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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, Today I'm sharing my thoughts on Fates' exp system and why I hate it. Sure, avoiding your overlevelled units to take a level by killing 3-5 units is good because it forces you to use more units than Avatar+1 and roflstomp with a 10 levels lead on ennemies (especially after promotion). But FE Fates is a game, and we want to play the way we like. If we want to play with 2 units, why would you keep us from getting levels while the ennemies are scaling faster than our own units? Promoted units' exp gains are simply awful, and prepromotes like MILFkinshi can barely level up without taking out the prepromote ennemies (which can also kill her easy if you play hard or lunatic birthright since MILF is so squishy OMG) while you could want to feed these kills to your overlevelled non promoted units (because it's the only way to give them exp outside boo camp DLC) or to lower levelled units to give them 80+ % of their exp bar in order to catch up to the higher level units in your army and not stay dead weight. Meanwhile, staff users have less preferable classes and growths but they can level up from 1 unpromoted to 20/20 in no time by spamming heal on each other then finish the ennemies in 1 hit. What's the goal of making half-assed exp nerfs? I'm forced to use this or that unit as a staff bot if I want anyone to reach said skill level to grab it and enjoy my build. Otherwise, I can wait all the game before reaching the level I have to reach to grab one skill, not even talking of level 15 promoted skills (what's the point of keeping them if close to no one will get them in no grind playthroughs, and close to no one even in grindfest playthroughs? Getting 1 exp per kill is really trash way to nerf powerlevelling, it's just annoying and keeps you away from ever using prepromotes as more than strategic units for a few chapters). Weak prepromotes should have better exp gains than 20/1 units (by a large margin since most of them have lower stats on top of lower exp gain) and I don't see why MILF has so low base stats with shit exp rate while LOLRyoma and ScarLOL have like +20 to their base stats not even including HP alongside better growth rates AND better class (wyvern gives good bases/growths, swordmaster is good and Ryoma makes this class absolutely gamebreaking with his bases and his OP AF personal weapon, meanwhile MILF has to play with the same exp gains, shit bases and a class only viable for her joining chapter with many flyers to kill and awful map design making flyers much needed for rout). I don't know why Gunter has the same exp growth as unpromoted level 10 units while MILF has level 20/1 exp gain or close to it. It's disrespectful for such an original unit (Kinshi is an original class and she would be very useful if only she had stats and the class itself wasn't garbage in terms of stat bases/growths, being worse than Onmyoji, Sorcerer and other non-hybrid classes accessible from the same class as hybrid classes, with some differences of 8+ base stats between hybrid and non-hybrid). So yeah, Fates exp system forces you to use only the units who can reach certain thresholds before being limited to -5 exp per kill, like doubling a certain unit or OHKO this unit. The prepromoted are hit or miss, wit everything not royal or prepromoted wyverns being trash (and even Leo is not good in his base class and needs boosts to be of any use meanwhile Camilla comes earlier and recks everything for a while at base). Using non-optimal units like Subaki, Setsuna, dark mage!Odin, DK!Leo without stat boosters etc. is heavily punished because they won't reach the necessary thresholds for beating said units in said chapters and will make these chapters a real pain to deal with. If they could just gain 1 or 2 more levels they would maybe reach these thresholds alongside having other nice features (like Subaki's skill or Setsuna's speed) but they won't because the game cuts your exp gain with a chainsaw level after level until you barely gain any exp per kill. Meanwhile your staff users reach 20/20 before anyone reaches level 8 promoted. Without even trying, just spamming staves as you would've done in GBA FEs. Healers became no brain exp scaling bags while fighting units took a severe nerf. Sakura/Azama as a Priestess/Mountain priest outscale your whole army so fast excet maybe LOLRyoma an staff user avatar that it's not even funny, they just go frontline with 10 more levels than your highest availability fighters and blow everything up just with E-D weapons without stat penalties (especially Sakura and Azama who're really good scaling units). TO SUM UP, FE healers have always been slower to level up before Fates and you would promote them to get weapon access so they could contribute a little by softening an ennemy here and there for your fighters to destroy them, but in Fates they gain so much exp from the beginning to the end (because they only have to be close or under the target's level to gain massive exp from each heal) that they will simply reach OP stats before your fighters even promote. Healers are often my 1st units to reach level 20 before promotion, thus using the early master seals and completely destroying ennemies faster than light while completely benching my other units, just healing each other in the middle of the ennemies while Azama counterkills everyone with bronze naginata in no time. They don't even need a support bag, they just outscale everything for the whole game just by healing, meanwhile your fighters sit on the side because they can't compete statwise nor skillwise nor utility-wise.
