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Found 13 results

  1. I decided to try out vanilla Lunatic for Awakening's 10th anniversary, and this chapter is a massive roadblock (no pun intended). Any ideas for how I can make it through? Since this is a quasi-ironman run (i.e. I'm allowed to reset from my last save if I get a Game Over instead of starting the whole run from scratch), I'm open to any plan that requires sacrifice, though I'd obviously prefer keeping everyone alive if I can. I know Lunatic doesn't really have any consistent strategy and requires you to rethink your plan on the fly, but even just an idea for what to do on Turn 1 would be a huge help. NOTE: This is NOT Lunatic+; this is regular Lunatic. No worrying about shit like Vantage+, Luna+, Pass, or Hawkeye. I'm masochistic to a certain extent, but I have my limits, and Lunatic+ sounds like CBT without the CB. (Plus, I haven't unlocked it yet, so I couldn't play L+ if I wanted to.) My current team (not including Stahl, Vaike, or Miriel) Chrom Level 3 Lord (36 EXP) 22 HP 8 STR 2 MAG 9 SKL 10 SPD 7 LCK 8 DEF 3 RES Inventory: Falchion, Rapier (34 uses) Supports: Frederick (C Support) Weapon ranks: D Swords Skills: Dual Strike+ Robin (female, +Spd/-Def) Level 5 Tactician (98 EXP) 21 HP 9 STR 7 MAG 8 SKL 11 SPD 8 LCK 6 DEF 4 RES Inventory: Thunder (25 uses), Vulnerary (1 use) Supports: Lissa (C Support) Weapon ranks: E Swords, D Tomes Skills: Veteran Lissa Level 2 Cleric (19 EXP) 18 HP 2 STR 5 MAG 4 SKL 4 SPD 9 LCK 3 DEF 4 RES Inventory: Heal (23 uses) Supports: Robin (C Support) Weapon ranks: E Staves Skills: Miracle Frederick Level 1 Great Knight (76 EXP) 28 HP 13 STR 2 MAG 12 SKL 10 SPD 6 LCK 14 DEF 3 RES Inventory: Silver Lance (18 uses), Miniature Lance (10 uses), Bronze Sword (50 uses), Elixir (3 uses) Supports: Chrom (C Support) Weapon ranks: D Swords, B Lances, D Axes Skills: Discipline, Outdoor Fighter Sully Level 2 Cavalier (93 EXP) 20 HP 7 STR 1 MAG 8 SKL 8 SPD 6 LCK 7 DEF 2 RES Inventory: Bronze Lance (47 uses) Supports: None Weapon ranks: E Swords, D Lances Skills: Discipline Virion Level 2 Archer (0 EXP) 19 HP 6 STR 0 MAG 11 SKL (9 naturally, +2 granted by Skill +2) 5 SPD 7 LCK 6 DEF 1 RES Inventory: Iron Bow (40 uses) Supports: None Weapon ranks: D Bows Skills: Skill +2
  2. Hi everyone. I'm having some problem: I'm trying to play radiant dawn on emulator (Dolphin), but it doesn't work. It never boots up and i just get a black screen, with no indication or warning whatsoever. Path of radiance worked perfectly fine, but the sequel doesn't. Any hep? Thanks
  3. I don’t know why but the only units who are reliably killing things right now are Boyd and Titania. Units like Oscar who are apparently really good, can’t even double anyone and even my Ike is hardly slaughtering thanks to all these damn lance users and can’t even kill an archer in one turn. Marcia is way to frail to even think about touching these enemies so I’m having to spoon feed her. It takes both Mia and Oscar teaming up on an enemy to get kills. Ilyana feels ridiculously pudgy and can’t really consistently kill anyone on her own, but I love her design and I really want to use her. Soren does pretty well against anyone I throw him at. I’m playing the game on normal mode. My main question is, am I somehow playing this wrong or screwed myself over somehow? Or is it just that I’m used to newer 3ds/switch title(s) in which all the killing happens during the player phase? I have heard a lot of people say that the majority of killing happens on the enemy phase in this game, but it’s just extremely frustrating that none of my units seem to be even denting these enemies consistently. I also don’t know what to do with all the units the game keeps handing me... Any advice would be appreciated.
