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Found 7 results

  1. Not posting in the Cipher tab as this is less to do with cards and I would like more exposure on this particular thing. I'm a fan of the Cipher mascots and got the 2016 Cipher Drama CD with 65 minutes of dialogue. Issue is I don't understand japanese so that's where I shall turn to the community for help on that. I've ripped the CD so I can share them with you all for a listen [ mediafire ], I will post them on YT as itself as well when I get around to it. I just would like to find people who would help in listening and writing down how it translates into english so then I could make a fully captioned video, sorta like the translated FE Echoes drama CD.
  2. Hell yes, Vestaria Saga is out on Steam in English! Woooo! Go Kaga! This topic can act as both a celebration of his new game, but also... I cannot find any way to make the game fullscreen. It's fine if I have to play it windowed I guess, but I'd really rather not. Any ideas? I've tried many of the typical key commands for entering fullscreen, and there are also no settings ingame to access fullscreen. Any help is much appreciated, thanks!
  3. In a bold and original move, I aim to include a dog character in a work-in-progress hack. Unfortunately, I'm not well versed in spriting, and current open-access content doesn't have what I'm looking for. To keep it simple, all I need is a portrait. Blink/mouth frames are unnecessary, mini-mug is optional, but appreciated, and if it is FEbuilder friendly and potentially re-colorable with those tools, it would be perfect. I was thinking something like Repede from Vesperia (see images, minus the pipe/chains/etc of course), with a scarred eye and damaged ear on one side; Earth tone/naturalist colors would be ideal, as he will still be a fairly normal wolf character I apologize if this seems pushy or overly specific- I'm up for re-working the character with whomever is interested in taking the commission, and we can rework the details before we nail down a price Thank you so much!
  4. Can I purchase one physical cartridge copy of Fire Emblem Fates Birthright or Conquest pre-owned in some manner, through Amazon for example and still get the discount for the two other paths? On Nintendo's fire emblem fates website it says "Buy the first game for US$39.99MSRP/CA$49.99MSRP, then purchase and download the other paths for just US$19.99MSRP/CA$24.99MSRP. MSRP = Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price, Actual Price May Vary" How does the discount work, would it come with a discount code when you buy the game brand new, or is it something that works with all Fire Emblem Fates Cartridges where once you purchase one version you then can purchase the other two paths for $19.99 no matter what. Is the discount for the two other paths locked to brand new retail purchased games? How about digital purchases? I'm trying to get all 3 versions, Conquest, Birthright and Revelations as cheap as possible on one cartridge without spending upwards of $100-$300 on the special edition, or purchase it new still pay $80 for an 2 year old title to save money and SD card space. This question didn't seem redundant since I can't find it on reddit/google, and Nintendo Customer Service is closed/busy due to it being Cyber Monday. The website isn't too specific as to how the discount actually works so I came here. Be as specific with your response as possible please.
  5. So, I'm working on a flagship fanfic of mine, running since November 2017. I decided it would be nice to add quotes relating to the chapter titles in some chapters, but I want to use an excerpt from "Lost In Thoughts All Alone" for Chapter IV. (Well, it's technically the 6th chapter, but I number the chapters as if it was an FE game. There was a Prologue and something before the prologue.) I wrote it sandwiched between two line-things and it looked like this, complete with italics: "...within my ancient heart dwells madness and pride. Can no one hear my cry?" -Azura, Lost In Thoughts All Alone, Fire Emblem Fates: Revelation Now, I really like how the story is turning out, and I really want to quote another excerpt of the song in the penultimate chapter of the second story arc (While the second story arc is still just beginning, I plan to have the penultimate chapter be titled "Night Breaks Through") due to the thematic significance of certain termss in the context of the fic. So, is it okay to do this sort of thing, despite FF.net's rules of "NO LYRICS"? (Also, to any fanfiction.net users on this site, please don't report the story if I violated the rules by doing so. I will take down the segment if it does.)
  6. Hello Friend! I am a Fire Emblem Enthusiast! My love for fire emblem has inspired me to start a podcast, but I need cast members! If you love fire emblem, and have opinions and thoughts to share, PM me! I would love to discuss your involvement in this project! P.S. You can find my previous work in fire emblem related discussion on my youtube channel Gaming With Tenders if you are interested. It is very limited at this point, but this podcast is really what I want to pursue at this point.
  7. So, today I bought a New 3DS XL, and I was wanting to perform a system transfer from my old 3DS to the new system. Before I do so, I had some questions about the transfer process. 1) In general, so long as I haven't messed with it, will all of the data linked to my 3DS system's profile either be transferred from system to system or saved on my SD card? I ask this to make sure that I don't lose anything in the transfer, especially eShop purchases. 2) More specifically, will the Ambassador games also transfer? Any information regarding these questions would be great.
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