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Found 2 results

  1. Doing a H5 run of Shadow Dragon. Nothing that some HP management and javelin spam can't solve.
  2. [spoiler=C1-3]C1 standard Jagen to the fortress with Silver and finish off with others for experience. The boss dodged Jagens lance, so I had to do random wrys action and spam ranged things until he was down. 20 turns because of this loldodge with no savepoint. Draug got a level with Speed, Cain one with Str and Abel one with speed. Each one had HP too and some random skl and lck. C2: Jagen, Barst and Draug can team up against the eastern squad. There was only one Pirate that can be killed with Jagen + Barst, then Draug held the chokepoint against the Hunter (if Draug goes exactly above Barst, Draug can chip the Hunter away with Iron Lance since the AI chooses Barst for their ranged attack, while the Thieves go so that the Hunter can't get 2 range against Draug and Barst can get away. Draug also procced a Def which will be important for C3. The Pirate directly on the left needs 8 Spd for Ogma to 2RKO, so I rigged for that and healed Ogma after EP 1. Pretty much a standard strat, though later on against the Castor group, I had to 'choke' the Hunters by moving bulky units to the right of the bridges (Barst and Jagen could tank Hunter + Pirate) Pirate could be killed easily with a Jagen ep + Barst + maybe Javelin combo. I used a savepoint for the bosskill, which could be done with Iron!Barst ep + Jagen + Ogma + Cain iirc. Feeding Cain a bosskill turned out to be failure because he was given Sword rank over Lance rank (while Ridersbane > Mercurius before C23). Turns: 12/32 C3 I used a pretty much standard strat of getting the devil axe by Turn 2 and use it to weaken Fighters with Barst and having Castor, Draug and Shiida go up on the left hand side. Draugs Def proc allowed him to take only 1*2 dmg from a Thief while being unequipped so he wouldn't have to confront a Fighter, while Julian could dodge-choke the Fighter that would aggro eventually. Defeating the Hunters was pretty easy, the boss are could be cleaned up with Jagen + Barst. It also was necessary to have Navarre (combined with some tradechaining) go all around the map and give Ogma the Killing Edge, so I could rig with the standard Ogma Crit + Devil!Barst strat against the boss. Turns 10/42 [spoiler=C4-6]Draug procced 2 Spd levels in the first 3 chapters, so I could have him double Fighters as a Mercenary. Jagen went Dracoknight and could pull the Hunter from the fighter squad since weakening him might help, Iron Bow didn't OHKO and he would have interrupted the 2 tile chokepoint. Castor and Abel chipped the Thief, Cain killed. The fighters were taken on by Devil!Barst and Iron!Draug on Turn 1, I don't remember exactly, but I involved Iron!Darros to chip the Fighter that attacked Draug and fed the kill to Jagen for some reason, and finished off the Fighter to Barst's side with a steel axe hit. Ogma weakened the Hunter further iirc and Jagen killed with Javelin. Someone took the Devil Axe from Barst (obv equipped it) and held the dual chokepoint with Ogma. Also used a savepoint to make things less risky. Shiida also went over to the west and picked off 2 of the Cavs with doubling Win Spear + Vulnerary. Cai, btw, was screwed in speed but high Strength. Abel still had 6 Str but 10 Spd. I took the other Cavs with my other units and had to warp someone that can kill the Thief after some chipdamage because he would reach the village easily. Steel!Marth could do since he appreciates Thief bonus. There was an ownage strat against the Archers by pulling them 1 tile below the Knight and then chipping them away from melee range. Meanwhile, I could pull the Horsemen too with some speedy units (Barst is bulky enough too even though he's doubled). I just used that strat and had Ogma kill the Archers and Shiida killed the Horsemen because that seemed to be the fastest way with that strat. Merric could iirc Excalibur ORKO the Knight, while Marth took the 2nd village and the boss went to Merric + Shiida. Turns 20/62 1 warp C5 Paladin!Jagen can head to the bridge to distract the archers and steel!cav from the wolfguard. Draug was a Fighter with 12 AS and a 13 Mt Iron forge that can ORKO an Archer. RHS cavaliers went to ep1 Shiida, ep1 Marth -> pp2 Shiida and mended Marth + Merric + Ogma iirc while Barst was in range of the pegasi and pulled the Wendell group. Merric was placed so that he can talk to