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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, Today I'm posting this to have answers: Does anyone else find the hit rates completely false? In my Birthright playthrough, my Hinoka is regularly (as in 2x in a row against specific ennemies I need to reset several times to make her hit...) missing ennemies with 80+% hit rate. It happened in Moshuku against a ninja at the beginning of the levels and now in the opera against the archer on the boat west from the starting point (she was riding with Jakob paladin as her backpack in the opera). This is always resulting in forced resets since she can't take an arrow without ending at 1 HP or so and getting killed by whatever sh*t hits her afterhand. I'm playing on hard casual. If it was one miss once in a hile...but when none of the hits land with 80+% hit rate and double attack, it feels like RNG is broken.
  2. At least over at GameFAQs, I've noticed some people do not like the 2RN that has been the staple of the series since FE6, or most of the game that saw international releases. And to be honest, I am at a loss at why some people do not like them. I'd like to ask the question to everyone here (who I think would have a better understanding) for why do you (not) favour 2RN. I generally favour the 2RN as they would make units that focuses of dodging more viable. Unlike defense-oriented units where their defense stats are generally what they are, dodging still requires some risk no matter what, so some form of modification that makes the percentage gamble less of a luck-based mission is a good idea. FE6 was the most fitting example, which featured the likes of Rutger, Sue, and Clarine who would absolutely dodge everything like no one else's business. On the other hand, this also had the defense-oriented units at their worst, where their defense stats were not as useful due to how doubling enemy units were everywhere. Of course, this would be greatly detrimental for balance, but I think this can all be fixed with good skills, higher WTA bonuses (like the one in Fates), and effective weapons seen in later entries. I think, in the case for Binding Blade Echoes, we can rebalance Armour Knights can do with better defense, and skills like Wary Fighter. Lances and Axes can have better hit rates in general, and Axes in particular have hit modification bonuses as WTA. For the overpowered Swordmasters, bring in Swordslayer-carrying units in, and bring more of them (and other effective weapon-carrying units) in Hard/Lunatic. I can understand the 1.5RN used in Fates, as 2RN in Birthright can make some of the allied Hoshidan units (especially Ryoma) too game-breaking. (I'm under the impression that the Hoshidan units focus more on Speed/Skill and the like. Correct me if I am wrong.) But in other settings, I just find it a case of unnecessary meddling when a) we survived over a decade of 2RNGs without the games being unplayable; and b) we could fix through other means. Anyway, what is everyone's opinion?
  3. as we know, crits cannot miss. so if i had a ludicrously low chance of hitting (somewhere between 1-25%), but 100% crit, what would happen? i believe that whether an attack hits or not is calculated first, but if it says it as a miss, then it shouldn't crit right? but the crit chance is 100%, so what would happen? would the crit not happen at all and just miss, or would you hit the crit since crits can't miss at all? (of course if getting such a low chance and also getting an 100% crit chance is even possible)
  4. While I haven't gone very far in my current Fates Conquest game card, I have heard rumors both in and out of Fates that their units fell to enemies with low hit rates. This has got me thinking, and I want to ask the audience: Which games are the best in investing in Avoid rate, and sideline (or even outright ignore) Defense? Which games have more reliable Defence or unreliable Avoid? I think a lot of people can agree, and I certainly think, that Binding Blade is one of the most suitable for dodge-tanking enemy attacks. I had so much milage with Thany, Clarine, Sue, Shin, and Fir in which they dodged everything left, right, and centre, with enemy hits under 10% and often even 0%. Even weapon disadvantage only "boosted" hit rates up to 20-25% at most. And because of the frequent doubling and criticals from enemies, I've found Defense-oriented units to be somewhat lacklustre to outright bad. Shadow Dragon was the other way around, where I had the biggest letdown with Navarre - his avoid seemed gimped (due to the calculations) and he doesn't have the defense to make up for that. I was better off using Draug against physical attacks, or Lena/Maria for tanking magic attacks. (Merric for some reason didn't have as high a Res for that - less than 15. I have to check my old file, but Lena was above 20, and Maria was around 20 too.)
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