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Found 7 results

  1. Yes, that is a Valkyria Chronicles reference in the tags. So I'm bored and want to play through FE BR, partially because my sister is also playing through it. But I sort of wanna spice it up by making people force me to use certain units in... interesting ways. So my excessively long list of rules are: For the avatar's... everything, it's first-come, first serve; gender, class, boon, bane, bed buddy, and appearance. For appearance, I'd like for you to refer to this Avatar Creator's options for ease of use, and also because it's a damn fine tool and deserves more love, imo. I'll change into their respective base class ASAP, so for this regard, just give me their promoted class like you would anyone else. Name is the only thing I will choose, and trust me when I say it'll probably be something stupid or awful. Of course, I'll be doing Lunatic Classic difficulty with skirmishes only used to boost supports. No buying weapons or rods beyond E-rank, no forging, no MyCastle business, no skill inheritance, no Einherjar, no other Corrins, and no captured units. All other weapons and equipment are On-Site-Procurement. This is a stealth mission. Royals are permitted, but not their uber weaponry; that shit gets thrown into the convoy as soon as they rear their ugly heads. To make things more pointlessly tedious, I'll only use Corrin to activate Dragon Veins. In a way, it'll be just like playing through Shadow Dragon. I'd encourage everyone to try to refrain from giving me all the royals, as I've already been down that road. No totally ganked units, and no units who are too good; Nonmoyoji!Kagero and Oni Chieftan!Silas are off the table. Other that, I encourage creativity; I will use all units you choose to the best of my ability. I'll permit any type of Oboro though simply because I like her, but I won't use her excessively if she's given a really good class. Also, because I don't want to have a small party early game, I'll only permit up to three units post Chapter 10. Post Chapter 10 units include the likes of Reina, Kaden, Ryoma, Scarlet, Izana, Shura, Jakob/Felicia (the one who doesn't join the initial party), and Yukimura, but doesn't include Takumi or Kagero; if you pick Yukimura, then only one other post Chapter 10 unit can join because Yukimura's a lazy bastard who sleeps in, and he takes way too long to join. That rule also applies for Izana and Shura, and no, you can't pick two of them. On the previous two grounds, if you give me a unit I deem unusable, I will inform you (though I won't humiliate/shame you because that's scummy). You can pick an alternative unit in this instance, but I won't use the initial unit you gave me. There's a reasonable amount of flexibility here. Also, marriage to Yukimura, Shura, or Izana is off limits, because fuck waiting that long. Reina is okay though because she's a respectable lady that wears pants. And Scarlet actually wears protection, so she cool too. Kaden is fine, and Ryoma... well, whatever. Marrying my allies' kids is weird, even if they're all of age, but Corrin in Conquest does worse things so fuck it; any kid is available. Only 11 Gen One units besides the Avatar. Pairings outside of that are permitted, but I will not use unpicked characters as anything other than supports in their join chapters. Can also pick their classes, obviously; I will reclass ASAP. Partner/Friendship sealing is obviously allowed. If I have unshipped units, I may take liberties because I am scum. Gen Two units might happen. We'll see, but I won't let anyone pick these. The Gen One units are hard locks, so anyone else used can only join a chapter if it's available. Grinding only for supports, and obviously that only applies to any supporting units that are outside of the initial cast of this PMU. I'll permit... two DLC classes. One male unit, and one female unit. Can use genderless classes if you want, and I'll probably play a DLC map if need be. But DLC will not be used outside of acquiring these two classes. Assume reclass ASAP, though that may vary if I have to actually beat a DLC map. Okay, Anna can join too, but I'll treat her like the other latecomers simply because I don't want to be facing a bunch of 'zerkers early on. She will be recruited post Chapter 12 if she makes the cut; otherwise, I won't even bother. Mozu's paralogue will be played ASAP, regardless of whether or not I'm using her. She really doesn't get enough love, imo. No duplicates of any class. If a unit takes on a class, that is the only unit that takes that class. For the sake of clarity and simplicity, only promoted classes are considered in this equation; if I get a Master of Arms and a Swordmaster, I will deem that A-OK even if they come from the same base class. Anything else I did not detail here is covered in section D-01101001-01100011-01101011 of the Enclosed Instruction Book. Basically, that means anything else is open-ended. I'll try to tell folks how I used the units they picked, as well as any extracurriculars that I may or may not shoe-horn into this. Units to be used thus far: All slots are now used up.
