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Found 2 results

  1. So...I heard someone talk about "Predestined Pairs" in FE4, so I decided to list them. I only included the girl characters' "predestined" partners and the criteria was highest love growth, characters with convos, and, if a character had less than 3, I included the person who makes the most "sense". I'm not including Deirdre, Ethlyn, Julia, and Altena since they either have a set partner or don't have any. Edain: Jamke, Midir, Azelle, Claud, Finn Ayra: Lex, Holyn, Arden, Finn Lachesis: Beowolf, Naoise, Dew, Finn Silvia: Claud, Lewyn, Alec Erinys: Lewyn, Arden, Naoise Tailtiu: Azelle, Claud, Lex, Lewyn Brigid: Midir, Jamke, Alec, Dew Lana: Seliph, Ulster, Febail Larcei: Seliph, Johan, Johalvier, Shannan (yuck) Fee: Arthur, Seliph, Oifey Patty: Seliph, Shannan, Lester, Coirpre Nanna: Seliph, Leif, Ares (yuck) Lene: Ares, Seliph, Ced Tine: Seliph, Ced, Leif And that's it! Note: I chose Ced for Lene since he's Lewyn's son (In Thracia 776, anyway) and it'd be sort of like Silvia and Lewyn's relationship. She only has convos with Seliph and a high love growth with Ares, so I didn't have a lot to choose from : / Note 2: Added Finn to Ayra and Edain since he has convos with Lana and Larcei in Gen 2. Note 3: Added Lewyn to Tailtiu since Lewyn and Tine have a convo in Chapter 10. Note 4: Might remove Dew from Brigid's. Also, might consider doing it by the jealousy system too, but probably not. Any thoughts?
  2. again, as the title says would like some help for now my pairing are sigurd- deirdre lex-ayre midayle-aideen erin-claude titlu-lewyn bridget-dew requessis- beowulf currently on chapter 4
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