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Found 4 results

  1. Just looking for some advice on doing an ironman run of Conquest on Hard mode. (In case you didn't know, ironman means no resetting under any circumstances, and if I get a game over due to my avatar dying or me failing a specific map objective, the run is over.) Examples of things I'm looking for: -Avatar builds -Which characters are worth using and investing into -How to deal with death/permanent injury -Utilizing DLC items (only the free stuff like the Exalt and Hero Brands and the gifts from Anna) -General strategy -Good couples -Building support -When to recruit children -Best generic units to capture and where to find them -Forging
  2. I am currently putting together my first hack, a complete edition of FE7. Essentially, it ties all of the route splits together, so you get stuff like both Hector and Eliwood's versions of chapter 11 and both Pale Flower of Darkness chapters, letting you get all the characters and situations (with some script tweaks to maintain cohesion). One of the last things I have yet to implement is having the player go through Valorous Roland, the chapter where Eliwood gets Durandal, right after The Berserker, where Hector gets Armads. The problem is that if the playthrough is done on Hector's mode, it treats him as a mandatory unit and Eliwood as optional, meaning that it puts Hector in the hallway where Eliwood usually begins and Eliwood doesn't have to be brought at all. The reverse also occurs if doing The Berserker on Eliwood mode. Narratively this isn't obviously isn't ideal, but I haven't figured out how to change essential units flagging or placement. I would also like to add a chapter for Lyn to get her weapon, which would require having her as the mandatory character. Would anyone be able to advise me? I'm currently using FEBuilder and have Nightmare, though I don't know if there might be another program better suited for it.
  3. Hey i am trying to get good at FE and i want to play FE 4. I have already played FE 7, but it still isn't enough. Any help would be appreciated
  4. So, I finally defeated Golden Sun on a legit copy this time. I'm trying to do the Passowrd Transfer bit. I've typed in the Password twice and both times it's been invalid? The first time I wrote the down, the second time I took pictures of the password. Help? Why isn't it working?
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