  2. Um... so I was posting in HHH and kept getting the replied too fast error, I was very confused, since I had been on Youtube browsing Touhou remixes a moment before and I had not done anything. I tried refreashing to see if my post posted and I didn't see, but... it didn't. I couldn't take a better pic b/c Wii U, but... huh?
  3. So it's been a few years since I last played this game and... well.... I just felt like playing it. Not much to say here really, couldn't think of an opening or anything... Well this is my first time playing with the translation patch(kind of, I played ahead a bit on a different file right before this), so let's get to it. [spoiler=Let's see just how many prologues a game can have] Title screen or something. Doing hard mode because that's just how I roll. So a couple days I asked some people for avatar suggestions. The only one I really liked was a bald heal bot named Tonton, but I decided against it. I usually play as the male character when I have the choice, But as that's what I went with on my other file, I wanted to try something different. Same reason I went Myrm instead of Cavalier. The first of many. So the game starts and we are introduced to Katarina. "No, I want to become an Altean Swordmaster." Yes, "serve" Prince Marth. Truly a legend in the making. Didn't get a screen of Rody but he didn't say anything interesting anyway. Even in retirement, Jagen keeps his manly shoulder spikes. "...Should we tell him that there's only eight?" I don't know why, most of the competition appears to consist of two lolsoldiers, a lolarcher, and a cleric. Then why did you join the knight program? You know something doesn't seem right here. We're up. That defense is not suited for tanking at all. Which is why I end up doing such later on. Clearly. In other news, soldiers still suck. Boss time Boss time over Oh boy first level up... I'll take it. "I didn't know how I could prevail against such fearsome opponents." At least she admits her uselessness. Oh hai Marth What version of Shadow Dragon did you play? Last I checked, the Wing Spear and its Caeda were the heroes who ended the war. Even in retirement, Jagen strikes fear into people's hearts. But will Ashlynn and Katarina ever become knights? Will the next map be more than just a small box? Can Ashlynn ever live up to the legacy of my other avatar? Find out the answer to some of these on the next episode of this FE12 playthrough!(working title)
  4. Seconding Nobody's idea (meaning it's mine? ok it's a terrible joke) in this topic we can share our competitive teams, give some tips, ask for help, etc. Simple as that.
  5. Topic. I would post my PR, but I don't think I can put it on my 3DS Camera/SD Card, and I don't have a capture card either, so :/
  6. Yo all, I'd like to make this thread because Rondo of Swords is a cool game. I'm leaving this Sunday to Europe(Won't have computer access ) so drafting will be really fast, alright? Rules(Totally not copied from the other one) This draft is for 4 players. 1.We are taking the A path, good ending.(Do not kill Marie and kill Fake Altrius with Altrius on chapter 30.) 2.Snake draft. 3.Grinding is allowed. 4.New game, no new game plus crap. 5.This draft is just for fun. 6.If we do not finish the draft before Sunday, I will either leave a list to somebody or the draft is on hiatus until when I come back. 7. Chapter 9(Pirate Island) is optional and does not count toward your turncount. 8. One turn is a player phase and an enemy phase. Free units: 1. Serdic and Ansom are free. Kay, Margus, Sasha, and Selmer are free for C1-C5. Yumiluna is free in C19 and C29. NPCs(like Simon on his joining chapter) that kill enemies are okay. 2. Undrafted units may recruit other units. 3. Undrafted units may not learn skills, except for when free. They may not fight.(5 turn penalty per unit if deployed to fight and not recruit a character) 4. Undrafted units may not promote, go on shops, and go on quests/errands. Spoiler (Unit list) Players 1. Rift 2. Kopfjager 3. eclipse 4.
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