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Found 12 results

  1. Hi, I was wondering why everyone seems to think Hinata is trash. He comes usable with good base spd and def, has many pair ups to boost either one or the other and even his mediocre strength with Rinkah pair up (or maybe MoA Hana pair up I don't know her personal pair p bonuses nor MoA's since I used it only once on Mozu who was obviously pair leader). Hell guys, instead of trash talking about him, look at yourselves kneeling before Dieck/Deke's base stats and shit growths and at Gerik who was Hinata before Hinata was born and whose promotion gains were shit because FE 8 had rather trash promotion gains to compensate for better unit growths. So Gerik comes later in the game than Hinata (45% in the game unlike Hinata's 30-33% in game progression chapter-wise). Gerik couldn't get out of his classline like Hinata can, couldn't get wings like Hinata can even in his buddy seals, needed instant dragonshield if you were to not feed him much exp or early promote him (I tried to use him early promoted as both promotions in chapter 13 Ephraim's route and he was dying to 3 or 4 little soldier attacks in hard mode LOL), Gerik didn't have access to such insane things as tonics and pair up bonuses and guard stance, he was overshadowed in no grind by Seth (like most of the cast), Duessel (maybe even better than Seth without any stat bonuses invested in them cuz diz beiz stats are ameizing and 1 pure water allows him to take the whole ennemy army by himself from his join chapter until he has to face stupid dragonzombies' absurd 30 true damage), Innes in his Eirika join chapter (silver bow and 14-15 speed makes him OHKO/ORKO his whole joining chapter by himself, give him an iron/steel bow for weakling and that's it whilehe can still ORKO dragonzombies at base with a hero bow, which no other unit can pretend to be able to). Meanwhile Hinata comes at the same level with a weapon that allows him to hit even with his low skill (steel blade in FE TSS is true shit unless you gave 4 body rings to Joshua/6 to Marisa and gave it to them but you might as well go for magic swords or killing edge/shamshir at this point), he can get those insane bonuses from gameplay "improvements" (they aren't in my opinion but 0% growth players who can emulate Fates would say otherwise), he can get boosts to his res, he even has access to a whole class that gives him res base, growth and anti-magic skills on top of the possibility of getting falcon knight's lv 15 skill by endgame if he was given enough exp (meaning you forbid Ryoma use or made it minimal) so he can do what is supposed to be the opposite of his physical tank job if given the chance. Meanwhile Gerik can only kill magic units by himself if given a pure water and if he can double the sages (thanks to tomes insane weight and agic classes having the worst base stats of the whole game though he should be able to double the chapter 17 Fimbulvetr sage before getting 2-3 shot, but don't let him against the trios of druids on open field or against any group with 1 or 2 magic units and 2+ physical units like this should happen by lategame and in the endgame chapter or say goodbye to the best mercenary of GBA FEs since you just killed him). Ike in RD comes with the same speed growth as Hinata and I think Haar (sorry, GOD) shares the same speed growth too. They have better base stats but in RD they make high level oifeys and leaders close to their base class's max stats to cap them easily but struggle more to max in t3 classes and usually ests or other growing units have very little more stat points than these OP starters except for Edward who is simply the best in his classline if you invest in him, Nolan who's better for endgame than Boyd because of a higher speed average, only tanky unit before long in his team, and the other axe user in DB coming with trash bases and overlevelled for her growths to catch up before the end of part 1, and even then she stays way weakier than Haar for the whole game, not any point on using her outside from dawn brigade exclusive chapters and their objectives don't even give decent BEXP so it's useless to even try and end the levels with every optionnal objective completed, meaning those stat boosters you use on her could be given to Volug instead for x1.5 effectiveness in half beast and x2 in beast (1 dragonshield is 2 to 4 def for him, meanwhile it doesn't allow Jill to go anywhere near an archer or a group o physical ennemies without a few potions/30hp recovery potion, and Volug has twice her base HP or not far from it and still 26+ levels to grow, with lower max stats to use BEXP even better than her, his weakness to fire is irrelevant for most of the game past the 1st chapter he's playable and act 1 endgame maybe but he could as well kill them in 1 hit at that point, + base 9 movement if I'm correct and he can shove unlike Jill, only thing she beats him on is canto). Speaking of which, Hinata is a little like Volug, muscular, fluffy, middling strength and def, high luck and hp, bad res, the only things Volug beats him on for the whole game is spd and skl but Fates likes to give you stat screwed units so Hinata's speed is good for the main campaign in hard (like Nyx's unsalavgeable base stats, even in her specialties she has shit bases and her skill to patch up accuracy needs her to fight at 1 range XD so she get OHKO easier by 20-26 MT physical ennemies a few chapters after she's recruited at most on hard difficulty, hell even Micayah is more usable than her and at least she has utility in her base class and can level up through it even to the point you can get her to 20 in act 1 by spamming her suicide heal and using Laura/potion/herb to heal Micayah, and she can kill most act 1 bosses in 1 hit with her 2 personnal tomes for free exp). After this whole novel of comparisons between ~comparable~ units between older games and Fates, I hope you understand my point and that you will remember it before thinking ill of him. He isn't stellar by himself, but he comes usable (13 def in chapter 10 is about as much as lv 13-15 MU with HP boon, or def screwed def boon holding the DRAGONSTONE), his issues can be patched or fixed for cheap and his bases carry him for a while. Meanwhile Hana starts with glass cannon issues that will never be fixed by any means (unless you play a solorun Hana and give her all stat boosters including bonus path dragon herbs for her to mimic Gandalf in the prologue of The Lord of The Rings when he talks peacefully with Frodo while playing with smoke). And after having seen Ryoma again for the first time after like 1.5 year because this game bores me before reaching his recruitment most of the time, I think he has good strength but nothing Hana can't reach (with much higher skill, res and maybe equal to better luck) so if his OP sword didn't carry him he woudn't be so stellar (15 def with a katana for a level 4 male swordmaster is simply unforgivable, it's 2 points higher than Hinata's 13 levels+promotion lower level def with only 11 more speed for a unit supposed to be fast LMFAO any est-type speedy unit should've reached 28-30 by this point, my lv 8 general Setsuna who spent 12 levels as a knight and 7 as a general has 30 as a dark flyer with only 2 points from stat boosters gotten from the herbs I gave her, and everything else isn't high for his level, I bet Hinoka at his level with an equivalent personal weapon would do everything better than him even as a falcon knight with flying and maybe beast weaknesses).
  2. Guest

    Why everyone hates Rebecca?

