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Found 3 results

  1. Hello Recently I started trying to make a little hack for some friends of mine, i began by using luna to apply the skills patch unaware of a newer version existing. Long story short after installing the new skills patch and changing the start of the game I have ran into a problem while attempting to view unit stats It gives me a similar screen everytime, glithed green bar and 33 something, it also softlocks the game leaving only the unit animation playing. Im kinda new so sorry if i broke any rules, just trying to get this fixed.
  2. Benice

    World Map Woes

    In Fe builder, every single time I try to change the opening of the game, the same error occurs: I open up/create a save file, start the game, at which point the opening blurb about the sacred stones defeating the deamon king happens as usual. Instead of loading my events lined up for the opening cutscene, it just loads my lord unit on the world map with nowhere to go. Since this happens every time, I'm assuming it's a simple problem. The only time this didn't happen is when it loaded both the world map and chapter map onto each other, but I think it's because I put the chapter start event in the world map events by accident. Any help/suggestions? I've been working to fix this problem a LOT of times.
  3. It has the European names (Shiida, Doluna, Akanea, Nabarl, rather than Caeda, Dohlr, Archanea, and Navarre). But it has a legit ESRB E10+ Rating on the sticker. Here are pictures I took that I think may help... http://imgur.com/kI0korl Here we have the front of my Cart, with the ESRB rating, looking like an American copy. http://imgur.com/lflWuRb Here we have the back of my Cart. http://imgur.com/RUXdBS4 Now, our first noticeable part of the bootleg once I pop it in: Archanea is Akaneia in this supposed bootleg... http://imgur.com/w3EWUQ1 Next, we see Dolhr is its European name, Doluna. http://imgur.com/4GG7qNT Caeda has her European name, Shiida... http://imgur.com/GLLO0L6 And a comparison to 4 of my non-bootleg DS games. You can see that my Shadow Dragon copy is slightly darker. So, is it a bootleg? I can't show the case because I only recieved the Game Cart when I bought it.
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