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Found 241 results

  1. i did the GD route but i wasnt sure which one to choose next. i know which order u go doesnt rlly matter but i just wanna know which ones best to pick. i also heard there's a church/rhea route n if i should bother going for that one? i was gonna choose edelgard bc her route is the shortest apparently n then finally finish w dimitri ... anyways any thoughts would be appreciated ! ^^
  2. i got to the final boss now. thanks for your help, but i decided to use my other units as decoys, then my MU didn't have to fight them, (also forgot to equip my S -Sword Skill, +10crit) and it was surprisingly easy because edelgard was easy
  3. So I'm in the process of making my 30th FE4 run (or something like that, I just love this game...) and I've two things to ask about: One concerns gameplay, what I think is a glitch I've never seen (or even seen mentioned before) and one is a question about a storyline aspect that I never really thought about too hard before. First the 'glitch' - so, on this play-through I'm doing some unconventional and silly things I've never done before - the relevant part of that is that it's taking me AGES, without a doubt the slowest play-through I've ever done (Just started chapter 4, 60+ turns taken on both chapter 2 and 3! good lord are foot units tough to use consistently in this game...) and I at least think this caused the strange effect. As soon as Tiltyu was recruited, Azel's love was listed as her though they've spent zero time together, obviously, while her own... is still listed as none. And this still persists in Chapter 4. How did that happen? Did the latent love growth just pair them up while I was taking forever in chapter 3? Even though Tiltyu "didn't exist" yet? I've never seen something like this before and I just have no idea what happened here and how or why it created the only one-way relationship I've ever seen. I promise it wasn't caused by a runaway AR code or anything like that, I don't have any enabled. Second, the storyboard bit. Again this just never really occurred to me before and I'm wondering if I missed something or am misunderstanding. Okay: In Chapter 2 one of the cutscenes with Manfroy has a Lopt dude telling him Kurth has been assassinated, so this is presumably the moment that Vylon goes into hiding/on the run/whatever. Then, most of a year passes in between in end of Chapter 2 and the start of Chapter 3. Afterwards, Sigurd & Co. end up in Silesea where they spent another year? Once Chapter 5 starts, am I to believe Vylon has spent the last TWO YEARS fleeing from or hit&run fighting against Rangobalt's forces?? That's... insane. That's somewhere between very stupid and incredibly badass, and I can't make up my mind which.
  4. So I know it might seem like a stupid answer, but what I really mean is the ability you get when you master a class. I found out that its class specific. For example, I leveled Petra up to max out Theif, but when I change her into a mercenary, her steal ability is gone. So what's the point of maxing out your class? What if I get too many abilities and i wanna trade one out for a new one? Is there a way to keep your abilities, of so how? I know that there are leveling stats the differ based on what class you're in, bit is that it? What's the benefit of mastering out a class? Sorry if this is confusing, it's just that I've never been confused with a class system before xD
  5. I'm making a rpg project for my computer class. As for our dialogue, I've been looking for ways to generate my own clips or drift among the internet to try to find any custom made dialogue text noises. Like in Fire emblem Blazing blade, whenever they talk, its the repeat of the 'blip' noise. Does anyone know where I can download this, or link me to? Thanks.
  6. ok so... the morphs are literally on par with my units or maybe even better. I have no idea how to survive this level as even the lords can't hold their on. At the start of the level I am guaranteed to lose one unit because the one morph with reinfleche bow. I finally got here and now I can't win lol. Help please
  7. Hello all, I would like to seek some advice from you all on how to have better success in this game. Unfortunately I'm pretty young (just turned 16 last week) so I had the pleasure of being introduced to Fire Emblem through Smash Bros. Melee and Brawl at a very young age and didn't play a game till Awakening. Due to that I have an extremely hard time playing the older fire emblem games. I got pretty far into Sacred Stones until towards the end of the game I got completely SLAUGHTERED 😫. I've always wanted to beat Blazing Blade but I'm just having a very difficult time thanks to Awakening practically spoiling me. Units run out of weapons and die all the time and it just feels like my army is just BARELY trudging through levels. It feels like I get to levels and am just completely screwed because my army is extremely unprepared. Do you all have any advice on how to better approach these older games? More specifically Blazing Blade in general? Awakening spoiled me and now I'm unable to do well in these older titles 😭
  8. Am I permanently stuck? I completed Celica’s path first but did not go to Duma Tower yet. I use Alm’s path to go up to Dragon Crater, then I get locked in. I go over to Duma Tower and complete and Jeddah just mentions about watching Alm struggle. I go back to Alm and try to move a few times (thinking this would trigger a story event). It does nothing beside telling I can’t move. I go back to Celica’s side and she’s not on the map (because she’s in Duma Tower). Did I break the game? If not, how do I get out of this mess?
  9. Apologies, I did my best to search the forum for a solution before asking a previously resolved question, but I am trying to figure out how to implement a feature I've been digging through both FEbuilder and the rom for patched Midori, and have yet to figure out A. how to split magic and strength or B. how to implement growths for stats like movement and Con (a la Midori/FE4) in an FE8 hacked rom Any answers are appreciated, even if it just "lol, can't be done in FE8, get nightmare and FE7, scrub" Thank you!
  10. I'm looking for someone who has successfully patched FE4 with the Project Naga translation patch on an android phone to give me a step by step walkthrough on how to do so, because I've had no luck trying to do so myself, nor have I found anyone who has done so that went into great detail of how they did so. I have RAR, Snes9x EX+, a working FE4 (Gharnef) rom, and the Project Naga patch all download on my phone.
  11. Accidentally deleted one of the armories in Chapter 5. Is there a way where I can add it back?
  12. As some of you might know, I am working on my hack Fire Emblem: Traitors Tale. It has been dead for some time, but I have come back to it. Last time I asked for help i waited 10 minutes and gave up, don`t worry, I learn from my mistakes(and suspensions). Returning to the original topics, I need to know how to make custom portraits. Could anyone lend so help?
  13. Hey, I'm making a ROM hack of FE6 and I was wondering how to edit the title screen where it says "Fire Emblem the Binding Blade"? If anyone knows how to edit the "Nintendo presents" part too that'd be helpful as well.
  14. I just got FE Fates: Special Edition, and am planning on tackling all 3 routes simultaneously. However, i read somewhere that in the Revelation Path, you have access to both promotions of Hoshidan and Nohrian Nobles as Corrin. Is it possible then to reclass between the two? If so, how would i do it? Hoshidan Unity with Draconian Hex and Nohrian Trust seem pretty nice and would give me a lot of options.
  15. Hello! So I recently downloaded Tear Ring Saga out of curiosity and because I wanted to fill my time before Three Houses. I absolutely LOVE it to no end. I mean seriously the story and character development are both off the charts. I really want to thank Aethin for all the work he put into translating such an awesome game. However, I sadly found a glitch that is currently really causing an issue. Once the final boss is defeated (with that freaking amazing scene, you know what I am talking about), it howls out one of those typical boss dying messages. My game does not allow me to press any buttons and go past this message. It just sort of sits there, frozen. The game is still running, the map sprites still sway, but I cannot press anything to make the story finish. It's very upsetting since I really want to see how my playthrough turns out with all the characters and their futures. It sucks to have my story cut off right at the end. If anyone could give some advice or lead me in the right direction, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!
  16. So I've been on a quest to play other FE games lately (The only fe games I've played are Sacred Stones, Blazing Blade, Binding Blade, Shadows of Valentia, and Fates. Am currently playing Genealogy of The Holy War.) I figured I'd download Thracia 776 in advance so I could play it immediately after finishing Genealogy, but getting it to work has just been.. tedious... The game ends up having characters speaking in wingdings (not really but they speak in swords, weird letters, and icons), the map becomes glitchy, or sometimes the game just refuses to work (one case the game was just a black screen, the other was just the game freezing after making a new game). Can someone tell me how to do this correctly, or maybe just link me to a pre-translated rom? I am using John SNES emulator lite for the android, just in case the info helps.
  17. Before I start playing the Blazing Blade I was wondering if there is a patch to get support conversations quicker,,or an easier way to gain. Also any tips before I start playing would be appreciated. Sorry for double posting. Can this topic be lock since there is another?
  18. Guest

