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Found 4 results

  1. Hi Serenes, I hope you're all enjoying Three Houses. I'm not, and this is why. About a week before the launch of this game I went to a large entertainment online store to pre-order my game, as I've always favored physical copies over digital once for large games like this. The price was best at this particular site and I was looking forward to trying out the game for myself. I'm very good at avoiding any kinds of spoilers to games. The only things I know about the game is what I saw in that first trailer from so long ago, and then from the 5 year time-skip trailer. Because I wanted to experience this game myself with all its twists and turns I've been avoiding this site for the same reasons. Since everybody is discussing various aspects from the new game I thought it best to stay away from the forest for a while until I've at least played through the game once. However, I couldn't foresee the problems that would hit me. A week AFTER launch I sent a mail to the corporation and asked why I hadn't yet received the game. After a quick response from their support team I learned that they themselves hadn't received the games they were expecting, and said that they would get back to me as things progressed. Today I got home to find out that they had sent me a new mail: "We're sorry, we couldn't send you the game you ordered because we haven't been able to receive the products either." That made me sad at first of course, but they offered full compensation and even a consolidation gift so hopefully I'll get something else. But it's still unfortunate that it turned out this way. Thus, I haven't yet received the game. I'll probably try again tomorrow to order it again from somewhere else. I'm very hyped for the game, so I'm certain it will be worth the wait. Did any of you guys have a similar experience to what I just went through?
  2. So, with Three Houses bring about a month away, what do you want the most of the upcoming Fire Emblem title? Personally, I want improved writing. I’m not asking for Excalibur or Lord of The Rings levels of amazing, I’d just like a story and cast of characters I’ll be able to enjoy. What about all of you?
  3. I have a question for anybody knowledgeable on Fire Emblem and Amazon in Japan. It seems that there are two special editions available on Amazon Japan: 1. A regular Fodlan Collection 2. Fodlan Collection with "Original Panorama Colored Paper" Does anybody happen to know what this Panorama looks like? If someone has a detailed image, I would be grateful.
  4. Which Hogwarts houses would the characters be sorted into?
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