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Found 8 results

  1. Gather 'round, all, for there are tales to tell. The clandestine war of 20 years ago has few left to remember it. ...And this only has a little bit to do with the fact that only 6% of people who ever participated are actually alive to recall those events. But now... Another conflict rises. A second chance to save Elibe, a second chance to set our past actions right... But also a second chance to unintentionally solve overpopulation. For now, he burden of war now falls onto the shoulders of the two least qualified people on Elibe: Me and Roy. So, welcome, one and all, to what might become an E-rank walkthrough, and welcome to "Bad Strategist Tips The Scales In The Favor Of The Enemy 2: Electric Boogaloo", the final chapter in the story of My Dude, and this ironman of The Binding Blade! If you've read snippets of my prior LP, you know exactly what to expect. If you're new... Hi! I do comedic Let's Plays chronicling my misdeeds in Elibe. Last time, I beat Hector Hard Mode while killing off 96% of the cast and made a one-off boss into a major recurring character. I also broke every single rule I set for the ironman. And that's all there really is to say about myself, really! Expect disaster often. Still, I'll set some ground rules. Maybe this time I'll be able to stick to 'em! If you've got any questions, feel free to ask. RULES 1. This is an ironman run: Anyone who dies stays dead, and if I have to reset after their death, then they will be permanently benched. The exception is below: 1a. I will try my hardest to get the good ending! I am willing to reset to save a unit required to get me there, but they still must be benched afterwards. 2. No in-chapter save states! I will try to make a state at the end of each chapter so that I can avoid the rewind button of death problems we had last time. I hope. 3. Rutger is a crime. 4. The run does not end if Roy dies, but it is expressly forbidden to sacrifice Roy in order to protect someone else. 5. Any unit requests? Ask away! I usually prefer to use the worst possible units and try to avoid overpowered ones, meaning that I probably won't use Milady, Perceval, Allance, Rutger, etc.. I will if I must, though. 6. Praise the sun! QUESTIONS THAT WOULD PROBABLY BE FREQUENTLY ASKED Q: You actually killed 94% of Blazing Blade's cast? A: I absolutely did! I also haven't played FE in a few months, so I expect the first few chapters to be rough. Q: Will you continue the overly confusing side story from your previous LP? A: Naturally! Hopefully I won't have to resort to using Chef Boyardee to excuse my mistakes before chapter 7. I probably won't make any maps for the side story, though. Q: ...There's a side story continuing from your previous LP? A: Yup. All you need to know is that this lovely crumpet here is My Dude, the tactician from FE7. There's a whole bunch of other characters and weird interactions from the prior LP, but most of it should be pretty self-explanatory, so no need to sift through the massive FE7 ironman. Q: Is that previous LP any good? If so, where can I find it? A: In my opinion... Yeah, it's mostly pretty good after Lyn mode due to my incompetence, but it's a pretty big read. You could pretty easily skip Lyn mode, since there's not much goin' on there. You can find the link to the LP underneath this post! Q: WILL YOU ACTUALLY POST MORE THAN ONCE EVERY TWO MONTHS THIS TIME?! A: I will try very hard. I will aim for one update a week, but since early maps are pretty short, I might be able to pull of a quick start. If school and work interfere too much, I'll probably do a lot of smaller updates. With all the formalities out of the way, the first update shall be up for this Sunday! I really hope that you guys enjoy this comedic second dive into Elibe. I am extremely excited to play my very favorite mainline FE game, so here's to getting some lucky dodges!
  2. In case anyone wants them for anything I recorded the stats of enemies as I beat the game. Alm & Act 5: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1eAkDo4Xi-6coOTH5lzPn4fJA77oJ_uSviyvui3X_H24/edit?usp=sharing Celica: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1iB6Z9i-oBEt4hgOgT5Q1_IqgK06ze4PWZ7iu9BU1OcA/edit?usp=sharing There were a few terror battles in Act 5 I didn't record and I didn't do any optional stuff like the encounters, but they weren't really difficult. Can extract boss data from these too in case it's wanted for the main site.
