra level ups near the beginning of the game to as many as 16 extra level ups at the end of the game. For comparison, in FE7, all HM enemies get only 5 extra level ups, and in FE8, all HM enemies get between 1 and 4 extra level ups. Speedrunning techniques In order to cut down on video time and make the cleanest possible strategies, I employ a handful of speedrunning techniques. Not all of them need explaining. Note that this is not an actual speedrun, and so not every decision is optimized. Fast cursor movement In the GBA FE games, holding down the B button while moving the cursor allows the cursor to move at double the normal speed. Unfortunately, this makes the cursor difficult to control, especially when moving units. One way to deal with this is to always move the cursor at right angles when moving units. With practice, it is possible to fairly consistently move exactly 1, 2, 3, etc. spaces while holding B. Another way to deal with this is to take advantage of natural barriers. When moving a unit, the cursor stops if it would move out of the units movement range. Essentially, if at any time during the movement path I run the cursor into a wall, an enemy unit, or simply the edge of the units movement range, the cursor stops immediately. This helps to ensure accuracy of unit movements. Its easier to move Roy if he keeps running into walls. L-switching The L button serves a convenient purpose in the GBA FE games: it switches the cursor from one player unit to another. The sequence of cursor switching is determined by the order in which units are deployed in the chapter. Example: here is the deployment order for chapter 24. Suppose that the cursor is on Roy. One L input switches the cursor to Fae. Subsequent L inputs switch the cursor to Lalum, then to Milady, and so on. If the cursor is not on a player unit, pressing L will move the cursor to the first unit in the deployment order. This is usually Roy. RNG abuse via path retracing Sometimes, youll see me do this funny thing where I appear to move a unit somewhere, wobble the cursor a little bit, and then I end up doing something else. This is a speedrunning trick used to advance the RNG. Occasionally I come across a sequence of RNs that I cant use effectively, so I simply burn them with some path retracing. I first draw Zeisss (the selected units) movement path on the left. Then, I wobble the cursor to another tile on the edge of his movement range. The game has to retrace the movement path. rngdisplay.lua indicates that the new path took 7 RNs to draw. The game uses RNs to generate a new path if it cant adapt the old path. The longer a path is, the more RNs on average will be used for a path retrace. This technique features prominently in TASes (where they do it super fast), but I usually reserve it for when I have no other option, not only because its somewhat time-consuming, but it also compromises the integrity of the run. About this playthrough This playthrough operates under the following conditions: Player units have 0% growths in all stats. It recruits all possible units and keeps them alive (there are 51 player units in any given playthrough). It primarily aims for the lowest possible turncount. It secondarily aims for a low play time on the game clock. Videos of each chapter will be uploaded, with audio commentary from Mekkah and me. An explanatory write-up will accompany chapters for viewers who are unfamiliar with this game or have trouble with the Japanese. Chapter list Turncounts:
  14. I'm playing PoR on hard mode at the moment with random growths for the second time. I expected that random growths work like in other FE parts. The growths of the units influence their level ups. http://www.serenesforest.net/fe9/fixed.htm But in this run most of my level ups are extremly strange: Jill always level ups in magic instead of strength and defense, while Soren and Ilyana have ridiculous high strength growth. Level 19 Ilyana has almost as much strength (8) as Nephenee and Oscar (both 10). I know I could spend bexp to my units to prevent bad level ups or giving them status items, but I want to save them till the finale. And in general the level ups remind me on Shadow Dragon. Unlike in FE10 my units often get 2-3 stats in their level ups in average. The only ones good characters are Ike and Rolf at the moment. So my question is, if these growths/level ups are normal in FE9?
  15. It recently occurred to me that if we take the formulas to calculate the growths of the children in FE4 and run them in reverse, we can calculate the growths of the parents of the generation 1 player characters and substitutes. To recap, we know the father's growth in a stat plus half the mother's growth equals the brother's growth and that the mother's growth in a stat plus half the father's growth equals the sister's growth. However, if we plug in the brother and sister's growths, we have a system of linear equations in 2 equations and 2 variables, which we can solve for the mother and father's growths. Repeating this once for each stat allows us to calculate the growths of vylon, ring, their wives, and all parents of the substitutes. Note that this rests on the assumption that the formulas given above are followed when the parents are not player characters. Ring's stats also follow the assumption that the formulas mentioned above work for identical twins. Other wise, we would need andre's growths in order to calculate them, which is obviously impossible as he is not a player character. Note that all growths in the following table(note: table is in ziped excel document becaues i could not get it to display properly). holy blood bonuses are not included. Major holy blood is in capitals. I could calculate more, but this suffices to show that intsys did not think about this when implementing this mechanic. Note especially roddlevan's father's negative RES growth. This actually happens whenever one kid's growth is less then half of the other's(for example laylea's and sharlow's MAG growths). In summery, the growth system in FE4 is like the continents at the edge of the awakening map. Intriguing, but nonsensical if you look closely. Parrentgrowths.zip
  16. Because noone's ever done one of these before... Rules: -All of the growth rates for the player controlled units are set to 0%. -All of the characters will be recruited. -I will be going on Ephraim route (another shocker). -I will attempt (key word there) to achieve the lowest turncounts possible given those constraints. I'll probably edit the OP later on to include other things of importance. Probably. Prologue- 1/1 turn Chapter 1- 3/4 turns One can only hope that the later chapters will be more interesting to watch.
  17. I did a search but nothing came up. I want to know how to edit the growth rates in PoR, for example a 0% or 100% growths run. I would just use a code, but no working WiiRD codes do that. Edit: Currently plowing through FE8Data.bin with a hex editor. Hopefully nothing goes terribly wrong. Edit 2: Officially stumped, and system.cmp looks like a mess. This may take me some time without help.
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