  2. The consensus in Heroes is that healers are pretty bad. Full disclaimer that these changes will probably never happen, since gacha apparently cannot make big changes to game mechanics for reasons, but it can be fun to speculate all the same. Healers are borderline useless in Arena, and the modes where they actually pull their weight somewhat in Tempest and Chain Challenges, but a Falchion wielder with Renewal and Reciprocal Aid can do their job better and still contribute offensively. They main drawback with Healers is dealing half damage. Wrathful Staff fixes this a bit, but is locked behind a 5* unit as well as taking up the B slot. I find Dancers are superior to Healers, and they do not get the penalty to their damage dealt. They get a slight BST penalty, but that barely makes a difference. One fix would actually be making Wrathful Staff more accessible, by letting a 4* by more available for SI fodder. A more extreme would be more drastic, but I suggest just nixing the half damage mechanic altogether. Healers already cannot get damaging specials, as well as being restricted from a multitude of other skills. On top of that, their best (in terms of might) spell only deals 10 damage with no secondary effect. I've heard people say that not giving healers the half damage buff would let them take on low Res units, but I don't see that as a problem. Being effective against a small array of units is hardly game breaking where a meta revolves around OHKOing units seldom leaves healers with a job to do anyway. If the damage nerf was changed, I could see healers getting a BST penalty along the lines of Dancers, which I think is what they should have done in the first place. It will probably never happen, but pulling Lachesis and breaking my pity rate made me ponder on what could have been.
  3. It has been a while since we got some Healer Adjustments via some Passives Skills. However even through the addition of this Skills Healers lack tools in terms of Repositioning and/or Damage to varant/justify a Spot in an Arena Team and are still deemed worthless outside of Training Tower, Tempest Trial etc. The Lack of Legendary Weapons on the Healer/Stave user side, doesnt help this Term either. Stave users are currently the only Class without any form of Legendary Weapon as an Access. This is a List of Assists/Skills/Weapons i would like to see introduced to elevate this to some degree: Teleportation and Warp can be used on Units that havent suffered any DMG at all yet. Divine Veil Passive: This extends also the range of Cardinal Direction Debuffs from 1 tile/line to 3 in each direction In Addition to this new Skills the following Addition/Changes should be made: Assists: Martyr: Abolishment of the +1 Cooldown, increase of minimum HP Restored from +7HP to +10HP Mend: Increasing the Restored HP from 10 HP to 15 HP Physic: Increasing the Restored HP from 8 HP to 15 HP Reconcile: Increasing the Restored HP from 7 HP to 10 HP Recover: Increasing the Restored HP from 15HP to 20HP, Abolishment of the +1 Cooldown Rehabilitate: Abolishment of the +1 Cooldown, increase of minimum HP Restored form +7HP to +10 HP Specials: Heavenly Light: Increased the Restored HP from 10 HP to 20 HP Kindled Fire-Balm: grants all allies +6 ATK instead of 4 Solid Earth-Balm: grants all allies +6 DEF instead of 4 Still Water-Balm: grants all allies +6 RES instead of 4 Swift Winds-Balm: grant all allies +6 SPD instead of 4 Passives A-Slot: - Abolishment of the A-Slot Skill Inheritence Restriction, giving Stave Users the Ability Inherit all A-Slot Skills that Tome users can use too, with the Exeption to Triangle Adept not being inheritable still Passives B-Slot: - Abolishment of Seal-Skills Skill Inheritance Restriction (example Seal atk etc.) - Abolishment of Poison Strike Skill Inheritance Restriction - Introduction of Stave-Breaker Skill for All Units to inherit Passives C-Slot: 2 New Infantery Healer (not usable by Elise and Priscilla due to movement type restrictions) excklusive Passives: - Fortify Infantery, same as the other Emblem buffs - Hone Infantery, same as the other Emblem buffs Thoughts from you guys? Any other Ideas you guys have? I am just sick seeing Healers underperform so much and be basicly worthless for anything outside of Tempest Trial and Training Tower. Of course I am well aware that Infantery melee Units need help too
  4. Im doing a corrinquest but I can't find any healer corrins. Do you guys have any? I would suggest around level 10-13 unpromoted. ~ My castle address: 13594-87419-94525-33994 Class: Outlaw Special skill: Lethality Boon/bane: Skill/luck ~
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