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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, everyone. I don't know if this has been asked before, but how do I find an individual unit's promoted pallet offset in Hex Editor? I am specifically asking this in regards to the rom hack "Order of the Crimson Arm;" I'm playing using one of the alternate tactician portraits and I'd really like to be able to set my character's promoted pallet to match their portrait. The hack creator posted instructions for how to change the player character's unpromoted battle pallet (which I was able to do successfully), but I can't find instructions anywhere on how to change their promoted pallet. Is there an easy way I can identify their promoted pallet offset in Hex Editor? I might be missing something obvious, but I honestly have no clue what I'm doing. If it helps, I can provide screenshots of my tactician's portrait and their promoted battle animation to show the difference in color.
  2. Is there someone out there who knows about putting music into fire emblem games because I've tried and it is so hard. No matter what I do, it always keeps going wrong.(If this is the wrong place to put this, I apologize in advance).
  3. So I'm just casually Nightmaring everything to their FE4 stats, and I decided to convert Eclipse into Hel. As you may know, Eclipse was HP to 1 in FE6, as was FE4 Hel. So I open my FE6 item editor, and the item effect still says halves HP. That's an error, obviously. But would it be possible to find the effect offset from FE6 and port it to FE7? Or would I just have to ASM magic things over? FE7's item editor doesn't list any leftover HP to 1 effect. I improvised an FE7 Eclipse brave attack, but that has its obvious problems, instakilling people and all that. Basically, would it be as simple as copying the 6 offset, dumping it into 7 with my hex editor, or would I have to learn fancy ASM to pull it off?
  4. I think I could be really good with hex editing... if I could just figure out how to make more free space. I read the Ultimate Tutorial, but my table looked different and I just couldn't figure it out. If anyone has a more dumbed-down tutorial or can give me good instructions on making/finding free space, I would be super grateful.
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