    Ok, I have seen loads and loads of people saying that ''Rebecca is trash lol''. I just don't get it. I know that Wil comes with the Lyn Story ''bonus'' and some-what medium growths but...What makes her THAT bad?
  3. Recently, I've noticed a lot of characters just out right hated. I've seen it happen to one of my favorites as well. And no matter what I do, I can't seem to get the comments out of my head. Is it me taking games to seriously, or is it something else? How do any of you deal with problems like this?
  4. It's come to my attention that a lot of people do not like Roy. To me, Roy was my best lord. Stat wise to be exact. But some people said his stats were trash. Here is my Roy: I only used one dragonshield from a secret shop. I didn't take picture from before promotion or after.
  5. You know, I've been thinking...sexual fanservice pisses the heck out of me. Even more so I hate when people praise or demand fanservice. I won't be the first to say this I'm sure, and at the risk of serious backlash, who else despises the stuff?
  6. God fucking damn it I hate this game. So the only natural thing to do is make a playthrough of it. Obviously. LHM to start idk maybe I'll do HHM if I hate my life. Pick good characters for me. Serra and Florina will be used and transcend christ. Raven, Kent and Erk will die. Pent will not be used and his sexy wife will be used. This is guaranteed. Everyone else is fair game. It feels so weird not doing a tag-team [spoiler= Prologue because I'm too lazy to do Chapter 1] Gross no tutorials plz lets do eet true fact: chapter titles are a stable of screenshot lps Am I dead? Is this heaven. o Oh god. It feels so weird not hating you anymore. What am I doing to myself. b-but I am mute, so sorry. what's dat I am useless in every way, my apologies. Gosh that first text scroll was painful Move #1 Good start. *sigh* Wasting vulneraries is a stable of the prologue. probably God damn it. Wasting more resources. FINISH HIM get rekd baby steps to godhood Please stop watching me sleep. Ponytails are always welcome. We're screwed.
  7. (Spoilers for season six) So yeah. That was certainly an interesting season finale. The entire episode I was just waiting for the ending so I could see them getting married, and...well...that didn't happen. I'm rather pissed off about it, but whatever, I'll just have to wait. So, what do you all think happened? -Return of Senator Bracken? -Return of 3XK and his doctor pal? -Something to do with Castle's father? -Something entirely new? I think it's pretty obvious that he wasn't in that car when it crashed, but I wonder what really happened. By the way, that black car scared the shit outta me. I hope I wasn't the only one.
  8. You know, I've been thinking...fanservice pisses the heck out of me. Even more so I hate when people praise or demand fanservice. I won't be the first to say this I'm sure, and at the risk of serious backlash, who else despises the stuff?
  9. The title says it all, we together will gather 300 Russell-Crow reasons to hate Lyndis. Nothing is to stupid a reasons to despise her, so post away! I'll go first: 1. Lyn has green hair. Green is the opposite of red, and thus, Lyn is the opposite of Deadpool. And by Deadpool I mean fun.
  10. So, in the prologue, i changed it up a bit so there is a tactician there, playable. Here's the relevant part of the code: //...the normal disassembled stuff BeginningScene: CMOF LOU1 EnemyUnitsENM ENUN ASMC 0x7A939 0x7A9D5 FADUCG 2 SHOWMAP TEXTCG 0x813 0x1 STAL 2 MUS1 0x3F STAL 2 2 2 2 STAL 2 2 2 2 STAL 2 FADI 4 HIDEMAP ASMC 0x7A95D STAL 32 BACG 0x0 FADU 4 SHOWMAP TEX1 0x815 REBU MUEN 4 REMA STAL 32 LOU1 AllyUnitsENM ENUN STAL 64 MOVE 0x3 [14,9] ENUN REPA 0x3 FADI 16 HIDEMAP BACG 0x0 FADU 16 SHOWMAP MUS1 0x32 TEX1 0x816 REMA LOU1 AllyUnitsENM ENUN LOU1 label17 ENUN ENDA label12: SHOWMAP MOVE 0xCD [14,7] ENUN TEX1 0x817 REMA STAL 2 2 2 2 STAL 2 2 2 2 STAL 2 2 2 STAL 2 2 2 2 STAL 2 2 2 2 ENDA //...the normal disassembled stuff label17: UNIT Tactician WyvernKnight Lyn_t Level(1, Ally, 1) [14,9] [14,9] [IronSpear, Vulnerary] NoAI UNIT //...the normal disassembled stuff It works fine (I havent changed anything but the name (I only typed in [Tact], notactually make it so that it uses the Tact name) and description either), except...... trying to select the wait command (in either Normal or Hard mode)... doesn't work. At all; it just lets the tact keep on moving.
  11. http://www.feplanet.net/sprites-tools-statsheet WHY IS IT DOWN?! **weeps**
  12. I had three pound bag of sugar after chem today. So went around school throwing sugar in my friends faces yelling "the power of Christ compels you". What would you guys have done?
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