    Bael Map Sprites?

    Does anyone know where I can find the map sprites for the spiders from FE8? I found the battle sprites just fine but I can't find the map sprites for the life of me. I've checked the sites suggested in the Spriter's Resource topic and couldn't find them, and google was no help, so I'm at a loss. Any help would be appreciated :)
  19. Hello, Been a while, but I need some help. For some reason only 1 of my characters can trade with someone. I've hacked up to chapter 3- Bandits of Borgo. Im thought it was a tutorial lock, but im making sure everyone plays on hard mode. Any and all advice is helpful as I started hacking with the new FEBuilder tool maybe a week ago, so im really bad. Thanks Alot -Ashton
  20. So I can't post this wall of text post I have to talk about my 5 chapter ROM hack demo. Every time I try, I get blocked by this captcha thing, and then it makes me go back to the post editing screen, re-title, re-tag, and resubmit, only to go to the captcha screen again. It repeats ad nausuem. I have a bunch of tabs up, I tried replying to a different thread, I pulled up Facebook to see if that would change if it thought I was a bot, but nothing is working. Any ideas?
  21. As the title says, my friend @Byliyth recently joined the site and and he can't post anything. Pls help
  22. Well, I am gonna say it, I speak spanish, so please, if you talk that language, answer me with it, now the important thing: I am going to develop a new Fire Emblem 8 hack, and I need some help with it, specially with the sprites, I mean, I will make it with a friend of mine, but I need someone that can and wish to help me with it, because none of us have the pacience or the skill to do the sprites we need, so please... If some of you could help us, it would be nice. Thank you.
  23. I'm a semi-professional writer and i was looking to hone my skills by writing a story and some dialogue for a Rom Hack trouble is I know jack about coding or design, if anyone's interested hit me up The Concept of the hack is that the main character is kidnapped and enslaved by a group reminicent of the roman empire and has to raise a rebelion to free the people of this nation as well as regain connections with his culture, I intend to create two new classes: Slave Driver and Hunter (One uses a whip the other uses a rifle, trying to figure out how to add new weapons and classes in FE editor) one character is a religios figure, and a christ allegory (I'm sorry if this offends anybody, I just like the idea of a character who explores the concept of redemption and empathy in the face of adversity) The villain is a King class (I intended to import and modify Zepheils model) and his primary guard are Paladins and Heros and soldiers as I feel they represent the Roman Legion best, the main characters are mostly archers monks and barbarians as they represent the gaelic and celtic people subjigated by the romans (I'd like to make it clear that this is not historical fiction it merely uses historical peoples and cultures as a basis for it's setting, as many Fire Emblems do
  24. so i've been trying to figure out the "Find cheats" feature on VBA, and I'm using sealed sword but i can't widdle it down because I'm an idiot
  25. So I'm 8 chapters in and I still haven't been able to access support convos, I know this hack has them, just try as I might i can't view them threw regular means
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