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Found 7 results

  1. For me, it was as early as day 10. My hair grows straight ...at the beginning until half way were it decides to curl. If I don't mange my hair I end up looking like a hobo George Washington. The problem was my last hair cut was a few weeks after the quarantine started. Anyway I going to do something with my hair I haven't have seen i was 7. I'm going to make myself an Afro baby! I only got a few days left until I can finally get a hair cut, may as well do something a little bit fun. I'm about to be looking like a white trash Bob Ross. I know, I have a strange unit promotion. Now spill the beans! Let's find out whats going on with your hair! Don't hide everything!
  2. I compiled a list of all mounts that are given names (usually) through supports. I like when this happens, since it implies a strong connection between rider and mount. Or perhaps that you've given a name to the object of your frustrations during years of your knight training. Whatever the case, which one do you think is the best partner? Any criteria will suffice, something the mount does, how great the unit is when riding the mount, or which one you'd personally like to ride into battle. I divided the poll into species because I felt the wyverns are given too much comparative personality in order for horses and pegasi to compete. Mount name/Rider(Game of origin) Pegasi Wyverns Horses It's a tough call, but my favorite wyvern is Hyperion. A proud name for a proud creature, and yet the one mention we have of him is in Heath's C support with Priscilla, priceless. For Pegasi, I was considering Belfire. The story of a horse returning home to Cynthia after her mother's death gets me a little choked up...but she loses points for sharing that plot element with Minerva, a mount with much more characterization. I'll instead vote for Huey, the ultimate matchmaker. It is my grandest hope that we see the return of Fates' petting minigame - but for our mounts. A perfect application if you ask me.
  3. So Since I was thinking about this, what are you guys favorite hair colors for the kids of Fates? Mine are Selkie with azura's light blue hair color, :3 Velouria with Camilla's hair color, and Caeldori with Felica's hair color.
  4. Hey all, So Xander will be my Femui's nearest and dearest going forward, but... but... As wonderful as my Avatar's son is, he has stupid hair hair that's very hard to work with. While I can't do anything about those bangs, I can at least find a hair color that's halfway decent. Any ideas about what might look good or even okay? I'm thinking either dark hair, dark red or blonde but despite this being Lannister Emblem I'd really rather not look like Xander's biological sister.
  5. What hair colors do the mothers pass down to their children? I'm specifically looking for info on Pieri and Rinkah (is that her headress or hair? what?), but confirmations on all of them (especially the 2-tone ones like Kagerou and Hinoka) would be nice.
  6. I was going to do a female-only run but that's been done before and it was done quite recently iirc, and about 2/3 of the cast of male, so I decided on a facial-hair only run! We need better ideas I was considering using the twins because plot and Ephraim's critical animation but I'm not sure I'll start on this as soon as possible Index! [spoiler=Prologue] Facial hair demands no less This place reminds me of Australia Vigarde sounds like a cool guy. He has fantastic facial hair too You better not die. The world would lose an amazing goatee The plot gets decided here. C'mon Seth! Dammit Seth! Time to run away Oh look we were followed. Frail Princess, hold the line! Dude I doubt it. It's the prologue and he's the Oifrey Needless to say he died. Time to run some more! [spoiler=Chapter 1: Escape!] Oh crap he has facial hair we're screwed And our escapees have found more trouble. Good job I don't remember any of this And now we wait; for next turn... WE GET BEARD You hair-less soldiers have nothin' on Gilliam GIVE WALL MORE WALLING CAPABILITIES I mistimed this, but Gilliam missed. Fortunately so did the soldier DAMMIT FRANZ WALL DAMN YOU I thought this was a good position for Franz As you can see, it wasn't Oh hell yeah. The beard is too strong Not bad at all I have a feeling this could end up going south real quick THE LANCES HAVE TOUCHED Oh no reinforcements! Maybe I shouldn't have had the cursor on Eirika GILLIAM WALL Didn't catch his last level up. It was HP, speed and luck. Speed is speed so eh YES GILLIAM! BEARD IS BETTER THAN MOUSTACHE NO GOATEE DIED THE BOULDER! [spoiler=Chapter 2: The Protected] Beard goes that way. Moustache follows him HOLY CRAP IT'S WOLVERINE Lessgo Vanessa rescue I don't see how this could go wrong. Nope Ally Garcia missed without even moving I can't remember why I took this. Maybe because the enemy's glowing? Dat tactical rescue chain Uhhh no you're not The only reason why your son is alive right now is because I need him to recruit you PROTECT BOULDER YES BEARD Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Because Garcia apparently can't hit anything Moulder is now forced to take one for the team dammit Time to do a tactical sort-of retreat. Also Beard nearly had his last shave WALL NEEDS MORE WALLAGE GARCIA STAHP IT Tactical retreat. Garcia please don't screw this over for me Garcia why? But yeah Bone broke easily Building up dem supports It's strength and speed. I'll take it OH IT'S ALL KICKING OFF NOW Pfft. PFFT. Don't make me laugh kid Yay flashbacks And then they had sex Seriously though, apparently her bracelet is now gone and Seth now wants to get it. Ughh... [spoiler=Chapter 3: The Bandits of Borgo] Your country's screwed up man THE TREE IS SPEAKING TO ME! I didn't notice this at the time but Seth is clearly doing Eirika right now Nope. Don't care I don't see how this is my problem DAMMIT MY SHIPPING SIDE IS GETTING THE BETTER OF ME. OFF WE GO. I forgot to mention that Colm is the one who donkey punched Eirika in the last chapter Nope. When you're about 90 and you have that one strand of hair on your chin then maybe Forgot to take a picture of the start of the map. Garcia actually hit something I'd do this, but then I won't be able to get free loot ARMY MOVE DAMMIT GARCIA Best relationship ever It's strength. I'll take it Dafuq First double of the playlog. Also Garcia critted but I mistimed it STRENGTHCIA BEARD OFF DAMMIT GARCIA First level up for Moustache. Ehhhhhhhhhh TWO CHANCES TO KILL GARCIA WHY? Yeah screw Garcia I was getting impatient It's defence. Hopefully he gets some speed soon Oh yeah we have to seize the throne You know I actually really like this pairing Dude there was a mercenary there you would've died I shouldn't have to explain this WANT You can't insult Duessel he has greater facial hair than you This guy is so cool. Shame he's a bit of a dick And now our hairy friends carry on moving towards Grado. I wonder what they will discover... If you're still interested, I have the rest of the chapters down below as hyperlinks Chapter 4: Ancient Horrors Chapter 5: The Empire's Reach Chapter 5x: Unbroken Heart Chapter 6: Victims of War Chapter 7: Waterside Renvall Chapter 8: It's a Trap! A New Journey Chapter 9: Ford Rigwald Chapter 10: Turning Traitor Chapter 11: Phantom Ship Chapter 12: Landing at Taizel Chapter 13: Fluorspar's Oath Chapter 14: Father and Son Chapter 15: Scorched Sands Chapter 16: Ruled by Madness Chapter 17: River of Regrets Chapter 18: Two Faces of Evil Chapter 19: Last Hope Chapter 20: Darkling Woods Chapter 21/Final chapter: Sacred Stone Epilogue/character analysis
  7. Let me start,here's Wallace,with pink hair I'm very good artist,yes?So beautiful ;_;
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