  3. I made the same post in reddit yesterday, ill also post it here to spread awareness. "Normal Part 5: Defensive Battle" is a Special Map that costs 5 stamina and nets you 2.95 Hero Merits if you beat it in 1 round and 3.10 Hero Merits if you beat it in 2-6 rounds (this may happen because of the number of units defeated, there must be a cap at some point). So by spending 100 stamina you will get between 236 and 248 hero merits: Special Map 1 Turn Win: 2.95 x 4 heroes x 20 tries = 236 Hero Merits Special Map 2-6 Turn Win: 3.10 x 4 heroes x 20 tries = 248 Hero Merits The special map will spawn lvl 35 enemies and will always spawn the same ones. It is easier to grind this map than the Tenth Stratum and gives you more Hero Merits. At most you can get 220 Hero Merits from 99 stamina in the Tenth Stratum if you are very lucky: Tenth Stratum: 5.00 (if you fight 5 heroes) x 4 heroes x 11 tries = 220 Hero Merits So go crazy people and spend those stamina potions because this Special Map will only be here for 15 days Side Note: Remember how in Arena some people got 2500 feathers from ranking prizes but now most of them will get 1500 feathers and 3 orbs and they complained about it. Since you can use an orb as a stamina potion those 3 orbs can count as 708-744 feathers. That added with the new defense threshold that gives an aditional 400 feathers means you are getting 1500 + 400 + 700 = 2600 feathers for at least 2 weeks. Maths are good. Extra Side Note: If you have the worst luck ever like me you could technically get 20 0000 feathers from 80 orbs to guarantee a 5 star. Obviously the chances of getting a 5 star are higher from pulling a gacha but i have seen many cases where 80 orbs or more didnt give someone a 5 star. Just food for thought.
  4. Any tips? I cannot get past this chapter at all because of stupid Treck dying and BS wyvern riders.
  5. Kinda bored of doing another Lunatic run, so yeah i kinda want to try PMU so give it your all bros No DLC classes because theyre OP 1. Corrin - Cavalier +Def -Skl- AKA third coming of Leif 2. Odin dark!Sorc 3. Wyvern Lord!Xander 4. Strategist!Elise 5. Wyvern Lord!Arthur(marry Camilla) 6. The Titz with raging boobs(Zerker!Camilla, marry Arthur) 7. Paladin!Beruka 8. TROUBLE GK 9. Butler Benny 10. BK!Nyx 11. Kinshi!Selena 12. Sorc!Niles 13. Strategist!Silas 14. Strategist!Effie 15. Maid!Charlotte 16. 420!Leo
  6. Enjoy! Recorded with Dolphin, and no transfers.
  7. Many broken promises and unfinished playthroughs later... It's finally here! Complete YouTube playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLPtcK2f-aIoT9WbxLMRByDhQjGVLxqz9e I won't cover everything that Mekkah and I talked about in the video, but here are some nuggets that the average user may not know. FE6 mechanics in-depth GBA FE random number generator (RNG) So first of all, the RNG isnt truly random. But you probably know that already. Thats a limitation of computing. The GBA FE games generate their random numbers (RNs) using a linear feedback shift register. How exactly that works is not a terribly important detail, and I dont have sufficient knowledge of RNGs to be able to provide a good explanation, anyway. The key point here is that the GBA FE RNG uses the 3 most recently generated numbers to generate subsequent RNs. How are those 3 numbers seeded? Its always the same 3 numbers. Whenever you start up the GBA, the game uses a seed that corresponds to the decimal sequence 8, 56, 21. The RNG in this game is deterministic and entirely predictable. If you always reset the game prior to starting a chapter, you will always get the same results given the same sequence of inputs. rngdisplay.lua in action after a hard reset. The upcoming RNs are on the right, with 8, 56, 21 as the seed. I use a tool called a Lua script to view the RNG while playing the game on VisualBoyAdvance. The script itself is called rngdisplay.lua and was written by user amaurea of TASVideos. This is an immensely helpful script that allows me to route more efficiently. Hard mode differences FE6 is the first installment in the series to give the player an option to play on an increased difficulty. This difficulty has classically been referred to as hard mode (HM), with the default difficulty retaining the designation of normal mode (NM). This run will be played on HM. In FE6, there are 2 key differences between HM and NM. The first is that HM enemies get a stat bonus compared to their NM counterparts. The second is that some maps have more starting