  4. Fire emblem three houses explore mechanics are great but it won’t let me quit I’m out of activity points and I’ve tried pressing l in every menu but I can’t quit even saving and quit the game doesn’t work so can someone plz help
  5. O M G. What is this chapter??? Everything else has been a breeze but now... this chapter... omg my poor units! I've raised them like a family and now enemies are falling on them like the waves of the ocean... priscilla can't heal everyone at once, and erk and lucious cant hardly heal because they're needed to slaughter the countless knights and generals being thrown at me... not to mention the nomad troopers dancing circles around my cavalry and generals! Someone please help me, I really don't want any deaths. It's just the sheer number of enemies is absolutely ridiculous and I can't do anything but sit and let them rain down on us, because if I move my army forward, the onslaught just gets worse.. please help lol I thought I was so close to finally beating my first GBA Fire Emblem lol
  6. I love using Rebecca but she is just sucking so bad, even with a steel bow I feel like she's more of a unit I feed kills than rely on. Half the time her minimal damage isn't even enough to silence a wounded enemy! She's my preferred archer over Will, but she just... sucks really bad for me right now? Any advice please 😞
  7. Hello all, I would like to seek some advice from you all on how to have better success in this game. Unfortunately I'm pretty young (just turned 16 last week) so I had the pleasure of being introduced to Fire Emblem through Smash Bros. Melee and Brawl at a very young age and didn't play a game till Awakening. Due to that I have an extremely hard time playing the older fire emblem games. I got pretty far into Sacred Stones until towards the end of the game I got completely SLAUGHTERED 😫. I've always wanted to beat Blazing Blade but I'm just having a very difficult time thanks to Awakening practically spoiling me. Units run out of weapons and die all the time and it just feels like my army is just BARELY trudging through levels. It feels like I get to levels and am just completely screwed because my army is extremely unprepared. Do you all have any advice on how to better approach these older games? More specifically Blazing Blade in general? Awakening spoiled me and now I'm unable to do well in these older titles 😭
  8. Ok, so Silque died and i failed to use the Turnwheel to save her, since i retreated from the Berkut battle in Act 4. So now i'm in Fear Shrine trying to find the revival spring. The issue is that it's a fucking labyrinth and i don't know where to go. Door of the Living? Door of the Dead? I went through the former and found some warp panels. Where do they lead? Basically, where's the damn revival spring?
  9. I'm doin' it! This is my run of Corrinright, or for the ill-informed, a Corrin only run of Fates: Birthright! Watch the stream at kappastrife on twitch! My current units: Madoka the Great Lord w/ Renewal Aura the Darkmage w/ Astra Serge the cavalier w/ Death Blow Nevarine the Apothecary w/ Sol Seth the Outlaw w/ Point Blank Lorelei the Troubador w/ Rally Defense Jeff the Apothecary w/ Nobility Daru the Knight w/ Dargon Fang Alice the Troubador w/ Elite
  10. So i'm not a veteran of Fire Emblem, I've only played Awakening and now I'm playing Fates, starting with the Birthright path. So I've been thinking on how exactly I should reclass my avatar, and most likely other units, but i'm not sure about how to go about doing it. In Awakening I didn't actually know about reclassing and stuff for the skills till like midway through. The path I went for with most characters in Awakening was to: level them up to their max level in base class --> upgrade to an advanced class and max level them --> reclass to another class for skills --> then back to their original advanced class since I like keeping them at what they're supposed to be But it seems like in Fates there are some limitations which would not allow me to do this, so for example, if I'm currently a lvl 16 Nohr Prince, and my 'talent' is Samurai, how exactly should I go about doing things if I want my avatar to have Astra/Swordfaire and/or Lethality I've been thinking a lot about like who I should marry (I'm having trouble choosing between Hana and Kagero, though Felicia or Azura seem pretty good too...) and what skills I want for all the 2nd gen characters and such... So if you think you can help me out in choosing who I should marry and which would have the most benefits (with stats and skills) and explain if the reclassing thing better for my it would be very much appreciated! (Thanks for reading and sorry if you feel as if this was too long and/or went off topic, I ended up just putting all my questions onto this post)
  11. Greetings and salutations, Serenes. Okay, so that video reminded me of the MC community and how weird it is and the questions I have, which I'll just drop here, I guess? -Why do adults play this? I can see the merits, but there are many games that do parkour, combat and stuff better and look better. -Why is the combat in these animations and in general taken so seriously? It's literally just shooting with a bow and hitting stuff, how can you not be good/be an expert with such barebones mechanics? -Why do these animations even exist and who makes them? Also, who voices them??? -What is with all these "girl vs something" animations? -When will it die. -Why do people call it "epic" and stuff? It's just blocks and the simplest form of combat, there isn't anything "epic" about...placing blocks and playing minigames while hitting stuff.
