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Found 2 results

  1. Can anybody help me make a good name for my oc? It's a girl Name: help me Age:??? Gender:female Class: assassin Teacher Personality: energetic, Likes wyverns, dislikes horses, a little bit of a trickster Likes: petting Seteth's wyvern, Reptiles, spring days, conversations with linhardt and hanneman, talking to Claude and petting his albino wyvern Dislikes: Edelgard, the empire, those who slither in the dark, Horses, Dimitri falling in battle, and people trying to mess with seteth. Strength: Swords, flying, reason Weakness: riding, bows, armor House: blue lions Relatives: Seteth, flayn, rhea, linhardt, (anyone else I don't know related to seteth) Other: Seteth's brother, you can learn more about her when I roleplay, or by simply messaging me! Please help me find a suitable name! Thanks to Ertrick36 for helping me, the part about the names having origin from Irish was extremely useful!
  2. hey have a question for credit card people here (first of all im american if that matters)credit cards have limits and all that yeh, but u can pay them before the month/cycle is up. if you pay your credit card, can you continue to spend the same day? or do you have to wait for the money to be physically withdrawn from your pay-from account?im buying a laptop and my mom just paid her card off so we wouldn't go over the limit but she (FOR SOME REASON???) doesnt know if you can spend immediately after paying (it says: "the payment to your credit card account will be dated on 02/28/2017) or if you have to wait for the money to actually be withdrawn from your account (it says: "the withdrawal from your pay-from account will generally occur within 2 business days of this payment date"). so which is it?? let me know if i need to explain more iro if i need to type more coherently because i can but idk
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