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Found 1 result

  1. Got a bunch of 3* heroes sitting at or above level 19-20. Not sure who is key to focus onto 4*. Other screenshot is the 4-5* lineup I have. This is my first time playing ANY FE game... I know... I know... Complete noob to everything, except Ike, Marth, and Roy-- I got to know who they were from Smash Bros lol. My current highest level team setup is 5* takumi,5* Lyn, 5*yTiki, and 4*Robin. This team is above level 35 with takumi at 38. I'm lacking something here (probably my own skills lol) and get erased from arena battles against Linde and dance using groups ?. Will any of these potential 3* heroes in my roster help my main team or will I have to form something a bit more balanced? I know I haven't mentioned my 4* heroes... I really really like fCorrin and Fae. But I feel like I'm not properly using them at their full potential. Help?
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