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Found 1 result

  1. Michelaar


    And guess what? ANOTHER word game from me! I love creating those fun games, and you guys seem to be enjoying it as well! I------------ I I I \ O / I ( ) I / \ I I------------------ This is what Mr.Hangman looks like. For the ones who are not experienced with this, allow me to explain. Explantion - Try to guess a word, by guessing letters. - If the letter is correct, the leader adds it to the line: Like Shinpichu guesses the letter A, Then I do this: _ _ _ A until all letters are there - If the letter is incorrect, the leader adds one part of the hangman, in this order: --- Beneath -> 7 I's above --> ----- Above --> The noose --> The head --> One of the arms --> the other arm --> The whole stomach --> One of the legs --> The other leg - If you do noy understand that order, just watch the other Hangman's, or the hangman example above, Starting below. - If the hangman is complete, you guys lose - ask questions if you don't understand Rules - The words may be only 8 letters long, or less. - The same thing as Lingo, only post a letter again when the leader commented with the answer to your letter! That was it for the rules! Now, let's start with an easy one: _ _ _ _ (4 letters)
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