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Found 4 results

  1. Howdy again. As I play, I frequently think of things that I find funny in the process of the game. I know there are better players than me and/or players who have just committed way more time. One way I think that demonstrates this is Hero Merit. I have been playing since nearly the beginning, but re-rolled twice and started over. As it stands I have only maxed out HM for 4. Just out of curiosity I looked and have 13 people with 0 HM, 31 under 10 HM, and 149 that have not reached 500. (I only have 206 of the 349 for the record.) Out of curiosity, where are you in terms of Hero Merit?
  2. I've been looking, and some of my more used heroes have upwards of 300 hero merit. Has anyone gotten feathers from HM yet? If so, how much HM do you have to get, and how many feathers do you receive?
  3. This is a PSA and a mini guide for grinding Hero Merit. I would also like some discussion as to how the amount of Hero Merit you gain is determined. From now until May 25th 3:00 am, the best way to grind Hero Merit is on Defensive Battle Part 5 on the normal difficulty. With the right team composition, the map can be cleared in 1 turn taking 15-20 seconds per attempt. You can go through 100 Stamina in 5-6 mins gaining 60+ HM per unit. Without using Stamina potions, you can gain 180+ HM per day. Or you can use 32 Stamina potions and max out 4 units HM in 160-180 mins. You will want to go to settings and set "Starting a Map" to "Go into Battle" and all animations off. The confirm action and move don't matter too much. In order to accomplish this, you must be able to 1RKO all 4 enemies on the map. They are: Gunter - 38HP - 36Atk - 20Spd - 29Def - 15Res Klein - 35HP - 36Atk - 29Spd - 17Def - 20Res Lon'qu - 40HP - 33Atk - 37Spd - 18Def - 18Res (M)Robin - 35HP - 32Atk - 25Spd - 24Def - 18Res I will give movement and attack type requirements only, you need to do the calcs yourself to figure out who on your team can actually accomplish the killing. Slot 1 and 2: you have quite a bit of flexibility for killing Gunter and Klein. - In slot 1 you can use an Armor or Infantry with Distant Counter, killing them both on the Enemy Phase. Slot 2 is free for alternate strat. - In slot 1 and 2 you can use two Cavalry units with ranged attack, with the 1st slot killing Gunter and the 2nd slot killing Klein, both on the Player Phase. - Or any infantry attacker with a dancer/singer (slots don't matter). The attacker moves 1 space above slot 1's starting position, gets danced/sung then kills Gunter if they are a ranged attacker and Klein if they are a melee attacker on Player Phase. The one remaining between Klein or Gunter gets counter killed on Enemy Phase. Slot 3: Lon'qu can be killed by any attacker, but armors and melee infantry must do it on the Enemy Phase. Slot 4: (M)Robin must be killed with a ranged attacker (or Distant Counter), on the Enemy Phase. A Cavalry ranged attacker can do it on Player Phase (but doesn't need to unless they need 2 hits and can't double). If you can kill Gunter and Klein with only one unit, slot 2 will be free for a dancer/singer (or a unit with reposition) allowing for any attacker in slot 4 to reach and kill (M)Robin on the Player Phase. Does anyone know how HM gain is determined? I used all 5* units, and the three LV 40 units I use all gain 2.95 HM. I tried unequipping all non-essential skills and they got the same amount, one of them is also merged so that has no affect. The LV 34 Azura I use gains 3.3 HM though. Then I put in a Lv 36 unit and they gained 3.35 HM. Even when leveling up to 37 and 38 they still gained 3.35 HM. Then at LV 39, it went down to 3.15 HM.
  4. I've been looking, and some of my more used heroes have upwards of 300 hero merit. Has anyone gotten feathers from HM yet? If so, how much HM do you have to get, and how many feathers do you receive?
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