  12. Hey, Fateborn here again. I'm going to do a Female!sword only run. If you are familiar with my FE8 run, then the rules will be the same, with few expectations that I have placed in poll to allow you to decide for me (I would do it myself but I like to see what you guys want to see me do.) First rule. Only women are allowed. (Unless Bartre is permitted permanently I won't use him.) And they are required to have either sword, or has promotion gain of swords. In other word... Lyndis, Florina, Fiora, Isadora, Vaida, Farina, and Karla are permitted. However, as an expectation due to low amount of units, Ninian/Nils are also permited. (If only I had a mamakute too...) If such a need arise, I won't hesitate to use a healing class or an additional female unit. But until then, I won't be required to use them. (Yeah, you heard me right. I'm WILLING to use Louise or Priscilla (Two most likely canditate of emergency if something's fucky with my run such as terribad growth on my characters since it usually happen... Fucking Tate, Vanessa and Syrene.) I also have to sell all items that are not swords and consumables (Which means, no axe, no lances, no bows, no staves, no tomes. I will however keeps few lances -for florina and fiora of course, and a couple of bow/staves for louise and priscilla in case of emergency.) As I will be unable to have any female sword users for 5 chapters of HHM, I am allowed to use Eliwood and Hector with no hestitation until I re-acquires Lyndis, to which I will then bench Failwood. (He always suck on my team no matter what happen. It'd be Lyndis who's most blessed, and Hector will be above average, that's always common for me...) I also will level up Priscilla with usages until the unnecessary of her approaches. If something is really messy between chapter 12 and 15, I will be permitted to use Marcus, but only with swords. I'll keep the poll running for 24 hours, or until sufficient votes are input. Till then, I bid you good read and entertainment of my mostly gangsta outburst and dumb references here and there of my run. (Mostly thwomp.) Now then I gotta go study a certain pattern of the chapters and see what I could do for each one (the ones between 11 and 15 anyway.) Edit: Main reason why I'd like to do LHM is so I can drag my balls through chapter 19xx :>
  13. Because I wanna LP something, and well, I couldn't be arsed to do anything better with my time. So I asked SB about Let's Plays, reminding him of his VN in the process. In return, I got this. ugh This is Elieson's Let's Play, featuring Squaresoft's 1995 SNES release, Secret of Evermore. FOLLOW MONOCLES AS HE STUMBLES OUT OF A MOVIE THEATER AND INTO AN ALTERNATE DIMENSION OR TIMELINE OR SOMETHING WITH HIS BRILLIANT DOG SIDEKICK, SB IS A DOG! [spoiler=Prologue: Enter the Derp] Sounds Legit This can't be a good sign Oh boy a time! 50% OFF! BUY BUY BUY!!! The Adventures of Loxley, in theatres now. That'd be more interesting than this dimwitted game. You know, this street is boring. Town Central Ave and there's 2 kids and a cat. OH BOY WAIT MORE SALES!!! A wild plot event appeared! Inanimate gyroscopic ball, I would love to be a part of any history that you actually create. That's what she said She said that too WHY EVEN BOTHER WITH THE PAST 3 MINUTES? Meanwhile, in the present; color returns to the universe. yea, totally. I watch The Lost Adventures of Vexx in theatres with my dog all the time. My favorite part was when they let the dog into the movie theatre with no questions asked. What a suck budget. I actually made a home movie with a garden hose in it. Are you blind as well as stupid? Dog ----> Cat. Fuck man, c'mon. Ahh Doughead Software. Software to get you ahead in life. coolshades.jpg Smart dog. The cat went right btw. Probably to alert the authorities of a kid who needs a reverse lobotomy. K I BET THE OWNERS DONT CARE IF WE JUST WALK IN How did you know the cat's name? If he's smart, facefirst into a paper shredder. COOL, BURGLARY AND DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY! I'M ON A ROLL ALREADY! Just like my daddies' room! All that's missing is the empty whiskey bottle and the leather belt! Ohh observant. C'mon Scooby! No way, a closet and giant lightbulbs! Or that. Sure. We've already burglarized, vandalized and destroyed property. Why stop now. GNARLY GRAPHICS MAN Famous Last Words TM If I were stuck with you as my master, I'd have done the same thing a long time ago. RUT ROH! DA FUQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ
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