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Found 4 results

  1. I know a major thing to any form of media is a good villain. FE has had its share of good villains and... not so good villains. The addition of Grima to Heroes got me wondering - since there's a lot unknown about the villains in FE what are your ideas or headcanons about them? If not that, what do you want to see from the villains? How would you improve them, if you would at all?
  2. I have a couple of my own for my Revelations playthrough, and wanted to see if anyone else had any! Here are a few of mine: I made Camilla a Maid and Elise a Malig Knight, so I always headcanoned that Camilla taught Elise how to ride it and then gave it to her. Another was I switched Ryoma and Xander's class, and headcanoned that they did that to try to help build trust between the Hoshidan troops and the Nohrian troops, setting an example. I've always shipped Laslow and Azura, as I headcanon that Azura reminds him of Olivia (his mother), and that helps make sure he doesn't forget that someday he has to make it back to her alive. If anyone else has any to share, I'd love to hear them!
  3. Does anybody else feel like the makers of Awakening sorta-kinda intended for the player to pair up their Avatar with Chrom (if female) or Lucina (if male)? I know there aren't really any canon couples in the game per se, but it does feel like there are certain pushes from the makers. Obviously they also really try to hammer in Chrom X Sumia as well, but it's safe to say that doing f!Robin X Chrom and m!Robin X Lucina brings out the most epic plot-driven drama the game can produce. In either instance, Lucina tries to come to terms with killing her mother or her husband, and the scene is just so heartbreaking and powerful, especially because of the music and dialogue. It's gotten to a point where I now consider at least m!Robin X Lucina "canon", just cause their relationship makes the game a decent bit more compelling. I also found their supports and their conversations at the DLC hot springs to be cute as hell. Obviously this is just opinion-based, and I'm happy to hear replies from people completely disgusted by the pairing ("That's his best friend's kid, you sicko!"). From the sounds of it, though, m!Robin X Lucina and f!Robin X Chrom are really popular ships. Like.....really popular, so if anyone has a reason why they ship them so hard, feel free to respond! =P
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