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Found 1 result

  1. So back in the summer I said some things about idly considering a gimmick for some hypothetical future EIMM. This gimmick being "wouldn't it be nice if everyone had someone they could trust; that's the best part of EIMM anyways right" (that's a lie - the best part is shooting people) Since then I've been idly kicking around ideas in my head, as well as kicking them against Refa. So now, we present to you, Everyone has a Buddy Cop Mafia EDIT: For you people on mobile browsers, Buddy Cops investigate people with their guns. It's pretty simple; it's EIMM with 2-man scumteams. This would be an anonymous (alias) game, since those are objectively the best anyways. Not sure what sort of flavor to go with, if any; I'll probably throw together something holiday flavored since the FSN stuff I had on my drawing board isn't exactly, y'know, holiday. (While Nasu could probably bullshit it some holiday FSN flavor, I don't really feel like doing so.) Balance isn't guaranteed, although I will of course try my best. tl;dr rules More complete but still Preliminary Rules / Mechanics, stolen and modified from Paperblade Signing Up [signups are closed]: stuff no longer relevant: Living Players: 3 FFM Proto Xinnidy Living Aliases: ArsArRagna Kagari Kanti THE DEAD Phase End for N6 is Wednesday, Dec. 31st, at 00:00 PST, or the moment I get all actions in, whichever is earlier. Three players remain; this is the final night.
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