enemies and/or more enemy reinforcement units on HM. These are the exact same enemy from chapter 22. The stats on the left are from NM. The stats on the right are from HM. HM bonuses are generated by applying extra hidden level ups to all enemy units. I wont get into the details here. HM bonuses in FE6 increase in magnitude as the game progresses. Enemies can have as few as 5 extra level ups near the beginning of the game to as many as 16 extra level ups at the end of the game. For comparison, in FE7, all HM enemies get only 5 extra level ups, and in FE8, all HM enemies get between 1 and 4 extra level ups. Speedrunning techniques In order to cut down on video time and make the cleanest possible strategies, I employ a handful of speedrunning techniques. Not all of them need explaining. Note that this is not an actual speedrun, and so not every decision is optimized. Fast cursor movement In the GBA FE games, holding down the B button while moving the cursor allows the cursor to move at double the normal speed. Unfortunately, this makes the cursor difficult to control, especially when moving units. One way to deal with this is to always move the cursor at right angles when moving units. With practice, it is possible to fairly consistently move exactly 1, 2, 3, etc. spaces while holding B. Another way to deal with this is to take advantage of natural barriers. When moving a unit, the cursor stops if it would move out of the units movement range. Essentially, if at any time during the movement path I run the cursor into a wall, an enemy unit, or simply the edge of the units movement range, the cursor stops immediately. This helps to ensure accuracy of unit movements. Its easier to move Roy if he keeps running into walls. L-switching The L button serves a convenient purpose in the GBA FE games: it switches the cursor from one player unit to another. The sequence of cursor switching is determined by the order in which units are deployed in the chapter. Example: here is the deployment order for chapter 24. Suppose that the cursor is on Roy. One L input switches the cursor to Fae. Subsequent L inputs switch the cursor to Lalum, then to Milady, and so on. If the cursor is not on a player unit, pressing L will move the cursor to the first unit in the deployment order. This is usually Roy. RNG abuse via path retracing Sometimes, youll see me do this funny thing where I appear to move a unit somewhere, wobble the cursor a little bit, and then I end up doing something else. This is a speedrunning trick used to advance the RNG. Occasionally I come across a sequence of RNs that I cant use effectively, so I simply burn them with some path retracing. I first draw Zeisss (the selected units) movement path on the left. Then, I wobble the cursor to another tile on the edge of his movement range. The game has to retrace the movement path. rngdisplay.lua indicates that the new path took 7 RNs to draw. The game uses RNs to generate a new path if it cant adapt the old path. The longer a path is, the more RNs on average will be used for a path retrace. This technique features prominently in TASes (where they do it super fast), but I usually reserve it for when I have no other option, not only because its somewhat time-consuming, but it also compromises the integrity of the run. About this playthrough This playthrough operates under the following conditions: Player units have 0% growths in all stats. It recruits all possible units and keeps them alive (there are 51 player units in any given playthrough). It primarily aims for the lowest possible turncount. It secondarily aims for a low play time on the game clock. Videos of each chapter will be uploaded, with audio commentary from Mekkah and me. An explanatory write-up will accompany chapters for viewers who are unfamiliar with this game or have trouble with the Japanese. Chapter list Turncounts:
  8. I had been playing the game for lest see... hmm a few months now and have Kokoro unlocked and well I have been bothered by one thing. I can`t do her last word move I have pressed correct buttons and all so what is missing? I have been trying to see it via practice mode like all other characters but nothing no matter what I try even tried changing her following but nothing works so clearly I am doing something wrog somwhre but what? So I am hoping maybe someone here who has experience or knows about this or has gone though the same thing thanks in advance.
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