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Found 5 results

  1. So I am trying to learn how to randomize fire emblem conquest, I haven't set up the homebrew or anything so it is basically from scratch. I would appreciate help like maybe a tutorial that is up to date or just instructions that I could get here. I have the latest update on my 3ds I don't know if that stops me from randomizing the game. I would like to experience it randomized as a fun challenge and change of pace so anything helps. I would greatly appreciate it.
  2. does Valkyrie get passed down if broken
  3. Time for another PME. While I have my editor work on my FE7 PME, I decided to start getting edits for my FE8 PME. I'm really looking forward to this run in particular. So give me those edits. Remember, only good and/or interesting edits will be accept. Nothing stupid here. Also, if your able to make custom portraits, I would really like your assistance on this PME.
  4. So I'm stuck with a conundrum: I have two green mages on my team and I plan to rotate one out when the season ends so I can keep up with feathers, however both of them fulfill niche roles that the other can't. My options are Cecilia (with +res, -def ) and Julia (with +spd, -def). Julia's been in the team longer and with her bow breaker and wipe out archers, but her real use comes from being able to take out the ever present Nowi and Ninian, which my other units cannot deal with effectively. Cecilia is the new recruit but she packs Triangle Adept, allowing her to also remove bows and her biggest asset, green tome breaker. For reference my other two constant units are Rein (with +att, -spd) and Lucina (with -hp, +def) Green tomes are something I've struggled against due to Lucina lacking distance counter, but I've noticed that Cecilia can't quite muster enough damage to reliable take dragons out, especially if she's taken damage. So assuming Julia isn't in the next Arena rotation who should I keep in? Skill reference As an aside, other people are free to use this space who also have problems deciding between two units.
  5. Ok, so I'm childish and my reactions can be too. People always like teasing me and harassing me. They don't even have a reason to tease me. How can I make them stop; tell them they're annoying politely but firmly?
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