Wendell next turn and had a heal staff in his inventory to give it and Excaliblick to Wendell. The archers were choked on the bridge by making one attack Jagen and the other one Cain who is behind Jagen. Jagen retreated so Draug can ORKO an Archer. Abel went directly next to the next Archer and attacked. Barst had already done good damage to the Pegasus Knight with Devil, so Steel!Marth (bought some steels on C4) could finish him iirc. Steel!Barst and Killing edge!Ogma (no steel due to weight) took the eastern Archer. Wendell and Marth fullmoved west. I had a vulnerary on the left side so I could stall with Abel to hold the chokepoint a bit longer (Draug went out of the Archer range since standing there wasn't needed). To distract the Javelin!Cav, I had Hardin, Wolf, Roshea and Sedgar (unequipped) and Vyland in case of a 9 spd rolling Cav stand so that they can go back to the fortress, while aggroing the cav through a peak tile. To break through my bridge chokepoint, I could have Wendell finish off the Archer that was 1L to Abel and Draug finished the Archer that could attack Abel. Wendell also was the only bosskiller that can ORKO for my current party that isn't OHKOed on counter-attack (like Shiida is, while Barst has no Hammer access yet). Going near the boss range obligatorily aggroed the Knights and pegasi, so Wendell ORKOed the Knight closer to him with Excalibur next EP (worked without pulling the Javelin!PK iirc) while Shiida pulled the PK (funfact: he wouldn't have either OHKOed or doubled my 9 Spd Lena) and Barst + Ogma picked him off. Shiida was healed and took the next generic AK. Wendell and Marth then prepared to charge the boss, whereas Marth has to stand in the Javelin!Cav's range (though even base Marth will be fine). Next turn, Excalibur!Wendell ORKOes the boss and Marth seizes. Turns 8/70 C6Shiida pulls a Knight on Turn 1 to ORKO. Lena mends on Turn 2, while Wendell barriers General!Wolf, who can then tank a Knight, an Archer and the Mage (I could have stolen General Horace's +1 Silver!Hardin idea for the Mage OHKO or his strat (quickest warpless one for this map), but that would've been insanely dick) The mage went for Abel, who ORKOes with a Base str (screwage op) javelin the same ep. Draug came in handy once again by ORKOing another Archer. The archer weakened by Wolf could be taken by Ogma. I don't know exactly, but Hardin, Barst, Shiida, Jagen and Wendell probably did the rest against the Archers, while either Wolf or Barst prevented the Cavs from wrecking the other part of my army. Wolf was mended by Lena to ensure survival against the Silver!Cav. Sedgar is deployed as a Horseman filler since Wolf does the General work already. He only contributed by chipping a Thief for Abel. The 2 Archer + 1 AK squad was pulled with Wolf + Hardin. Rickard was recruited in the meantime and got both chests that were left (Physic, Bullion). I wolf-pulled the boss area too and killed the boss with Excalibur double and win spear. Turns 9/79 [spoiler=C7]C7Fed Shiida a Seraph Robe. Julian opens the door, Ogma and Badass!DK!Wendell dealt damage to the Archers, Hardin and General!Wolf killed with Javelins. Shiida and Jagen could prevent the Mercenaries from attacking Ogma for more than one round of combat. Merric went down the left hand side to distract the Dracoknight on Turn 2 and blick some pegasus sisters. Cain went there too to distract a Cav from Shiida on turn 4 and use a save point. Marth also had to prepare to reach the village on Turn 4 since he couldn't tank any of the fliers. wdw 132 e45 w = wall d = former door 1 wendell 2 hardin 3 shiida 4 wolf 5 draug e = empty None of them can be hit more than twice. Shiidas Turn 1 position was 1, Ogmas Turn 1 position was 3. 1U and 1R from Ogma, Abel and hardin chipped, Draug finished off. Shiida javelin'd the e Merc, Wendell steel lance'd and Wolf steel lance'd for the kill. Wendell was physic'd by Lena. Draco obv was excaliblicked, Pegasi could easily be finished off after Draug's Iron forge and Wolf's Steel. Marth and Lena went fullmove towards the village. On turn 4, Shiida entered the reinforcement range and I made sure that she can't be hit by the Steel Lance!Cav and is physic'd by Lena. Marth visited, Cain goes so that the Steel!Cav can engage him without landing on the savepoint. Turn 5 Cain saves and Shiida is rigged a 19% Win spear crit on the boss, Marth is warped and seizes. Turns 5/84 1 warp, 5/7
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